21 Simple and Effective Ways to Deal With Fever During Pregnancy


Having fever during pregnancy? No need to press the panic button and opt for medications. A consultation with a doctor would provide timely relief as autism and developmental issues are likely to spring up in babies whose mother have not opted for anti-medications during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, your immune system becomes weak as it has to come up with the demands of both the developing baby and the mother. So you are prone to chills, fever and infections during pregnancy. Varied reasons for fever could arise.

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1} Effective ways to deal with fever during pregnancy

Once you doctor confirms the fact that temperature is not a major cause of concern, some simple tips are suggested to bring down your fever

2} Reside in an airy and cool area

Opt for a cool and airy area. You can turn on a vertical fan or an overhead and stay near it.

3} A sponge bath or a warm wash

Your body temperature levels are lowered. It is advisable not to use cold water.


Fever During Pregnancy

4} Increase the intake of fluids

Staying hydrated is the key. Water flavoured drinks or non-carbonated drinks in the form of an electrolyte replacement would be great. Juices (lemonade) contribute in lowering down your body temperature and regaining lost electrolytes and glucose.

5} To bring down the fever apply hot or cold compress

You can buy hot or cold compress from a drug store or make them in your home. For example, a pack of frozen peas can work out as a cold compress. Similarly ice could be wrapped in a foil and applied on your forehead to reduce fever.

6} Adequate rest

When you are active your body cools down and risk of fainting or dizziness is reduced.

7} Blowing your nose

If the fever is due to cold, press one nostril and clear your nasal passage and then blow the other in a gentle manner.

8} Removing nasal congestion with hot water

Bacterial particles and bacteria are removed from the nose. Just hold one nostril and squirt water into the other and let it drain. This process needs to be repeated a couple of times.


9} Herbal infusions

Beverages like herbal or ginger tea will prevent dehydration and reduce nasal congestion. A word of caution, do avoid chamomile tea as it could lead to bleeding due to emmenagogue properties.

10} A steamy shower

Your nasal passages are moisturized and it does help you relax. If due to flu you are feeling dizzy a steam bath would be ideal

11} Gargling

With 5 ounces of water, add a couple of teaspoons of salt. Your sore throat is moistened and timely relief is provided by gargling.

12} A set of loose and comfortable clothes

Wear a pair of clothes which aids to proper air circulation. If you feel cold, cover yourself with a warm sheet and do not overdress yourself.

13} To reduce nasal congestion extra pillows is an option

Do sleep with extra pillows as when you elevate your head nasal congestion is reduced. If you are not comfortable with the angle, then try to create a gradual slope with the pillow.

14} No form of air travel

Air travel during fever in pregnancy is a strict no as air pressure already alleviates the prevailing nasal congestion.


15} A mentholated salve

A mentholated salve could be used on your chest or nose in order to reduce the blocked nasal passages

16} Do not forget you prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins ensure a healthy balance of minerals and vitamins in your body and works wonders for your immune system.

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17} Safe fever reducing medication

Do consult your doctor on what are the safe medicines to pop out during pregnancy. Paracetamol or Tylenol will lower down your temperature and makes you more comfortable.

18} Do avoid homeopathic medicines

Have a discussion with your doctor on consumption of homeopathic medicines as some of them can have an impact on your baby.

19} Vinegar

Is an effective home remedy to cope up with fever during pregnancy as it pulls out the heat from the skin. In addition it helps to maintain the correct PH level of skin.


20} Holy basil

Empowered with antibiotic and antibacterial properties, fever is a foregone conclusion as it aids to the healing process.

21} Artichokes

Is a healing aid and provides timely relief from fatigue that arises during pregnancy. An influx of toxins from the body occurs due to frequent urination.

22} Onion

With antibiotic and natural antibacterial properties, it kills the bacteria that are responsible for causing fever.

To conclude these are some of the simple and effective remedial measures during pregnancy. The best part about them is that they are available in abundance and devoid of any major side effects.