11 Things to Do as a Couple Before Baby Arrives


Congratulations! Pregnancy is going to be one of the most pleasant experiences of your life. Babies bring joy to parents and the family around. However with all the happiness comes along many changes that are bound to occur. Life is going to change with the arrival of a baby. It is natural that you would go looking for advice on how to prepare before your little one arrives.

A strong bond with a cordial relationship is the best gift you can hand over to your future kids. So consider some quality time with your partner before the baby arrives. Here are something things which you can do before the arrival of the little one.

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11 Things to Do as a Couple Before Baby Arrives

1} A birth announcement

If your live away from your near or dear ones and are keen to announce the arrival of your baby. Then a birth announcement would be a great idea! With premade layouts and a photo website you can plan things at your own end.

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2} Gather address

If you decided on a baby announcement, it is a Herculean task in sending out invites to people whom you want to grace the occasion. Plan it before and compile all of them into a word document, so that you can print it out in a template form. If you work on them when pregnant you can figure out to whom it needs to be send.


3} Sorting out your bags

You never know when the frequency of contractions increase and you would need to head to the hospital. Pack the essential items and keep it ready in your car. If you have someone driving you to the hospital keep it near the door.

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Baby Arrives

4} Choice of a pediatrician

If there are no older children in your house, then it is high time you choose a paediatrician. You can rely on references or find out from various websites as well. Reviews would be of immense help in this regard as well.

5} Plan to clean your carpets

This might not be suggested for everyone, but before a month of your due date, it would not be a bad idea at all. You might not have time to do this after the arrival of your baby.

6} Pre wash the clothes of the baby

Once again this is not for everyone and it is done on a case to case basis. Obviously you would not want your baby to have sensitive skin, so keep the clothes washed and ready to use. This is a must have procedure if some clothes are handed over to you by friends.


7} A road trip

A road trip would not be a bad idea and catch up on some local food! This is without burning a hole in your pocket.

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8} A dinner party with your friends

Once the baby arrives the little one is going to take a lot of time. You would have plenty of things to juggle around and making time for your friends would be tricky. Hosting a dinner with all your friends and at the same time developing your culinary skills would be a great idea.

9} Picking up a new hobby

Planning a hobby or learning a new language together will bring both of you close together. It’s time to try something that has always been in your mind. Learn the art of doing things together!

10} Sleep in together

The days of sleep are going to be on the rarer side, so do cash in on the time together of sleeping in. Once you wake up together have a breakfast in bed and opt for something fancy. Due to sleep hits later you will find plenty of time for cereals and other breakfast items.

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11} Listen to some live music

Live concerts and loud music is not at all baby friendly. Just listen to some amazing music before your baby arrives. that will ignite your soul and bring back the passion.

To conclude, these are some of the things which you can do as a couple before the baby arrives. Have you tried any one of the above mentioned ones?

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