21 First Trimester To-Dos


Are you pregnant? It is one of the most cherished moments of your life. Your adrenal is pumping with excitement levels at its peak.  How to bring the little one home, choosing a name is all part of your to do lists? In spite of going all out in terms of planning, you are likely to falter when it comes to changes your body is going to undergo. The key is to be in line with expectations so that you are well prepared.

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21 First Trimester To-dos for every Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy symptoms tends to vary for each woman. Some women are glowing and brimming with self-confidence whereas others feel miserable. Bleeding is a common symptom with most pregnant women and 25 % are part of it. If you notice any significant amount of bleeding, it is better to consult a doctor.

Fatigue also creeps up as your body is supporting a little one. It is obvious that you will get tired faster. Frequent breaks in the form of naps are suggested during the day. The first trimester is a critical phase during pregnancy. Based on what you do at this juncture your pregnancy leads to the second and third trimesters. It is suggested that you be extra cautious at this point as any fault could prove disastrous for the growing baby.

Here are some of the important things to be undertake during the first trimester

1} Figure out whether you are really pregnant

Most home pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy after 2 weeks of your ovulation. If negative results emerge, wait for a week and conduct the test, if you still have not got your periods.


2} The Prenatal vitamin is a must

If you are not started taking a pre-natal vitamin yet, then, it is high time you start. It is empowered with folic acid that is important during the first trimester of pregnancy as it combats birth defects. The chances of babies developing neural tube defects are eradicated with consumption of a prenatal vitamin.

3} Health insurance investigation

Make it a point that health insurance does cover the cost of delivery and prenatal care. The coverage should extend to your new born baby as well. Get in touch with your insurance company and seek clarity on the same. If you have not availed a health insurance plan then figure out on how to get help.

First Trimester

4} Choice of a healthcare provider

If the choice of a healthcare provider has been made, then you are already set. If this is not the case then some work is in store. You could seek opinion of your near or dear ones, do a random search online and go through the reviews of various providers.

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5} Prenatal appointment

Health care providers are not likely to observe you till 8 weeks pregnant, but you can schedule an appointment earlier since slots do get filled fast. Note down the first day of your last cycle so that it becomes easier for a provider to estimate your due date and ask relevant questions. Normally your provider would want to be aware of genetic issues in your family.


6} Inform the doctor about medications

Certain medications even over the counter ones are not safe to be consumed during pregnancy. To treat a chronic condition, do not stop the medicine straight away, but seek the opinion of your doctor whether it is safe to go ahead. Be it vitamins, herbs or supplements they can give you an idea on whether it is safe or not.

7} Quit smoking

Smoking is a breeding ground for a host of problems including preterm birth, placental issues and miscarriage. Fetal growth is slowed down and risk of infant death increases. A study reveals that smoking increases possibility of a baby born with palate.

It is never too late to cut down on smoking. Each cigarette is a damp squib on the health of your little one.

8} No to alcohol

 A drink daily improves odds of underweight babies and problems of language, hearing and hyperactivity spring up in kids. No clear cut evidence is available on how booze can harm to a developing fetus, so better avoid it.

9} Reduce caffeine intake

High consumption of caffeine is a stepping stone to miscarriage with varied pregnancy problems. For this reason medical experts suggest expectant mothers to reduce caffeine intake to around 200 mg daily. Roughly it works out to be 11 ounce of coffee

10} All activities should be safe during pregnancy

Certain activities could pose serious implications for both mother and developing baby. Certain chores are a strict no like cleaning of your home or exposure to pesticides. If routine exposure to pesticides occurs then changes need to be incorporated on an immediate basis.


Have a consultation with your doctor on a wind up of your daily activities. Work out a viable alternative to eliminate unnecessary hazards both at your home and surroundings.

11} No to hazardous foods

During pregnancy it would be prudent to avoid foods where parasites, bacteria or toxins content are on the higher side. Fishes that is higher in mercury content along with raw sprouts is to be avoided at all costs.

12} A baby budget

Do think on how you are going to cope up with the expenses of your baby?Food, diaper and clothes of babies leads to mounting costs. Trim down the costs keeping the basic needs of your baby in mind. Do some budget alterations and get into a saving mode before the baby arrives.

13} Have a discuss with your better half about parenting

To set the ball rolling and bring an element of creativity, prepare a couple of lists. My father always and never. This same policy needs to be repeated for the mother as well. Once done, both of you sit down and note down the behaviours you value and what needs to be avoided while raising the child.

14} Your first interaction with your little one

At around 9 weeks, you can hear the heartbeat of your baby with the help of a Doppler monitor. An ultrasound could be performed as early as 4 to weeks, though the standard time frame is around 16 to 20 weeks.

15} Increase intake of water

During pregnancy you may end up with 80 ounces of fluid daily. The needs of each woman are different so your need may be different from someone else. Observe your urine, if it is yellowish then you need to increase intake of water. Clear urine pinpoints you are well hydrated


16} A pregnancy nap

Pregnancy is a time when fatigue gets the better of you.  Squeeze in half an hour power nap to keep stress at bay. If you are working run to a place where there is privacy, close the doors and set alarm on your cell phones.

17} Prepare a baby name list

Yes you have plenty of time at your peril in deciding a name for your baby. Would it not be fun to pen down the numerous possibilities?  To seek idea there is plenty of information on the internet.

18} If you are keen to sex, have it

During first trimester, fatigue or nausea is a common symptom and you are not in that love making groove. If you do feel amorous, and no complications both you, then go ahead and have sex. No harm is going to happen to your baby. The uterus muscles have the desired strength and amniotic sac protect your baby.

19} A daily connection with your baby

Spend around 5 to 10 minutes daily, in thinking about your little one. While waking up and before going to bed works wonders for expectant mothers. The onus should be on breathing and do think about the aspirations of being a parent. To initiate an emotional connect, it is a great course of action.

20} Purchase bras and undies

During pregnancy breasts become sore, do so buy cotton bras. These bras provide extra bit of support, and do try a couple of them before purchasing them. If it is your first pregnancy, the breast size will increase by 1 or 2 inches. As and when your waist expands, undies do contribute to your comfort levels.

21} Taking some amazing clicks of your belly

You can ask someone to take those amazing clicks or rely on reflection in the mirror. You can track down the progress of your cutie


For a great pose wear the same outfit, the same location and no better than a unique pose.

To conclude, the first trimester starts from the last date of your missed period till about 12 weeks. What it means is that by the time you figure out that you are pregnant already 5 to 6 weeks are over.

This trimester is loaded with lots of activity. At this stage the baby develops at a faster pace than any other stage. By week 12, muscles, bones along with organs of the little one would have formed. Even they could practice swallowing!

There is no need to feel overwhelmed and do pace yourself. Nine months is a pretty long period of time.