15 Unique Kids Birthday Party Goodie Bags Ideas


If your little kid’s birthday party is upcoming and you want it to be different from all others, one way of doing it is to skip the conventional Birthday Party goodie bags in favor of fresh party favor ideas. Your little guests are sure to enjoy them, as you will see:

DIY Kid Birthday Party Goodie Bags Ideas

Flowers kids can plant at home

Gift your guests a flower or plant to sow at home. They are sure to love it, particularly as they watch it growing every day.

Stickers, erasers and pencils

When kids begin to tire at the end of the party, they are going to enjoy receiving things they are familiar with–pencils, books, stickers and erasers. So, gift them these things which they can keep going back to, perhaps every day.

Goodie Bags Ideas


Who doesn’t love blowing bubbles? Kids surely do. You can gift them animal bubbles or any other kind that will keep them happily engaged for long. Bubbles in different colours that catch the sun will keep the kids enthralled for long.


Playing cards

Playing cards with images of cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Popeye, Woodie Woodpecker, Casper, etc, can form excellent gifts to include in a party favors bag.

Affordably Priced Books

For slightly older kids, a good party favors gift would be an affordably priced book. You could choose something that’s trending now or an all-time classic. This will help personalize the party favor gifts and draw all the guests at your party closer.

Homemade Play Dough

All kids love play dough because they’ve all played with it. This is a fun toy that your party guests will love to find in their goodies bag. So, go ahead and pop it in. Choose the ones that are water-dyed using natural ingredients like strawberries, raspberries, rose petals, beetroot, turmeric and blueberries.This colorful and fun play dough will surely provide many hours of fun for these little ones.


Who’s under this mask?

Masks can be made with paints, card-stock, markers and decorative trims and glitter. Dressing up to play a role and wearing a mask can transform them into anything they want to be. At your party, let kids make their own masks or as your birthday boy to help you personalize them to put in your guests’ goodie bags. What a great idea!!

Crazy Hats

If it’s a birthday party only for the boys, remember to put a guy-thing like hats in their goodie bags. Choose three or four kinds of hats, such as a black top hat, cowboy hat, gangster hat, construction hat, etc.

Cookie Rolls

Pack small packets of cookie rolls and put them in parchment and then pass them through a tube. Next, wrap it in paper and seal the ends with a twist as in a toffee. When the party breaks up, give the guests this sweet surprise. They are going to love it.


Mini Lunch Boxes

Gift your guests small lunch boxes which they can use as lunch boxes to school or use it to organize their buttons, pins, hair clips, nail polish and beads. It could also be a great way of tucking away a couple of sandwiches or cookies for your guests to take home.

Polka-Dot Favor Bags 

Is the theme of your daughter’s party polka dots? Your polka dot party can be the perfect party spot for fun to make the party whirl. To complete the polka dot theme, fill up your guests’ goodie bags with dot themed items wrapped in glittering bubble wrap.

Musical Bag

Let your little kids go home enjoy themselves with plastic siren whistles, sports whistles, mini harmonicas, flutes, trumpets, saxophones, drums and guitars. Make a selection from these and fill up a bag full of music for them.

Balloon Bonanza

Get together a wide collection of numerous balloons in different colors. Attach these balloons on the wall with tape and watch the kids burst them.


Personalized Hershey’s Chocolates 

Now, dress up this yummy treat in personalized wrappers to celebrate your child’s special birthday. You can also dress up this chocolate package with your choice of fun designs that your guests will love.


Organizing a kids’ birthday party can stress any parent, but thankfully the market is full of interesting and innovative items that children will appreciate and love playing with. Whether a plant, a craft or any other useful item, kids are going to have a great time opening their goodie bags and exploring their contents.