11 Tips for Pregnant Travelers


Is motherhood stopping you from pursuing your passion to travel? We travel for leisure, to destress or sometimes for work. It is a part of our daily lives. Why bring a pause to travelling just because you are going to be a mommy? You can have the first trip with your little one even before he/she is born by following some expert tips.

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Tips for Pregnant Travelers

1. Pick a domestic destination

Doctors do not suggest long distance travelling while you are pregnant. Long distance travelling means sleep deprivation which is very unhealthy for expectant mothers. It also affects the healthy diet. If you are planning a baby moon, pick a domestic location so that you don’t have to travel much. Keep the international destination for your postpartum rest that you deserve!

2. Carry your prenatal records

Find out about the nearest hospital or clinic in your destination even before you reach. Carry all your medical records, in case you have to visit a doctor during any emergency situation. Keep your insurance papers handy,should you go through any kind of treatment .

3. Travel by car

If you’re travelling by car, you can take breaks at your convenience. You also have control on your movement. For example, if you’re travelling by train or plane, you cannot head towards hospital as soon as any medical emergency comes up. In a car, you can also stock up your food and other requirements as per your comfort; there will be no restrictions.

4. Healthy snacking

Make sure you are carrying healthy snacks with yourself to make sure your body is not running out of necessary nutrition. Do not bring unhealthy snacks which you might be craving for. Carry pre-cut vegetables like cucumber or carrots. Granola bars and dry fruits are also great snacking options. Avoid too much of salt as it can only worsen water retention and swelling issues.


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5. Hydration

Drink ample water throughout your journey. Water is essential for renewal of the amniotic fluid and breast milk production. While travelling in an airplane, the cabin air is likely to get you dehydrated very easily. Carry water bottle with you so that your body is never running out of water.

6. Stretch your body

It is important to stretch your body while you’re travelling. It makes sure the blood circulation is fine. If you’re travelling by car, take breaks and relax your muscles. Taking a brisk walk can be helpful as well. If you’re traveling by air, take the seat by the aisle for easier access to the washroom and better movement.

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7. Pack as per your growing bump

If you will be traveling for few weeks, you need to pack clothes that fit your growing bump. You usual clothes may not fit your changing body. Carry clothes made from stretchable fabrics. If your trip includes lot of walking, carry comfortable walking shoes or trainers. If you don’t plan to walk around much, flats are great options. Avoid heels as they can cause lot of stress on your feet and result in painful swelling.

8. Avoid strenuous activity

You may have been into adventurous activities like scuba diving or bungee jumping before your pregnancy but now that you have a growing baby inside you, you have to resist yourself from indulging in such activities. If you plan to backpack around a city or country, make sure you pack light so that you don’t have a heavy weight on your back all the time.


9. Try yoga

Keep your body moving with holistic activities like pilates or yoga. They improve blood circulation and helps your body stay fit throughout your pregnancy. Yoga on a holiday can help you cleanse your mind and body and prevents stress related to pregnancy.

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10. Strengthen your immunity

Make sure you have taken the necessary flu shot before you start your journey. Also consume herbal teas that strengthen your immunity. You don’t want to fall sick in the middle of your journey. Your sickness impacts your baby as well. So take all precautions. Travelling takes you to places with different climates. Acclimatise your body beforehand.

11. Be open to ask for help

Pregnancy is something new for you. You will undergo lot of mental and physical changes and you won’t be able to take care of yourself at all times. During a travel, you will be out of your comfort zone and sometimes you will need extra assistance. Be open to the idea of asking for help. If you feel dizzy, ask the flight attendant for some water. If you’re feeling weak and not able to pick your bags up, ask around for help. It’s okay to ask for help.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience and it shouldn’t stop you from travelling and seeing the world around. Some precautions and preventive measures can make it a really happy journey for you and your little one.

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