Twin new born: 15 things you need in bulk


Every couple is overwhelmed at the thought of twins. Wearing the same clothes, sharing the same room, sleeping on the same crib, all of these seem to be exciting. The moment the doctor has confirmed that you have conceived twins, the joy has no boundaries for you.

There is so much more to prepare when you are going to have twins. The feeling of having multiples takes some time to sink in! Once ready, you would need to figure out the things you need in bulk.

Hereby are a few things to consider in bulk before the anticipated arrival of your twins.

15 Must Have Things in Bulk for Twin New Borns

twin new born things

Nourishing food

Two mouths to feed! You simply cannot relax out there. Breastfeeding for twins is a desired option and if you can make it work, all the more great for you. If you do not avail the breastfeeding route, then formula food is the only resort and you need to have enough stock of it.


Diapers for one baby itself can be an expensive affair and each baby is 8 to 10 diapers on a daily basis. You simply cannot opt for mediocre brands as it can cause diaper rashes. You need to afford the best quality for your little fellows. Hence, you will have to save more and stock up on more diapers.


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Car seats

You cannot leave the hospital without having them. You need car seats to be rear facing, if the baby is less than 1 year of age. Then it is better to switch from rear to convertible seats so that bigger babies can be accommodated.

High chairs

Feeding your babies with alternate bites is better than feeding them in a sequence. High chairs have its utility beyond feeding. Some amazing clicks of twins have been taken in high chairs. If you get a pair you are not going to regret it.

Burping clothes

For each feeding session, babies will need burping. Till the moment baby has sufficient neck control it is better to burp the baby while they are seated on your lap. The baby needs to be feed 8 to 10 times during an average 24 periods. Ideally around 25 to 30 burping clothes are ideal.


A couple of mouths to pacify! A suck process is in place and babies calm down by this method. You will need a couple of pacifiers. It does make some sense in holding pacifiers for some time, till your little ones are able to latch properly.

Baby books

Two babies will have more unique moments to document and cherish. Before you even get the time to fill in the notebooks, they might be in high school. Each of them needs their own individual book and this is important if you are planning to coordinate early stages of their life.



Well, time is the most important factor if you have twins. Two babies to dress and undress at the same time! Two babies to shower in all the love you can! All this needs time. Do provide yourself extra time to plan out these things in an organized manner. If you undertake too much activity within too less time, then stress is going to take the better of you. It may even roll on to the babies.

Baby bath products

In the first few weeks your twins cannot be given a bath due to the umbilical cord attached on them. Once it comes off, you can bath your baby in kitchen sink or a bath tub. A baby wash and a set of baby clothes are needed. You need to take two of each if you have twins. You will require plenty of them.

Clothes of bigger sizes

Opt for clothes in bigger sizes as your twins are going to grow at the rate of knots. Anyways plenty of clothes would be provided as gifts. Do not get rid of the tags! Sort through the received items and figure out what you are likely to use.

Setting up a nursery

Most parents prepare well in advance by setting up a nursery before the baby arrives. You can add in an element of fun and decorate the room before the twins arrives. If you are planning to have a crib it should confer to safety standards.

Baby carriers

Though it is better to keep your twins away from public glare for a few days, they should not feel suffocated inside the house. An easy, sturdy stroller would be great and it should accommodate the baby till they are able to sit up. Keep a pair of them handy! There are special twins double strollers available in the market to accommodate twins.

Baby Swings

Swings are best to keep your baby distracted when you are completing important errands around the house. Two swings to accommodate your twins is a useful distraction for your little ones. The swings have music and are colourful, so your twins are going to love them.


Play yard

A lot of parents choose to ignore it, but it is a must have for your twins. Most of them are incorporated with a bassinet and a changing area for diapers.

Nursing pillows

Feeding or nursing pillows are a must while feeding the baby. When you have twins it becomes all the more necessary. It keeps both the mother and the baby in a correct position and assures comfort.

These are some of the twin new born things you would need in bulk. So if you are expecting twins go and grab them before it is too late!