11 Natural Remedies for Sleeping Pains During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, insomnia strikes you hard. Not having enough rest especially during pregnancy can take a toll on your entire body. Insomnia is the main culprit where lack of proper sleep bothers you. If things prolong for a longer period it could point to chronic insomnia.

Comfort could also be an issue. It is tough to sleep with a big belly, when you have a back sleeper or tummy by your side. Finally you might find a sweet spot for yourself, but it is difficult to fall asleep again due to the comfort factor. During these awake times, the baby also chips in to get some exercise which adds to the difficulty part. Let us now analyse some natural remedies to reduce sleeping pains during pregnancy.

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Natural Remedies for Sleeping Pains During Pregnancy


1} Exercise

For a healthy pregnancy sufficient exercise is a must. Your baby becomes smarter and the labour process becomes easy. You can do swimming and walking which are low impact exercises and are great at this stage. For better results, exercise should be done the first thing in the morning or late afternoon.

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2} Meals

A healthy diet holds a lot of importance during pregnancy. It is not what you eat but when you eat that warrants attention. It is better to avoid heavy meals at bedtime as it can lead to heartburn or indigestion. A small meal power packed with nutrients will enable a better sleep.  Refrain from caffeine during pregnancy as it disturbs sleep patterns.

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3} Relaxation techniques

Not only relaxation is important for a healthy pregnancy, but it can also help you during labour. Deep breathing and stretching is a great way to distress the tense muscles before bed time. Prayer, medication and guided imagery are other methods which can put you in relax mode before going to bed.

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4} Keep away from blue light

Once sun sets in, keep away from your electronic gadgets. This will do a world of difference to your sleep quality. Electronics tend to emit blue light similar to the light of a sun. It does send a signal to our bodies that you need to be awake. If you find it impossible then wear a pair of unique orange paired glasses.

5} Sleeping position

Getting into a comfortable position for sleeping is one of the hardest things in pregnancy. This position has to be safe; this could mean sleeping on your back during the last stages of pregnancy. Sideways sleeping is ok, but it can put extra pressure on the hips. Catch hold of extra pillows to provide maximum support as possible.


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6} Tart cherry juice

Studies point to the fact that tart juice increases your sleep by a whopping 95 % at night. It is because melatonin the hormone responsible for sleep is present in abundant quantities. For extra calcium you can mix yoghurt or kefir. The results will start pouring in a couple of weeks. Since it is high on antioxidants so works out to be a healthy choice during pregnancy.

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7} Herbal tea

Herbs are empowered with relaxing properties which is soothing on your nerves whereby inducing sleep. For better results, herbal teas should be consumed in the morning, afternoon and early part of evenings.

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8} Fermented Ginseng

As per studies, Ginseng does not have any adverse effect on pregnant women. Small portions of ginseng are safe to be consumed during pregnancy. When you ferment ginseng, the body is able to absorb it in a better way.


9} Reduce frequency of bathroom breaks

Setting yourself up for bathroom breaks is the last thing on your mind before you plan to fall asleep.  Any intake of fluids should be prior to an hour before going to bed. If nature calls, get out of bed as soon as you can, finish it off and jump on to the bed.

10} Magnesium supplementation

It is stated that nearly 80 % of women are deficient in this important mineral. You can boost magnesium levels with food, but you would need the help of supplements as well. Do consult your doctor and take around 200 mg supplement on a daily basis.

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11} A good mattress

If you are waking up sore in the morning every day, then it could be more than pregnancy insomnia. Your mattress could have a definite say in this regard. Most mattresses do not hold their shape for more than a few years. If you are thinking of a new one, then opt for an environmental friendly one.

To conclude, if you do follow the above mentioned tips you can afford to have a great sleep. A healthy and calm mommy leads to a healthy and calm baby.

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