10 Surprising Benefits of Nectarines in My Child’s Diet


Although not consumed by many, Nectarines are popular fruits loaded with health benefits. Similar to peaches and plums, Nectarines are tasty fruits that belong to the Rosaceae family. Generally grown in warm regions, Nectarines are also called “stone fruits”. These fruits contain a hard seed at the center surrounded by juicy flesh. Nectarines are nutrient rich power packed fruits that are healthy for adults as well children. Read on to know more.Nectarines

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Surprising Benefits of Nectarines in Child’s Diet

Children should have a balanced diet containing of all fruits and vegetables. Nectarines are one such balanced fruits that is packed with all the essential nutrients and form a healthy snack for your little one. Listed below are some health benefits of Nectarines in your child’s diet.

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1} Maintains Healthy Weight

Just like adults, obesity is a curse for children too. Hence it is important to maintain a healthy weight.  Nectarines possess detoxifying properties that flush out harmful toxins from the body and prevent the future binding of toxins to the colon walls.  Nectarines are rich in bio-active compounds like quercetin, catechins, anthocyanins, and chlorogenic acid that has the capability to combat obesity and obesity related disorders. This helps in lowering body mass index and help maintain an ideal body weight in children.

2} Prevents anemia

A condition characterized by less red blood cells in the body is called anemia. To produce red blood cells iron is required in sufficient quantities in the body. Often although the mineral is present in the body, the lack of absorption causing decreases red blood cells. Nectarines are rich in Vitamin C that promotes the absorption of iron in the body. Hence, making your child eat nectarines regularly will help prevent anemia.



3} Improves vision

If you want your child to have a good vision and healthy eyes, then nectarines are the best ones to give them. Nectarines are rich in beta carotene and leutin that promote eye health, improves vision and prevents eye diseases. Additionally, Nectarines also increases the synthesis of Vitamin A which is essential for the proper and smooth functioning of the eyes.

4} Increases immunity

Nectarines contain an abundance of anti-oxidants such as Zinc, Vitamin C and phenolic compounds that help increase the immunity of your children by promoting the production of antibodies in them. Nectarines also reduce the risk of your children developing diseases such as malaria, influenza, and other illnesses. Making your children eat nectarines also helps in quick recovery of their wounds.

5} Prevents Hypokalemia

Hypokalemia refers to a condition of deficiency of potassium in the body. Deficiency of potassium can cause cardiac disorders and muscular degradation. If your child is deficient of potassium, then the best remedy is to make him eat nectarines. Nectarines are rich in potassium and aid in proper cellular function. It also promotes protein synthesis, increases metabolism, utilizes carbohydrates, and maintain electrolyte balance.

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6} Improves cardiac health

Good cardiovascular health is essential to prevent the risk of stroke and other heart diseases during childhood as well as when they grow up. Nectarines are rich in heart friendly anti-oxidants like anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid that contain inhibitory action against bad cholesterol. Making your children eat nectarines regularly also prevents hardening of arteries and ensures proper circulation of platelets in the blood.


7} Good cellular health

Nectarines are rich in essential mineral phosphorous that is important for the proper functioning of tissues and cells. The phosphorous content in nectarines help in cellular repair and maintenance. Nectarines are also rich in iron that aid in the formation of haemoglobin and contribute to your child’s body growth and development.

8} Anti-diabetic

Children like eating sweets and chocolates all the time. Today several children are suffering from diabetes at a young age. Hence it is important to keep your child’s blood sugar levels under control. Nectarines are rich in dietary fiber that slows down the release and absorption of sugar into the blood stream. By this action, blood sugar levels are maintained in your child’s body and he is protected against the risk of developing diabetes.

9} Helps in digestion

The alkaline nature of Nectarines and the dietary fiber in them makes it a perfect food for good digestive health in your children. The fiber adds bulk to the diet, prevents constipation, reduces ulcers, decreases gastritis, absorbs water, and regulates bowel movements.

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10} Skin care

It is an extra effort to keep your child’s skin beautiful and healthy. But with nectarines, the task becomes much easier. Nectarines are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  Vitamin A helps in protecting the skin against damage from harmful rays of the sun when your children are playing outside. Vitamin C content in nectarines stimulates collagen synthesis which tones up the skin and maintains its glow.

Nectarines do have some small side effects to those who have certain fruit allergies. It is advised not to give your children nectarines if they suffer from allergies. Otherwise, nectarines are wholesome fruits that can be eaten by the whole family due to its health benefits.