11 Best Ways to Lose Baby Weight Fast


Baby weight starts to accumulate on your body from the time you are pregnant. This weight is something every mum wants to get rid of as quickly as possible.  There are many effective natural ways to lose that baby weight and fast. Eating regular and frequent meals, staying hydrated, breastfeeding and exercises are ways to lose that extra weight.

Also catching up on plenty of sleep, avoiding crash diet, eating nutritious food and even lowering your stress level can help a lot. Early eating and having plain yoghurt as dessert are other solid ways to lose the fat and get back in shape real fast.

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The best ways to lose baby weight are as follows:

Best Tips to Lose Baby Weight Fast

Taking regular meals

As a new mom, you are possibly too caught up in looking after your baby to check your own health. Not eating enough or irregularly is definitely going to pile up those baby fat. You must eat at regular intervals and in small proportions. Eating six small meals a day will help yo lose weight naturally. This is one of the best ways to shed the excess weight naturally. Make sure to eat a balanced diet regularly to shed the kilos fast.

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Staying hydrated

Drinking plenty of water or other healthy fluids is a very useful tip to lose the baby weight. Proper hydration will prevent dehydration. Fluids also improve metabolism and thus help in losing the extra weight. Drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water or fluids will also flush out all the toxins from your body.  A sure way to know if you are properly hydrated is to check the color of your urine and frequency. If your urine is clear and you take trips to the bathroom every three to four hours, then you are hydrated well enough.

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Lose Baby Weight

Eating low calorie foods

Cutting down on high calorie foods work like magic in case of losing weight post pregnancy. As a new mother your body needs lots of nutrition to get back to the healthy state before pregnancy. Nutritious foods also boost your breast milk supply. Load up on a diet rich with foods rich in omega-3 fatty acid, calcium, protein and fiber. Foods like lean meat, eggs, chicken, tuna, sardines, beans, legumes, salmon etc are very helpful.


There is an advantage in breastfeeding for you as well. Breastfeeding burns almost 600 to 800 calories every time. Some women can lose all those extra kilos by breastfeeding alone. Even if you need extra calories to breastfeed, it burns more than half of it. This is definitely a great way to lose all the fat. However it is not a guaranteed way to lose weight. It might work for some but not in case of others. Consult your doctor on this if you are thinking about relying on breastfeeding alone to lose weight.

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Regular exercising is surely one of the best ways to get back in shape. Walking is one of the easiest ways to getting yourself started. It may not seem enough, but it is a very effective way to lose weight. After giving birth, your body may not be ready to do strenuous exercise immediately. You can start with gentle walking everyday for half an hour at least. Taking your baby out for a stroll will help you to lose your weight also. Walking will ensure proper pumping of your heart and muscle functions.

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You can also include light aerobics and strength training in your schedule once your body eases into it.  Exercising not only will burn your extra calories, but also relieve you from stress. It will also correct your sleeping patterns and help you in post birth depression.

Getting plenty of sleep

If you are sleep deprived for a long time, it can make your goal to lose weight very difficult. Insomnia usually adds calories as your body releases stress hormones when you are sleep deprived. It is known for a fact that women who slept for less than 5 hours hold on to their baby weight longer than those moms who get enough sleep. Make sure to catch on your sleep throughout the day by taking little power naps.

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Eating early

Taking your dinner early boosts the metabolism of your body. As your body gets enough time between your dinner time and the time you sleep, it can metabolize the food faster. Increased metabolism burns the extra calories. This is an effective way to lose your baby weight.


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Avoid crash dieting

Many new moms think that cutting down on food is the only way to lose weight fast. This is actually a very harmful method of losing weight. Crash dieting may help you lose weight in the beginning. But after a certain amount of time, you will end up gaining even more weight. Not having sufficient food for a long time will also adversely affect your health. It is therefore important to avoid crash dieting if you want to lose weight after pregnancy.

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Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Caffeine and alcohol are huge blocks in your road of weight loss. Coffee can drive away your exhaustion for sure, but it will also prevent your weight loss. Same goes for alcohol. So if you are habituated to caffeine and alcohol consumption, it is high time you cut the habit. This will help in your goal to lose baby weight quickly.

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Yoghurt on dessert

Yoghurt is considered to be a “super food”. It is high on calcium and is an ideal food to help you lose weight. If you have sweet cravings anytime, you can go for this super food. Yoghurts after dinner every night is a sure shot way to lose all those calories.


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Lower the stress levels

Being a new mother can be a stressful job. However, stress can be very harmful for your health. It can affect your weight loss in a bad way. Being stressed out won’t help you in losing the baby weight no matter what you do. Therefore it is crucial for you to remain stress free. It is a very useful way to speed up your weight loss.


Getting overweight can be a headache for every new mother all over the world. All those extra fat are very disappointing to say the least. But there are many brilliant ways to lose this fat quickly and naturally. However, it is always important to consult your doctor before starting on your weight loss program.

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