11 Health Benefits of Anise in your Child’s Diet


You may be surprised to know that Anise is one of the first and most popular spices known to humans. Typically originating from Egypt, Anise belongs to Umbelliferous family which also includes popular herbs like cumin, caraway, dill, and fennel seeds. Anise is known for its medicinal properties and is used worldwide for various reasons. Anise seeds possess a wonderful aroma and distinct flavour. It has been widely acclaimed worldwide for its nutritional value.

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Health Benefits of Anise in your Child’s Diet

For your children to grow hale and healthy, it is important to start working towards it at a young age. One such step is to include Anise seeds in your child’s diet. Listed below are some reasons why.

1} Improves digestion

Digestive problems are very common in childhood. Due to this children suffer from loss of appetite and do not eat well. Including anise seeds in their diet helps cure various digestive disorders like diarrhea, flautulence, gastritis, nausea, and vomiting. It also stimulates your child’s appetite and makes him eat healthy.

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2} Cures Insomnia

Many children suffer from disrupted sleep and insomnia making them very weak and moody. A quick and easy remedy to this, is to include anise seeds in your little one’s diet. Anise seeds brewed into tea and consumed along with honey has therapeutic effects on your child and renders a peaceful sleep every night.


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3} Treats bacterial infections

Anise seeds contain anti-microbial properties that combat bacterial infections and treat them quickly. If your little one is suffering from any kind of bacterial infection, anise seeds is a great remedy to help him recover faster. Anise seeds inhibit the growth of bacteria as well as prevents its spreading in the body

4} Remedy for cough

Children often suffer from phlegm and cough. Anise has great expectorant properties and is a wonderful remedy to treat cough in children. Additionally, oil made from anise seeds greatly aids in loosening the phlegm within the throat and lungs. It is commonly added in cough lozenges and syrups of popularly known medicines. Anise also helps in treating asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and common cold in children.

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5} Maintains oral hygiene

Getting your children to maintain good dental hygiene can seem to be an impossible task. Poor brushing habits and eating too many sweets is a common habit among children. One of the best benefits of anise is that it helps regulate and maintain good oral hygiene in your children. It anti-microbial properties helps fight bacterial infections, oral inflammation, and combat bad breath. Additionally, it also provides toothache relief in children.

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6} Reduces colic and hiccups

Colic and hiccups is a common problem in toddlers. Use of anise seeds regularly in your little one’s diet helps reduce colic, abdominal pain and hiccups. It also heals the digestive tract and improves metabolism in children.

7} Increases RBC production

Maintaining a good RBC count is an indication of a healthy individual. Likewise, children should also maintain a good RBC count to sustain the normal functions in the body. Anise seeds are known to stimulate RBC production the body. For children suffering from thrombosis, anise seeds is a quick remedy.

8} Improves eye health

Anise seeds are wonderful for the eyes. They are rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals that is required to maintain good eye health. Regular consumption of anise seeds improve vision.

9} Treats epilepsy

Many children suffer from neurological disorders like epilepsy and tremors. Anise seed extract oil opiate and narcotic properties that reduces fits of epilepsy and tremors in children. It also calms down the nervous as well as respiratory system by reducing the gush of blood flow to various parts of the body.

10} Treats skin problems

Children suffering from acne or other skin infection often feel frustrated due to the embarrassment they face. Additionally, cosmetic creams do more harm to the skin that helping cure the infection. Anise seed oil helps treat acne and other related skin infections attacking children.

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11} Promote quick healing of wounds

There is no shortage of antiseptic compounds available in the market, but anise seed essential oil is an exception. They possess anti-septic properties and help fight secondary infections of wounds thereby promoting quick healing of wounds.

Anise seeds can be included in various dishes and are extensively used in cooking. Its sweet aromatic flavour imparts a wonderful aroma to the dish that is cooked. It is widely brewed in tea, and added in sweet and savoury dishes. It also used a base for sauces, breads, biscuits, and soups. Hence, there are plenty of interesting ways you can feed anise seeds to your children. Start adding them in your dishes and see the difference.

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