11 Reasons you might have a C-section Delivery


There are many reasons for you to have a caesarian delivery. You might have one c-section delivery before. Your baby might be in bottom-down position. Your baby might be in traverse position. If you have a low-lying placenta then also you might need to undergo a caesarian delivery.

Also there might be some medical conditions which might force you to have caesarian delivery. Previous medical history, heart condition or failed pregnancy in the past is few other reasons to have a c-section delivery.

Sometimes it is not you, it the baby who needs emergency delivery. Many conditions leading to the lowering of heartbeat of the fetus, forces the medics to deliver it artificially by means of a c-section.

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There are many reasons for which you might to undergo a c-section delivery. Checkout here:

Reasons you might have a C-section Delivery

Previous C-Section Delivery

If you have a past of previous c-section delivery then most likely your next delivery would also be a similar one. This is one of the major factors contributing to a c-section delivery. Sometimes the scar from the earlier c-section birth ruptures. That is why, once you have a c-section delivery, all your consequent deliveries will be c-section only.


Baby in Breech Position

Your baby might be in breech position. That means it is bottom down. In such situation normal delivery is impossible. The head of your baby should be coming out first. If your doctor confirms that your baby is in breech position then you need to undergo a caesarian delivery.

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Baby Changing Position

Sometimes you baby might be in a traverse position. This means that your baby is not ready to get back to the desirable position. Traverse position babies are also delivered by caesarian section. Again it depends on your doctor and whatever he/she says.

If your baby changes position at frequent intervals then it is called an unstable lie. That is why it is important to gauge the position of the baby before the delivery.

Placenta praevia

It is a condition of low lying placenta. If your placenta is not in the right position to give birth then your child might be in trouble. In such cases a c-section delivery is recommended. Normal delivery becomes almost impossible for the mother.

c section delivery


Serious Medical Condition

If you have a serious medical condition then it advisable that you undergo a c-section delivery. It is wise not to choose a normal birth. It is due to the fact that during labor your heart rates will increase by a great extent. If you have a weaker heart then you might not withstand that much pressure. For that reason it is important that your doctor assess all your medical history before deciding on the mode of delivery.

Previous Miscarriage

If unfortunately you have lost a baby before, whilst giving birth, then your doctor might not encourage a normal delivery. In such cases c-section deliveries becomes a safe choice. It is again the doctor’s decision. On many occasions, despite the previous miscarriage, the doctors advise a normal delivery. Every pregnancy is different. That is why it is important that you go by what your physician has to say about your condition.

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Twins or More

Have you hit the lottery? Probably that is only good news if and only if the delivery is safely done. It is highly risky to leave the birth or a twin or a triplet on the fate of the nature. Normal deliveries do not only out pressure on the other, but at the same time it endangers the lives of the babies.

In such situations the doctor and nurses might advise you to have a c-section delivery. It is safer for both you and your baby to have a similar delivery which will not put too much pressure on your abdominal region.

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Lack of Growth of your Baby

If your baby stops developing inside your womb then it is a sign of problem. It necessarily means that your baby is not getting adequate nutrition inside your womb. In such situations you need to take your baby out. Waiting for the delivery date for a normal delivery might prove to be fatal. C-section delivery becomes the only choice.


It is a condition when your placenta is not working properly. That means your baby will be deprived from all the proper blood circulation and nutrition whilst he/she resides inside your womb. Your baby will not get enough oxygen. The blood flow to your womb will be limited. In such situation a c-section delivery becomes a savior. Your doctor will have no choice but take the baby out by means of a caesarian birth.

Bleeding During Labor

Bleeding during labor is always a bad sign. That is a signal that something is not right with your pregnancy. You must immediately be in a hospital facility if you see any hint of spotting during labor. Under such condition your baby might have to be brought out early by means of a caesarian birth.

Slip of the Umbilical Cord

Though only one in 200 women suffers from this kind of conditions, it is another reason to undergo a c-section delivery. It happens when your umbilical cord slips ahead of your baby. This is known as the prolapsed of the cord. There remain chances that the cord will be smashed whilst giving the birth. It is a life threat to both the mother and the child. In such conditions the doctors advise a c-section delivery. It helps the mother and the child.

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There are many causes of having a c-section delivery. Some of them are emergencies whilst some can be preplanned. Either way c-section deliveries are now safe alternatives. Advanced technology and anesthesia has made the delivery process almost painless. The birth rates have risen all over the world. If your doctor advises you a c-section delivery please clarify the reason of the decision with him or her. Every pregnancy is different and the complications can be many. That is why you should know what you are up to.