11 Must do Things for a Normal Delivery


Every woman wishes she has a normal delivery. And, it is possible with the right diet coupled with a few tips that you must follow. Listed below are 15 things that will aid in allowing you to have a normal delivery and a healthy baby!

11 Must do Things for a Normal Delivery

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of time in the life of every mother. A lot of changes take place in the body during these months, and you need to take care of your body to ensure that the delivery will be safe and normal. Apart from focusing on your diet and physical health, take care of your mental health as well. Most of the new mothers panic and become confused about what to do and how to deal with the changes taking place rapidly. Here are fifteen must-do things for you to ensure that the delivery is normal and the baby is safe.

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Educate yourself                         

The first big thing to do is to educate yourself. Education classes on childbirth are important to ensure that you will have a normal delivery. According to a research, mothers undergoing these lessons have 50% less chance of going for a C-section incision.

Keep yourself cheerful

For the first-time mothers, stress and anxiety are likely to take a toll on your mind. Well, you need to keep yourself cheerful and engaged to keep off stress. You can chat with your friends, share your feelings, listen to music or concentrate on your hobby to keep your mind refreshed.

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Avoid staying at hospitals

In many cases, women feel that they are going to experience labour. The rush to the hospital, only to find out that it was a false apprehension. Instead of staying back there, you can return back home, enjoy the comfort of your room and keep your nerves cool.

Choose your doctor carefully

Well, this is an important decision, as the right doctor will always insist you to go for a normal delivery. You need to be careful about the choice of your physician, as experience matters a lot. Your overall diet chart, wellbeing and the health of your baby depends on his recommendations. If necessary, get a few local references or make a brief research.

Focus on your diet

A pregnant mother needs around 500 extra calories to cater to the extra food requirements of the child. You need to have a healthy diet to ensure good health to yourself as well as the baby growing inside you. Apart from proper meals, you should also focus on the timings. Split up your meals into small parts rather than going for large meals.


As the body undergoes changes, you will feel the discomfiture more pronounced as the days advance. Exercise may help to a certain extent. Learn some postures for workouts, practise yoga or swimming and keep up the agility of your body.

Learn sleeping postures

Sleeping postures are important during pregnancy as they determine the health of the baby. Wrong postures may exert pressure on your child and harm his health. Try to sleep on your left as much as possible. You can also try out the three-quarter posture and use pillows to support your body.

Do not go for an ultrasound in the ninth month

Certain doctors recommend to go for ultrasound in the ninth month of pregnancy. It is done to indicate macrosomia. However, it is not essential and you should avoid undergoing it. It is wise to remain safe, as the baby may be prone to disturbances if you opt for macrosomia at the last moment.


Get enough sleep

Sleep makes the nerves relaxed. You should get adequate sleep during pregnancy as you need to stay healthy. Enough sleep also ensures that the baby growing inside you retains good health. In case you suffer from lack of sleep due to health-related complications, consult your doctor to get a peaceful sleep.

Know the basics of breastfeeding your child

It is essential to know the basics of breastfeeding. They baby should find it comfortable. For new mothers, it often turns out to be a problem if you do not know the right way. Get some tips before the delivery.

Prepare the baby’s bed

Lastly, before you leave for the hospital, make sure you have prepared the bed for your baby. You can also spend your time making the clothes for your little one. Utilize your time intelligently and get everything into place before the D-day.

Hopefully, you will find these tips handy when the real moments creep in. Get a contact for a good paediatric doctor. You will need it as soon as the infant starts growing.