How to have Twins? 21 Ways to Boost your Chances


Can you plan to have twins? Is that even remotely possible? If you have always wanted to have twins and are planning on getting pregnant, read on for information on how you can give birth to twins.

There are some couples who’d love to have twins and others who react negatively to it. What’s your opinion of this? Would you like a set of twins? These days, reproductive experts and technological advances made in medical science have found it common for several embryos to be conceived and implanted, but often, only of these survives.

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How Twins Happen?

If you want to increase your chances of having twins, you need to know the science behind it. There are two kinds of twins: identical and non-identical. Identical (monozygotic) twins develop when one egg gets fertilized by a sperm. It divides into two individual embryos, each of which have the identical components and genetic structures. They also share a placenta.

Non-identical (dizygotic) twins develop two separate eggs, fertilized by two sperms. These twins grow up to be two distinct individuals that share as much genetic composition as siblings do. They also have individual placentas.

How to Have Twins?

There are various ways of having twins. Here are some of them that you can try:


Medical treatments:

  • Conceive in your 30s: You’ll be surprised to note that to have twins, it helps to be older. Just before women enter peri-menopause, their ovaries begin to release several eggs every month. This surge in fertility happens due to a spike in oestrogen. In fact, according to research, women over 35 years, have twin pregnancies.
  • In vitro fertilization: Take fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization to stimulate your ovaries so that more than one ovarian follicle matures each month and releases more than one egg.
  • Conceive when taking the Pill: If you get pregnant while taking contraceptives, you could have twins.
  • Stop taking the Pill and conceive: If you do this, you could have twins. It works like this: For the first two cycles, your body will adjust in terms of hormones before you can get pregnant.
  • Have already given birth to twins: If you already have twins, it’s likely that you can have twins yet again.
  • Have a high body mass index (BMI): If you have a BMI of more than 30, you have a greater chance of having twins.
  • Continue to breastfeed your older child: New mothers who produce prolactin and continue to breastfeed are likely to conceive twins.

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Socio-cultural methods:

  • Be of African or American descent:Women of this ethnicity have a higher rate of having twins.
  • Having pregnancies earlier: If you’ve had a baby or more, you could well have twins now.
  • Have a large family: Well, it stands to reason that the greater number of times you conceive, the greater the chances of your conceiving twins.
  • Are you tall? If yes, you have a good chance of conceiving twins.
  • Perhaps you’re a twin: If you are one of two twins, you are likely to have twins.

Dietary solutions:

  • Folic acid: When you’re trying to conceive, take folic acid supplements a month before you conceive.
  • Eat oysters: You and your partner should eat oysters. Not only are they aphrodisiacs, but they are also rich in zinc and aid sperm production. A healthy and mobile sperm ends up being able to fertilize a couple of eggs.
  • Eat zinc-rich foods: Men should eat 14 mg of zinc-rich foods per day, available in green leafy vegetables, wheat germ, bread, seeds and cereals.
  • Eat yam: It is proven that women who have twins live in areas of yam cultivation. Yam contains a chemical that aids ovarian function.
  • Eat dairy products: Cow’s milk and its products increase your hormones and help you have twins.

how to have twin babys

Sex positions:

  • Doggy style: Have sex in doggy style during which you bend your knee and your partner penetrates from behind.
  • Standing position: Just like the doggy style, this one too gives deep penetration. This allows the sperm to enter the egg easily.
  • Missionary position: By adopting this position, the sperm reaches the egg easily.
  • Rear entry position:In this sexual position, the man is behind the woman which allows the sperm to be close the woman’s cervix.

Apart from the above methods, there are also fertility herbs that can help you conceive twins. These include Evening primrose oil, Licorice and Flaxseed oil.

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Of course, these are just attempts to be pregnant with twins, not sure-shot methods of having twins. However, you can use these methods to increase your chances of having twins.