11 Signs That You’ll Have a Normal Delivery


So, your granny said you are going to have a normal delivery and that has got you thinking. Was she right? Could that be possible? You can now evaluate this on your own! Read on to know the 11 signs that may indicate that you are going to have a normal delivery.

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11 Signs that you’ll have a Normal Delivery

As the delivery date approaches, and your pregnancy nears the ninth month, you become worried about the condition in your body. Most of the mothers start thinking whether they will have a normal delivery or not. Well, as your body undergoes changes, you need to spot certain symptoms that indicate that everything is on the normal track. Keep in touch with your physician and keep him updated about the progress. Here are fifteen signs that will tell you that you are going to have a normal delivery.

Dropping of the abdomen

As you step into the ninth month, the abdominal region starts dropping. This happens because the baby moves into the lower portion and when it happens, you should know that you are nearing labor. This happens two to four weeks before the time of delivery.


As the delivery date approaches, the frequency of urination increases. This happens as the baby’s head comes close to the bladder. It cannot withstand pressure as it happens in the normal situation. You need to stay close to the washroom as the ability to control urination decreases during this time.

Contractions become stronger

One of the common discomfiture’s for all women is that the contractions, become stronger. You will suffer from frequent cramps. This is known as Braxton-Hicks contractions. Although these are not as powerful as those in the labour period, they will cause a lot of discomfort to you.


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Ache in the lower back

The lower back area suffers from pain when you near the delivery day. This is quite natural and you will know that everything is fine. The lower back region and pelvis areas are affected during this time as the ligaments in the pelvic region and uterine come under stress at this time.

Discharge from the vagina

The quantity of discharge from the vagina increases at this stage. When you cross the eighth or ninth month, you will notice that the colour of discharge becomes pink or whitish. However, you need not worry as these are normal signs of healthy pregnancy.


Loose motion, uncontrolled movements of bowel and diarrhoea indicate that your delivery date is approaching. These are caused due to hormonal activities. They act on intestines, causing cramps in the stomach. You may consult the doctor and stick to the recommendations to increase your level of comfort.

Blood discharge

You will experience bloody discharge from the vagina. These are sometimes accompanied by mucous. The head of the baby moves into the pelvic cavity during this time. The tiny blood vessels in the cervix area undergo rupture and this results in the bloody discharge.

Breakage of bag of water

Although this does not happen in all women, around 10% of the would-be mothers experience a breakage in the bag of water. Normally, this happens after the labour pain starts. In case the bag of water breaks before labour, you need to consult the doctor.


Itching sensation

Another symptom that you are nearing a normal delivery is that you will experience itching sensation in the abdominal region. It happens due to dryness. You can apply a moisturizer cream in these cases to keep off the discomfort.

Fluctuating levels of energy

Well, you may realize that you are feeling very energetic, the very next moment you will experience fatigue. This fluctuation in the level of energy is common when you near the delivery day. Focus on a healthy diet to keep up the energy levels and ensure the normal functioning of the body.

Soreness of breasts

The breasts become sore when you are in the final stages before delivery. You may feel a certain amount of discomfort when you are in the ninth month. However, you have nothing to worry about. These are signs of normal delivery and you should stay calm and wait for the day. You may apply cream on your skin if the irritation continues for a long time.

The final days before delivery are exciting, but you need to bear with the increased level of discomfort. Keep your physician updated with all these symptoms, and get a few recommendations to stay comfortable. In a normal delivery, all these signs are common and you need not panic when you find any of these happening to your body.

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