11 Foods That Would Ensure Normal Delivery


If you are spending sleepless nights worrying about whether or not you will have a normal delivery, help is at hand. What if we were to tell you that you can eat your way to a normal delivery? Yes, that is right! But, no we did not say junk food! Listed below are 11 foods that you must eat if you want a normal delivery!

During pregnancy, the nutritional requirements of the would-be mother’s body shoots up. On an average, a pregnant woman requires around 450-500 calories of more food during this time. The baby growing inside the womb receives food from the mother’s body. Naturally, one needs to eat well to keep up the health and ensure good health of the child as well. You should do away with your poor dieting habits during this time. Read on to known eleven foods that are essential to ensure a normal delivery.

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Foods That Would Ensure Normal Delivery

Lentils and dried beans

During the pre-delivery days, the need for protein increases in the body. Lentils and dried beans provide substantial amounts of protein, removing the deficit. One cup of lentils, in cooked form, provides 15 grams of proteins. As these have high fibre content, they help to prevent constipation as well.


Oranges are important for a healthy delivery for two key reasons. Firstly, they have around 90% water content. It caters to the fluid requirements of the body. Moreover, they contain high volumes of Vitamin C. It makes the skin of the baby soft and beautiful. It also helps to avoid infections.

Milk and dairy products

Milk provides a number of nutrients, especially proteins and calcium. Both of these are necessary in large quantities during pregnancy. To ensure a normal delivery, you can have Greek yoghurt on a daily basis. The calcium content in milk helps to develop the skeletal system in the baby. The probiotic bacteria present in milk eases up the digestive process. However, you should opt for milk low in fat.


Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are stuffed with beta-carotene. These provide Vitamin A to the body. This is an important nutrient for the baby, as it helps to differentiate different tissues and cells in the infants. During pregnancy, women need to increase their Vitamin A intake by 40%. Sweet potatoes should find its way into your diet chart.

foods that would ensure normal delivery

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For a normal delivery, you need a variety of nutrients in small quantities. Broccoli provides your body with folate, calcium and Vitamin C. Apart from this, it contains fibre, which helps to fight constipation. Broccoli also contains antioxidants, which fights pre-delivery diseases.

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Lean meat

Lean meat is rich in iron. During pregnancy, the iron requirement of the body is almost the double. Therefore, you need to consume iron-rich food that is easily digestible. Lean meat is easily absorbed into your system, making it one of the most important foods to ensure a normal delivery.


Bananas are energy-rich food, essential during pregnancy. During delivery, fatigue is a common issue for all women. Bananas infuse the body with more energy and minimizes the effect of fatigue. You can easily include bananas in your breakfast.


Cheese provides good amounts of calcium and proteins to the body. One ounce of cheese gives around 200 grams of calcium, which is important to ensure a normal delivery. You can pair it up with bread while having breakfast.


A number of women keep away from eating meat during pregnancy. As an alternative, eggs serve as a good source of protein. The essential amino acids are available in eggs. You can include eggs in your breakfast, lunch or have it with snacks. Eggs also ensure good hair in your baby.


Spinach should be a part of your diet chart during the pregnancy days to ensure a normal delivery. They provide the body with iron, calcium and folate. They are also good sources of vitamins. Simply have spinach with your pasta dishes or salad. You can also include it with your lunch.


Oats are enriched with carbohydrates and increase the energy level in your body. During pregnancy, you need to cut down the level of cholesterol. In these cases, oats serve as a staple food for your breakfast. They are low in cholesterol content. Avoid mixing extra sugar in it, a tablespoon or maple syrup is enough.


When you plan your diet during pregnancy, get a recommendation from your physician. You may have certain complications, which may prevent you from taking certain foods. Maintaining a healthy diet plan before delivery ensures that you remain free from pregnancy-related complexities and give birth to a healthy child.

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