11 Home Remedies To Treat Group B Streptococci Infection During Pregnancy


From Vitamin C supplements to garlic juice, pro-biotic supplements to pro-biotic based foods, there are many ways you can treat a Group B strep during your pregnancy. Yogurt often helps in the process and there is kombucha or water kefir. Consuming sauerkraut also help in the process.

You can also rinse you vagina with Chlorhexidine in order to treat the problem. Coconut oil and Apple Cider Vinegar is also quite beneficial when it comes to getting rid of the harmful viruses. Eat foods which are rich in folic acid, plenty of liquids, and onion. Fruits rich in tannin like lemon and oranges are also good for suppressing virus attacks.

What actually is a Group B strep infection?

Group B strep infection occurs due to bacterial infestation in the vagina and intestine. Untreated and undiagnosed Group B strep can lead to severe conditions during your pregnancy. The common symptoms of the Group B strep include breathing problems, fever, irritability, fluctuating body temperature, and inability to eat properly. (Winn, 2007)

During your pregnancy all these factors can actually hinder your child’s overall development and cause you immense problem in the process. Learn about the remedies which you can apply in order to cure your Group B strep.

Group B Streptococci Infection During Pregnancy: 11 Home Remedies

Group B Streptococci Infection

There are plenty of things you can take in order to cure your Group B strep infection during your pregnancy.


Vitamin C Supplements

Having vitamin C supplements is a must. Vitamin C supplements need to be taken orally. The anti-oxidant property of vitamin C will enable you to combat the deadly viruses that are affecting your intestine and the vagina.

Consumption of Vitamin C triggers the formation of antibodies in your system. These antibodies will fight off the free radicals and protect you from further spread of the infection.

Garlic Juice

Vaginal application of garlic juice is also quite helpful in dealing with this deadly virus. Garlic is rich in pro-biotic enzymes and these enzymes fight-off the viruses of Group B strep, effectively. Normally it is difficult to treat Group B strep because it keeps on affecting the vagina very quickly. (Winn, 2007)

Take a fresh dry clove of the garlic, peel the skin and break it into half. Then insert it inside your vagina throughout the night. Continue this for eight consecutive nights to get relief from the infection.

Consume Yogurt Daily

Yogurt is a fantastic pro-biotic which cleanses your intestine. The bacteria present in yogurt can easily fight-off the Group B strep viruses. Take some amount of yogurt on a daily basis during your pregnancy. (Kenchington, 2017)

It will not only cure Group B strep but it also will protect you from further infestation. Also yogurts have no real side-effects. So it is safe.


Rinse you vagina with Chlorhexidine

Chlorhexidine is an anti-bacterial liquid is also very effective in cleansing your vagina. It will certainly wash out the bacteria that reside in your vagina. Cleanse your vagina with such liquid regularly before you go to bed. (Ohlsson, 2014)

It will help in the reduction of the irritation and the suffering you are having in your vagina. But be careful in taking the quantity of the liquid as excess of it might damage your vaginal tissue. It might be fatal during your pregnancy. (Ohlsson, 2014)

Consuming and Applying Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a good anti-viral liquid. That is why the consumption of coconut oil will help you in fighting-off the bacteria in your intestine and will provide you a clean gut. Coconut oil also can be applied vaginally to keep it clean and free from any sort of viral infestation. (Kenchington, 2017)

Coconut oil is pretty safe when compared to the other anti-viral or anti-bacterial liquids which can be applied vaginally.

Apply Apple Cider Vinegar Vaginally

Apple Cider Vinegar is also another effective anti-bacterial liquid which can help your vagina stay clean and protected from this dangerous infection. Like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar is also very effective in killing the bacteria and it is also pretty safe.

You can cleanse your vagina regularly with little amount of apple cider vinegar during your pregnancy to kill the bacteria.


Pro-biotic Supplements

When things go out of hand then doctors will prescribe you with some pro-biotic supplements. Along with the vitamin C supplements the pro-biotic supplements are good for your overall health and well being of the intestine. (Baker, 1997)

Group B strep normally affect the intestine more than the vagina. That is why consuming pro-biotic supplements is always a good idea.

Consuming sauerkraut

Along with pro-biotic supplements, pro-biotic foods are also pretty helpful. Sauerkraut is a fermented food which promotes the development of pro-biotic bacteria in your system. This natural food source is quite beneficial.

Sometimes natural foods are better than the supplements because they do not impact the kidney.

Consuming Cinnamon

This very popular condiment has tremendous anti-viral properties. Obtained from the bark of the cinnamon tree this spice has great medicinal values. Cinnamon is very effective in treating virus related diseases.

Roasted and grinded cinnamon sprinkled on your food can be good for keeping your intestine protected from Group B strep infection.


Having Foods Rich in Folic Acid

Leafy greens and vegetables rich in vitamin B are perfect sources of folic acid. Having folic acid actually boosts your red blood cells to fight off viruses. Folic acid rich foods like spinach and cabbages are excellent alternatives for keeping your gut clean from any of the diseases.

The leafy greens will improve your bowl movement and boost your overall digestion. This actually hinders the growth of the bacteria in the intestine and helps you recover pretty quickly.

Consuming Lemon

This very important food in the citrus family is rich in Vitamin C and useful minerals. It has tremendous anti-viral properties and can cure Group B strep virus and any other intestinal disorders.

Fiber rich natural vitamin C sources like oranges and tangerines are also quite helpful. It has wonderful anti-viral properties and it can be regarded as the most effective food in equipping you with enough strength to fight off the free radicals. Apart from that lemon can boost your overall immunity.


Apart from the foods and the supplements mentioned in the list the likes of onion and ginger are also good sources of anti-viral enzymes. However, you need to be cautious whilst choosing the items for vaginal application.


Check the expiry dates of the substances very carefully and also at the same time consult with your doctor about the amount of the liquid that needs to be applied. A proper diet (as suggested) along with vaginal care will put you back on track.

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