Can I Give Sauerkraut to my Child?


Can I Give Sauerkraut to my kid?Broadening the range of foods you offer to your child is always a good idea as in that way your child learns to eat different things rather than focusing on the same range of processed foods that he/she normally eats. Traditionally fermented foods like Sauerkraut are a marvelous way to introduce sour flavors to your children as most processed foods that your child normally consumes are either extremely sweet or salty.

Probiotic foods like sauerkraut are the best thing for your baby as they contain healthy fat and bacteria which most commonly fed foods lack. In that way sauerkraut can be considered as a “food medicine” for children as they not only it helps them develop varied taste but also at the same time sauerkraut aids in the process of digestion, strengthens the immunity of the child and increases the overall level of nutrients. Sauerkraut is recommended for children who are born c-section, children who are given antibiotics, the ones suffering from gas, constipation and other tummy troubles. Sauerkraut fills your baby’s gut with the essential bacteria which helps him/her to digest the foods and have a healthy metabolism. Thus it makes a ideal choice for you to introduce sauerkraut to your child and with no apparent side effects sauerkraut is the safest bet.

Health Benefits of Sauerkraut for Your Child

Fermented foods like sauerkraut offers several health benefits to your little one.

Boosts-Up Energy Level: The level of iron contented in sauerkrauts (cabbages) is likely to boost –up the overall energy level of your child as it increases blood circulation and enhances the growth of the red-blood cells in your child.

Improves Digestion: The good bacteria present in sauerkraut is known to improve the digestive health of your child and decreases chances of gas formation and constipation along with other tummy related problems.

Ensures a Healthy Heart: All the processed food that your child eats have a negative impact on his/her heart and in the long run they might even cause serious damages. However, consumption of fermented foods like sauerkraut can actually ensure a healthy heart of your child as sauerkraut is rich in fibre that ensures healthy functioning of your child’s organs.


Strengthens Immunity: Sauerkrauts are rich in Vitamin C and that helps your child to fight-off common cold & cough and tendency of suffering from regular fever. Sauerkraut contains around 35% of the required amount of Vitamin C, which your child must consume, along with other minerals which boosts the immunity.

Healthy eye & skin: Sauerkraut is rich in Vitamin C along with a considerable amount of Vitamin A. These essential vitamins act as antioxidants and help your child relish a healthy skin and eyes.

Strengthens Bone: The Vitamin K content along with other essential minerals in sauerkraut helps in the formation of bones in the early developmental stages of your child.

How to Start Feeding Sauerkraut to your Child?

It is more likely that for the first time when you are trying to introduce sauerkraut to your child, he/she would not have tasted anything like that before. The “sour” taste of sauerkraut can boggle the mind of the babies and also for the toddlers but you must take cautious steps before introducing the same as your child mustn’t grow a permanent dislike for the food. It is advised that fermented products like sauerkraut should be introduced in small amount gradually to your child. If he/she is still a baby then you can just dip your finger into a jar of sauerkraut and then make him/her taste the juice of the same. It is obvious that your cute one will make that “sour” face but you must stay confident and encourage him or her to taste the juice more as even the juice alone is beneficial. Now if your child is a toddler or pre-schooler then you can introduce sauerkraut in smallish amount as a side to the foods they already eat. It is better not to make a huge deal about the newly introduced food (in this case sauerkraut) as otherwise they might grow permanent rejection.

Is It Safe?

Sauerkraut is nothing but fermented cabbages and normally they are safe for children. However, it is being advised to offer them with home-made sauerkrauts as the commercially available ones in the supermarkets and regular grocery stores are soaked in vinegar brine and lack all the essential health benefits for your child. Making sauerkraut at home is not that challenging and it doesn’t take much time from your daily schedule.

But before introducing sauerkraut to your child you must first consult your paediatrician as sauerkraut are high in sodium and it is not good if your baby is already suffering from any form of renal diseases.