31 Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids


October 31st is just round the corner and sometimes seems to be creeping each and every single year. Are you all set to treat your kids with that one of a kind costume? Are you afraid of the idea to make your costume from scratch? Don’t be you need to get the spirit with other different yet creative ideas that can eventually be pulled all together with the cupcake liners or household items and coffee filters. However, have you ever made your kids mind about what they want to become or dress up like for Halloween? If no, then here are the 31 last minute Halloween costumes you can choose from.

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Halloween Costumes for Kids: 31 Last Minute Costumes

last minute halloween costumes


you can show some love for this sweet yet tropical fruit with the simple no sew costume.



There is no need to fuss around with the masks and itchy wigs. This costume is generally a backpack and should eventually help in order to keep complaints to the minimum. Make sure you don’t try to leave a snail trail just on your way or in the neighbourhood.




So, if you’re are eventually looking for the original yet unique costume then this is the one and there are chances that you might probably won’t see any other cloud walking around in the Halloween party.


Moonrise Kingdom

This kind of getup look are great in their own way while paired together they look complete perfection.


Super Girl

by making the use of one yard of fabric you can eventually turn your kid into one of the most stylish superhero in the town at the same time.




you can let your kid borrow one of their favourite beanie for just a night and might let them pick on their own tattoos. Don’t be surprised enough when they think they are too cool to hold that candy bucket

Ira Glass 

The main key is the spiked hair and make sure that you spray the sides with the gray hairspray only. Carry them around the radio and tie it all together.

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You can eventually transform them into your favourite sweet treat basically with an inner tube and at the same time foam their hair curers. If all the sprinkles aren’t your thing then you can initially go with the chocolate glazed.Donut 

Mr Rogers 

You can accessorize your kid with few hand puppets and splurge on the vintage one specifically.


Bath Time 

you can make use of cotton balls and also a rubber duck as they are very well stocked bathroom and your kid will eventually look adorable in this outfit.


it is the major time in order to repurchase the gymnastics tights and also leotards and initially get creative by making use of sponge brushes.

Lana Del Ray 

you can grab a summer dress and then later onwards add some dramatic yet colourful flower crown.

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Shooting Star

you can dig deep into this closet for the snazzy party outfit and at the same time add some

the cardstock cut out stars too look Halloween party ready


Sesame Street 

you can eventually DIY the duo’s ensemble as a whole and it usually depends upon how the red faux fur you have major access to

Old lady 

you might have been Dying in order to try this since you saw others all those years and this is the time now you do it.


Morton Salt Girl 

you need to do this as one of a trip kept inside the grocery store for the cheap umbrella and at the same time some salt

School Supplies 

Any onsite can eventually be pink with some of the DYE packets and also the permanent marker will eventually cover the rest at the same time


one of the best part about this is that you get an option of becoming the gender neutral and the tutu is generally in between you and the your kid


Little Astronaut 

Just like the jumpsuit is initially made the great look and also considered to be the good jumper will eventually do the trick


Basically bust through that supply eventually of the leftover crafting felt and at the same time you need to add big blue eyes and also some of the fins to the well used T-shirt

Three Blind Mice 

You can hold the phone and there is no better group ensemble in order to gang from the birthing group and the concept eventually work as they initially get older


looking for the match with your little one while you eventually hit the hood going door to door? But you need not worry jeans and converse will eventually save your day and the jacket is just an add on.

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The giving tree 

however, with five minutes left before heading off to the school you need to throw some of the overall on them and at the same whip up this sign.


the giving tree

Fidget Spinner 

you need to do is to onsite and get a little covered cardboard


Family costumes are one of the best costumes and you can rope your kid into this seasonal fave

Dr Seuss 

you can eventually bring into this literary classic to life with the little prep time and at the same time some of the orange fabric too

Flight crew 

just like code 9 all the flight crew are on deck.


You can turn your kid’s furry scraps into the most amazing fuzzy costume


Work of art 

you need to look for the classics for getting inspiration and at the same time pick the tableaux that can eventually be recreated for the gram

Saved by the bell 

you need to thank goodness that he eventually saved the tropical shirts from the vacation because now it can eventually be used in order to get into the Halloween look

The incredible

Your Christmas onsite have been eventually waiting for all of this year. All you need is to find the black undies, some rain boots and also gold belts at the same time.

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