11 Best Group Halloween Costumes for Families


Some of the best ideas for group halloween costumes for families are sims, poekmon, rock-paper-scissors, mario-kart, football family costumes, back robbers, pac-man, suicide squad, box of crayons and toy story costumes.

With creative group costumes, Halloween can be fun for kids and parents alike. Families can dress up together for the spooky holiday by taking inspiration from pop culture, books, and even candy. All that’s required is an eye for coordination and a bit of creativity.

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Top 11 Best Ideas for Group Halloween Costumes

group halloween costumes


First family costume idea is the Sims, what’s awesome is, you can take it in so many different ways because there are so many characters in the game. So you can be a home sim, you could be a work sim, you could be a nude sim. It really doesn’t matter you can do so many different things. All you have to really do is make sure that you have the diamond headband. The DIY is so easy for this, you just need some paper, a little bit of wire and a headband to make the gem. Then for the nude board, if we just use paint and painted it with some squares and there you go.



Pokemon not only is pretty huge, but in childhood, you guys wanted to be ash. You All did collect the cards and everything. This is a really good idea for group costumes because there’s so many Pokemon and also other characters.  There’s misty Brock ash so you can do so much with this and have a lot of fun with it. You can dress up the little one like Pikachu.





I think we’ve all played rock-paper-scissors at some point in our lives. I love this idea so much and the DIYs are actually really simple.  So for the scissors, all we have to do is take a poster board and cut out the shape the shape of scissors, color them and then add then add a string or wire so that way you can justify just hang it around your neck. Super simple super simple for the rock, go went with a sweatshirt and I really love this. I think it’s so different and funny obviously funny obviously. For the paper, take a poster board, draw some lines on it, so it looks like a sheet of paper, add suspenders and that way you can hang it around your neck. This is such an easy group DIY costume. This will work for a family with three members.

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Guys this might be your favorite DIY just because you grew up playing Mario Kart and you may have loved peach so much. This is such an easy family costume because you should get some balloons and paint the boxes with your favorite color. You can have a lot of fun with this; you can even play games with your friends, where you actually have to try to cut off each other’s balloons throughout the night.

Happy meal costume

If you walk into a party wearing a Happy Meal costume, I would hope that you win the best costume of the night, because this is pretty amazing. The DIY ideas are also really simple – it’s just a lot of paper, a little time-consuming but honestly, it’s pretty simple. So it’s a box with paper around it and then some yellow pool noodles. Just stuck those in the back and that way it looks like fries. I think it’s so cute with a little mm before the burger. It’s just different colored papers stacked together, to obviously look like a burger and the sesame seeds added. You can make a cup with a straw for the little one.



Football Family Costumes

The entire family can dress up with fun football-themed Halloween costumes! Also, how darling is that little football. You can choose your favorite team and wear t-shirts and shorts and match them with sports shoes.

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Bank Robbers

Looking for a last-minute family Halloween costume? It doesn’t get much easier than this cute bank robber costume! Grab a couple of striped tees and some “bandit bags” from your local craft store to create an unforgettable Halloween costume this year.


Pac-man goes so cute, so if you’re going to be going with a group of people or family this is such a cute costume. However the person, Pac-man is awesome, you know what I mean if there are five people in this costume, the Pac-man is the guy who is the leader of that group. Call that Pac-man first, like you know don’t let the other people have it, you know like they can be the ghost altogether. Show off your nerdy side in an epic video game showdown between adults and kids.

Suicide Squad

You can always go the comic book route, obviously, Suicide Squad came out earlier this year so that one’s probably going to be very popular. You have the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Batman so I think this is an amazing idea for a group costume because that way when you go up to a party with all of your squad and your friends and you guys can rock it. Chances are, you kids already want to dress up as their favorite superhero for Halloween. Why not join them?

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Box of Crayons

These colorful DIY costumes are perfect for the whole family! Let each family member choose their favorite color to dress-up as this Halloween! If you’d rather buy them online, you can grab some child sizes here, and some adult sizes here. (They have tons of other colors and sizes, too, like some for babies!)


DIY Toy Story Costumes

Your family will be soaring, “to infinity and beyond,” with these simple Toy Story inspired costumes! Be sure to check out how you can recreate your own Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and Jessie costumes! If you’d rather buy them, you can grab Jessie, Woody, and Buzz all here!


We’ve also included a TON of awesome affiliate ideas directly to costumes; you can use them to make your “hunt” for the perfect get-up just a bit easier!

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