31 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids


Hey folks! Halloween is here and Halloween means loads of party and lots of costumes. Lots and lots of ‘em. Many of the parents, particularly the ones with infants and toddlers will have so many things going on in their minds for this Halloween, like what kind of costume will make my baby special and unique? What food should I prepare on the “H” Day? And stuff like that. Well, here is our contribution to make this Halloween, special for both you and your baby. Listed below are some of the Halloween costume ideas for kids this year’s Halloween. Try some.

Halloween costumes

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

A Superhero Mask

One of the simple costumes that you can do is a Superhero Mask. If you don’t get time to make a Superhero Costume for your baby, then let’s try a superhero mask. A simple mask can be simply made using a thin cardboard sheet. Make a simple eye band just like the one used by the Lone Ranger.

DIY Homemade Mask
Simple Homemade Mask

Source: Instructables

Zorro Costume

The above mask reminds us of Zorro, right? Zorro is a popular fictional character. A vigilante laced in black clothes, a cape, a mask, and a sword. To prepare this costume, you’d need a black colored shirt and trousers, a long black cloth for a cape, a mask to cover the eyes and of course, a cardboard sword. This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for kids.

Homemade Zorro Costume for Halloween
DIY Halloween Zorro Costume

Source: Wendy Box


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Minion Costume

Guess everyone like Minions from the movie Despicable Me. The minions are funny, adorable and most of all their cute voices and funny language. What if you could make a minion costume for your kid with just household things?  All you need is cardboard, loads and loads of it. Make a cylinder out of the cardboard in which your kid and easily and comfortably fit in. Make two giant holes for eyes, make a pair of minion spectacles and fit in your child. Of course, paint it appropriately to look like a minion. And that’s it.

Halloween Minion Costume
Homemade Minion Costume

Source: Pinterest

Bane from The Dark Knight Rises

Remember the supervillain Bane from the movie The Dark Knight Rises. One sight of the mask that Bane wears is enough to run a chill down the spine. And we think it is one of the best simple costumes for your kid. Here is the template for Bane Mask. Cut the cardboard in this shape, stick some flexi tubes in the front. Of course, make small holes to breathe air.

Halloween Bane Mask Template
DIY Bane Mask for Halloween

Source: Tumblr

The Joker’s Costume

Another main character from Batman Universe is the Joker. People just love to hate the Joker’s character. Actually, Joker’s costume is relatively easy to make. All you need is a makeup kit, a blue jacket and trousers and a green tie.  Apply white makeup on the face along with that ever-smiling lipstick and Voila! The Joker’s here.

Homemade Joker Costume Halloween
Halloween Joker Costume DIY

Source: Costume Super Center

Pirate Costume

One costume that has become popular in recent times is a pirate’s costume, thanks to the series of Pirates of the Caribbean movies. You can make a simple pirate costume with little experience in sewing. All you need are old clothes that you’ve been planning to give away. You could use a couple of those clothes for making a pirate costume. Be creative, make some tears on the clothes, color them with dark patches to make them look dirty, add in an eye patch, headbands and hats with danger symbol, etc and your pirate costume is ready. You could also throw in a cardboard sword and a fist hook of course! This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for kids.

DIY homemade pirate costume for halloween
Homemade Pirate Costume for Halloween

Source: Shop Costumes

Gangster Costume

The 1920’s gangsters’ style is still popular among some people. A full suite with a hat and Tommy Gun in one hand is perhaps the classic look of a gangster that most people won’t forget. You could try such a costume for your kid. Your kid’s old jacket can do the trick.

diy homemade gangster costume for halloween
homemade gangster costume for halloween

Source: Halloween Costumes

Harry Potter Costume

You could also try another popular series that has attracted children all over the world, ie., Harry Potter. Harry Potter, his friends, and his foes make for good costume ideas. If you happen to have long coats resembling the ones that wear in Harry Potter movies, most of your work is done. All you have to do then is to take a pair of round glasses, a magic wand, and a broomstick. You could also try costumes and faces of Voldemort, Dumbledore or Snape, etc. This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for kids.

diy harry potter costume for halloween
halloween harry potter costume homemade

Source: Struts.co.uk

Witch’s costume

Speaking of Harry Potter, you can’t forget a witch’s costume. A classic witch with long and loose robes, a hat and a broom are all it takes. These are simple to find at home. Make sure to use dark or black clothes for the witch’s robes. You could make the hat with cardboard. Make a cone and stick it to a circular piece of cardboard. For authenticity, you could add in a little makeup.

homemade Witch Costume for halloween
diy Witch Costume for halloween

Source: Charlie Crow

Rapunzel’s long hair

Rapunzel is another classic character whose costume can look good on your daughter. Rapunzel is best known for her long hair and if you could make such hair (of course as costume), it would look very nice. In fact, you need a few things with which you can make an easy way to replicate Rapunzel’s hair from things found at your home. Get some yellow-colored yarn. Take some handful of long strands from the yarn. Halfway across, paste the bunch of yarns on a tight cap. Fit this cap on your girl’s head. This will almost look like a wig. With the remaining ends, make plait or braid.

homemade Rapunzel Costume for Halloween
DIY Rapunzel Costume for Halloween

Source: Instructables

Little Red Riding hood

Little Red Riding Hood is yet another classic character that has fascinated us for many years. A sweet little girl taking fruits for her grandma stumbles upon a bad wolf. The costume of Little Red Riding Hood is perhaps very easy to make. All you need is a red-colored cloth with which a long hood has to be made. Take the red cloth and cut it into a rectangular shape. On one end, take the breadth-wise ends and make a fold halfway across. You’ll find a hood like structure emerging. Now carefully stick the ends to form the hood. Take a long strip of the red cloth to stitch it just below the hood to keep the hood tied at the neck level. Stitch it from the inside so that the stitches are not visible outside. Simultaneously, you could also go for a wolf’s costume for your other child.


Star Wars costumes

If you remember Star Wars, then you’ll definitely remember some iconic characters such as Master Yoda, Darth Vader, the Emperor himself, of course, the cute and adorable droid R2-D2, etc. You could any of these characters this Halloween. R2-D2 is easy to make the character as it requires a cardboard sheet to be wrapped like a cylinder and few designs. You could also try long and loose robes with a hood and a cardboard light saber to make the characters of Obi won Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, etc. If you have a green sweater at home, you could make Master Yoda’s costume. You’d need to make a cap with ears. Take a green colored thick paper. Prepare a cone and attach ears to that cap and voila. Master Yoda’s costume is done. This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for kids.

Homemade Star Wars Costume for Halloween
Homemade Star Wars Costume for Halloween

Source: Its Over Flowering

Lego Costumes

Lego, one of the very popular playing sets for children, has its own mascot, the Lego Man. You can dress up your kid in Lego Man Costume. And it is very easy to make with household things. The most important thing that you need to make a Lego Man costume is cardboard boxes and lots of them. You’d especially need 1 or 2 large and intact cardboard boxes and 4-6 long boxes. The large cardboard box will become the torso of Lego Man and you’d need preferably long boxes for arms and limbs.

Now, for the head part, you’ll have to make a cylinder out of a cardboard sheet. For that bump on the head, make a ring from a cardboard slice and stick a round shaped cardboard piece on top. Paint the whole body in different colors but for the head go with yellow color and add a smiley face to the head. Make sure that the Lego head has enough space inside to fit your child’s head.  Alternatively, you could prepare a Lego block costume with cardboard.

Homemade Lego Man Costume for Hallooween
Lego Man Costume for Hallooween DIY

Source: Blog. SFGate.com

Knight costume

Some kids are fascinated by Knights and the armour suits that they used to wear. Well, make this Halloween special for your kids by making a knight’s armour at home with things found in your home. You’ll need cardboard boxes and/ or sheets. These will act as the base of the armour. Make body protection armour (a large box that can accommodate your child is enough. Make a helmet with cardboard by making a cylinder). You could also make cardboard sword and shield.  We can stick silver color gift wrap paper to the armour. You could find some printable logos or emblems of the medieval knights on the internet. Download and print them, if you want and paste them on to the armour suit to give an authentic look.

Lego Man Costume for Hallooween DIY
Lego Man Costume for Hallooween Homemade

Source: Fancy House Road

Leprechaun costume

If you’re child loves folklore or mythology, then perhaps a legendary fairytale character like a Leprechaun is one of the best costumes for your child, this Halloween. Leprechauns are a legend in the Irish folklore and they are depicted to be of small stature and green clothing.  If you happen to have an old green colored jacket or shirt at home, you could easily make a Leprechaun costume. You can make the hat out of cardboard and green color paper. Make the beard using orange color paper. This is one of the best Halloween costume ideas for kids.

DIY Leprechaun Costume Halloween
Leprechaun Costume Halloween Homemade

Source: Any Time Costumes

Dinosaur Costume

Another amazing costume that can be made at home is a dinosaur costume. Be creative with the things around in your home. For example, you can make the dinosaur head by using a spare shoe box. Take 2 shoeboxes. Remove both the lids and take the remaining two boxes. Place one on top of the other with open ends closing each other. Insert one box into another just an inch or 2 on one side making a V shape. Now, this will act as the head of the dinosaur. Stick eyes on the top and teeth to the side of the box.  Make a body and tail, similarly with things around in your home.

Dinosaur Costume for Halloween Homemade
DIY Dinosaur Costume for Halloween

Source: Silver Chips Online

Cowboy Costume

Howdy! How can we forget Cowboys from the old American West? Cowboy culture, their costumes are still a favorite among many people. It is relatively easy to make a cowboy costume at home. All you need are a pair of blue jeans, a full sleeve shirt, a waistcoat, a hat and a pair of boots (if you have them). You might also need a toy gun to be tucked into the belt. With these things, you can be as creative as you can.

DIY Cowboy Costume for Halloween
Cowboy Costume for Halloween

Source: Fishpond. co. nz

Mario Costume

Remember Mario? One of the best video games of the 80s, Mario is still remembered. In the game, Mario is a plumber by profession and fights monsters in order to save the Princess. Mario costume typically requires a blue Carhartt. If you have an old one that’s fine. You’d also need a long sleeve plain t-shirt and a newsboy cap in red color. Apart from these things, the mustache is also a standard.

Mario Costume for Halloween Homemade
Mario Costume for Halloween DIY

Source: Ebay.co.uk

Einstein Costume

Albert Einstein is perhaps a unusual candidate for a Halloween costume. But, he was and is still so popular among not only scientists, but also with students and teachers. Einstein’s costume requires a shabby grey hair wig and a grey moustache. An apron or a jacket is optional.

Einstein Costume for Halloween homemade
Einstein Costume for Halloween DIY

Source: Family Go.com

Flower Pot Costume

Flowers are girls’ best friends, as they say and what better way to let your cute little girl enjoy her Halloween costume this year. To prepare this costume, all you need is a recycled plastic, bamboo or a cardboard tub or basket. Take a medium-sized tub and be sure that your daughter fits right through the tub. Saw off the bottom part of the tub. Now, make 4 holes on top corner of the tub.


These 4 holes should resemble a square. Take a silk ribbon and run it down through the holes so that the tub can be supported off on your kid’s shoulders. Now, take flowers and some stems with leaves and stick them along the walls of the tub with duct tape. Make sure that the tapes won’t come off easily. Use different colored flowers for a colorful flower pot. You could also paint the tub with good colors that compliment the flowers.

DIY Flower Pot Costume for Halloween
Flower Pot Costume for Halloween homemade

Source: Houston On The Cheap.com

Few more very interesting Ideas for Halloween Costumes for your little munchkins

Halloween costumes for kids

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