21 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Nature


Parents often name their children with which they can relate to. If you are such a person and want a unique name for your child, then you are in the right place. What is more relatable than nature? Instead of searching for different names, here are 51 nature names for your little baby boy.

Top 21 Baby Boy Names Inspired by Nature

Names Origin Meaning
Aidan Gaelic Little fire
Amarkeeri Hindi Eternal flame
Joash Hebrew Fire of Yahweh
Langa Nguni Sun
Mishal Arabic He who holds the torch
Mogotsi Sesotho builder of fire
Nkanyezi Zulu Star
Orion Greek Rising in the sky
Flynt English A stream
Ghadir Arabic Stream
Lwandle Nguni Ocean
River Latin-English A large, natural stream; peace; tranquillity
Anani Hebrew A cloud, prophecy, divination
Guthrie Gaelic Free wind
Nimbus Latin Rain cloud
Atlas Greek Titan who was the bearer of the heavens
Ridge English Narrow, rough segment of mountaintop
Vale Latin Poetic term for ‘valley’
Forest French Woodsman
Linden Old English A tree part of the Tilia species
Oakley English Oak wood or clearing