11 Best Halloween Costumes for Girls


Super hero costumes, disney princesses, iconic characters from movies, people from Royal family, old lady, various professions, cute animals, popular emoticons and spooky costumes are some of the best halloween costumes for girls.

If you are looking for the best halloween costumes for girls you could opt for the iconic superhero girls’ halloween costumes like Wonder Woman or Black Widow while dressing up for Halloween this year. Other Disney characters like Elsa and Anna are also viable options for halloween costumes for kids girls. Cute but generic costumes are also popular choices available to all. As Halloween comes around this year, be prepared to dress up your kid with your spooky and original choice of wardrobe.

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The festival of Halloween

Halloween is a festival that occurs towards the end of a year, traditionally celebrated on the 31st of October across the globe. It is a day to commemorate the dead, and remember the hallowed- the saints and martyrs. Liturgically, it marks the beginning of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows Day, but over the years Halloween has taken on a more secular nature with people from all religions celebrating the holiday as a part of popular culture. Dressing up for the day is now a part of the norm, with creative halloween costumes ideas that come to life on the night. People across all age groups, men or women, decide on their halloween costumes months in advance, preparing for the festivities.

Trick-or-treat is conventional practice observed by kids in their respective neighborhoods, dressing up for the event and going door-to-door to collect chocolates and candy. If you want your kids to participate in this tradition, you must think up the best halloween costumes for them. The sinister connotations of the holiday still lives on in the scary halloween costumes chosen by most people. If you are looking for inspiring girls’ halloween costumes for your daughter, here is a list that you can choose from:

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Halloween Costumes for Girls: 11 Best Ideas

halloween costumes for girls

Characters from superhero movies

These are the most popular costumes and are likely to be your daughters’ favourite choices. From DC to Marvel, iconic figures like Wonder Woman and Black Widow serve as characters symbolic of the strength and tenacity of a woman. Inculcate the positivity in your daughter today with halloween costumes for kids girls of Shuri, Okoye, Harley Quinn and others. Prior to the holiday, these costumes are widely available making it easier to purchase a ready-made piece.

wonder woman halloween

Disney Princesses

If you are aiming for something a little more delicate for your little girl, the traditional Disney princesses are always ready options. While girls halloween costumes in the shape of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty are available, they can easily be made at home as well. A long gown ought to cover it, with just the right iconography, like an apple for Snow White or transparent shoes for Cinderella to represent the story. Characters from more recent animated Disney movies like ‘Brave’ and ‘Moana’ are also great choices for halloween costumes for girls.

Disney princess

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Iconic characters from adult movies

If your toddler is too young to have a say in the proceedings, you can take advantage of it by dressing her up as an iconic character from a movie that all adults will recognize. The character of little red-haired girl, the protagonist of the movie Annie is bound to attract attention. Your girl, dressed up in a red wig, would definitely be certified as one of the best halloween costumes of the night.

Iconic characters from popular TV series

Game of Thrones is a TV series that has left the world astounded. For Halloween, dress your little girl up as the Dragon Queen, Daenerys. The wardrobe may be a little complicated, with the cape and the sword, but make sure to take pictures so that she can appreciate your choice when she grows up and watches the series that has created such a mark in popular culture.

People from the Royal Family

Fiction may not be your cup of tea as you decide which halloween costumes for kids girls is best for your little one. In the light of the most recent royal wedding, iconic in its own right as it went above the shackles of race and prejudice, you could opt to dress up your daughter as Meghan Markle. The iconic white wedding dress would be the perfect choice to commemorate both the event and the individual. If otherwise inclined, you could always take the easier route and dress up your child as the reigning Queen of England- also a great choice with regard to popular Halloween costumes.

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An old lady

You can express your sense of humour in your daughter’s costume by dressing her up as an old lady. Old-lady dresses are easy to procure. A little grey in the hair and a walking stick in her hand ought to do the trick. The dichotomy of a kid dressing up as an old lady is bound to generate laughter, surely making a mark as a remarkable halloween costumes for girls.

old lady


Costumes for various professions

The convention of dressing up is also something you can use to fuel your child’s dreams and ambitions. If she is at an age that understands the convention, you can encourage her to dress up according to what she wants to be in future. Be it a nurse, doctor, or am astronaut, make sure that her choices of halloween costumes resonate with her passions.

Mythical creatures

Mythology is an important aspect of the festival of Halloween.  Though not directly related to the Halloween myth, creatures like unicorns, dragons or phoenixes are possible wardrobe choices for girls’ halloween costumes this year.

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Cute animals

While cat videos are rampant on the internet, there is nothing cuter than a baby girl dressed as a cat, bunny or even a pony. Dress her up as a member of the animal kingdom this Halloween season and witness how everyone marvels at your little one.

cute animal costume

Popular emoticons

Emoticons constitute a large portion of communication today, with people using them alongside language in regular texting conversations. Dress your child up as a funny and popular emoji this fall- a unique and unconventional choice in a catalogue of generic halloween costumes ideas.


Generally spooky costumes

The most stereotypical portrayal of Halloween is through the image of bats and skeletons. If you want to stick with tradition, choose a scary halloween costumes with skeletons and scary make-up for your child this October.

These were some ideas for halloween costumes for girls. No matter what costume you choose, Halloween is about the festivities and togetherness and the memories created in the process. Dressing up your child in the way you please contributes immensely to this experience. Keep the tradition alive and create memories that you and your daughter will cherish, in the days to come.

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