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11 Health Benefits of Ginger Tea


Most of us are addicted to our morning cup of tea to carry out the routine activities of the day. But have you considered replacing your morning cup of normal tea with ginger tea instead? If you do, you surely won’t regret it. Ginger tea is popularly known for its herbal and medicinal ingredients that have immense health benefits. Including ginger tea in your routine everyday works wonders for your heath.

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Origin of Ginger Tea

Belonging to the family of Zingiberaceae family, ginger tea leaves are commonly used in herbal teas that is derived from ginger root. Ginger originated from Southeast Asia and since ancient times it was grown in China and India for many years. Today, ginger is also grown in Africa and Central America. Ginger tea was used extensively in Asia to treat several diseases and prevalent infections.

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is known to contain anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that is known to fight various illnesses. Listed below are some health benefits of ginger tea.

1} Relieves headache and migraine

Ginger tea leaves contain anti-inflammatory compounds that help fight symptoms of tension headache and migraine. These compounds help prevent the synthesis of prostaglandins that are responsible for pain and inflammation. Hence, consumption of ginger tea help relieve headaches and migraine attacks.

2} Treats kidney infections

Ginger tea contains an important compound called “gingerol” that possess strong anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties, which help treating kidney infections. Along with regular medications, kidney infected patients are advised to drink a warm cup of ginger tea every morning.


health benefits of ginger tea

3} Helps treat sore throat, cold and cough

Most of us suffer from cold and cough frequently, which can be very annoying. Well, the good news is that you need not take any more medications to treat sore throat and cold. Ginger tea is considered to be one of the best remedies to treat cold, cough, and sore throat. It helps increase mucus secretion and promotes salivation, thereby relief cough and cold symptoms. Ginger tea also contains anti-histamine properties that prevent airway contraction and helps treat respiratory allergies.

4} Prevents cancer

It is an age old proven fact that ginger contain anti-cancerous properties that prevent various types of cancer. Ginger tea has the ability to trigger programmed cell death and inhibit the action of protein molecules that are responsible for cancer.

5} Stimulates the digestive system

Ginger is considered to be a good remedy for digestion related disorders. It is rich in anti-oxidants that helps in the absorption of nutrients which further aid in digestion. Ginger tea also helps in breaking down proteins which promote mucus secretion and prevent stomach ulcers.

6} Relieves arthritic pain

For those suffering from arthritic pain, ginger tea is known to be an excellent remedy. Ginger tea is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that help reduce pain and inflammation caused due to arthritis. Additionally, it also helps relive muscular pain.

7} Decreases menstrual pain

Menstrual pain can be very annoying and painful for women. Women often resort to taking pain killer due to excruciating pain. However, one easy remedy to treat menstrual pain is to consume ginger tea. Ginger tea leaves contain the compound “gingerol” which provides immense relief from menstrual pain and cramps.


8} Moisturises the skin

Did you know that ginger tea is an excellent food for healthy skin? Yes, ginger tea contains anti-oxidants that help eliminate toxins from the body and make you skin glow. It also nourishes the skin from inside thus keeping it hydrated and moisturized.

9} Improves blood circulation

Ginger tea is popularly known for its property to promote good cardiovascular health. Its medicinal properties help regulate cholesterol levels, prevent heart attacks, reduces formation of clots, and improves blood circulation. It is recommended to consume at least 2 cups of ginger tea for good cardiovascular health.

10} Natural appetizer

Most of us suffer from lack of appetite which do not allow us to eat a balanced diet. A good appetite is extremely important for good health. A cup of ginger tea every morning helps stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and increase your appetite. It also flushes out harmful toxins from the stomach and aids in digestion.

11} Boosts immune system

Many people suffer from a poor immune system and are constantly prone to several infections. Such people are advised to consume ginger tea on a regular basis. Ginger tea contains anti-microbial and anti-biotic properties that help combat infections and boost the immune system. It also eliminates the harmful toxins and cleanses the lymphatic system.

Precautions while consuming Ginger Tea

Although ginger tea has no scientifically proven side effects, it is recommended not to consume more than 4 cups of ginger tea in a day. People with a history of gall bladder infections and bleeding disorders are advised to consult the doctor before consuming ginger tea. Also, since ginger helps lower blood pressure, some people may experience light headedness after consuming ginger tea.

Too much of anything is not good for the body. Hence, it is important to know the recommended dosage of ginger tea in your regular diet. Start drinking ginger tea every morning and experience its miraculous benefits.