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13 Dangerous Infections During Pregnancy That Affect the Baby


By God’s grace, you are immune to many infectious diseases during pregnancy. Over and above, all the vaccinations you have received since becoming pregnant would help you avoid many communicable diseases in the child. Yet mothers are always worried about the health of their babies ever since conceiving them.

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Dangerous Infections That Can Affect Baby During Pregnancy

Though there are many diseases that are not transmitted to the baby through the placenta, there are some which are able to make inroads into the baby through the placenta and harm the baby. Mothers should be aware of such infections. If you are aware of these micro-organisms and their route of infection, then you may be able to fend off these organisms and prevent dangerous infections to the baby.

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1} Group B streptococci infection

Colony of Group B streptococci is generally found in the rectum or vagina. It is so common that even many healthy women can be found to have this infection. Though only 1 in 2000 mothers unwittingly pass on this infection, it is the outcome of these organisms that physicians are concerned about. These microorganisms can result in sepsis in the baby and may precipitate a crisis. The route of infection of group B streptococci is usually through sexual contact.

2} Herpes simplex virus

This type of virus also can be found in the vagina and birth canal. If it is present in the birth canal during delivery of the child, then the child has a risk of catching an infection. This can cause damage to the central nervous system and even cause mental retardation. This virus is transmitted mainly through body fluids or sexual contact. So you can avoid this infection to a great extent.


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3} Chicken pox

Chicken pox is no more a fatal infection, but if you are not vaccinated against it, you may pass it on to the baby. The doctor will probably vaccinate you against this disease. If not, ask for it. However, it is a very contagious infection.

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4} Syphilis

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that can infect the baby either through the placenta or through an open sore during delivery. However, this is treatable in early days. You can also avoid this if you avoid multiple partners and maintain genital and sexual cleanliness.

5} Escherichia coli

Escherichia coli may well be present in your gut and the vagina, but it is mostly asymptomatic. But, if it latches on to the baby during delivery then there is a possibility that the child may suffer from sepsis.

6} Gram-positive organisms

This is the most common cause of infection in neonates. It is generally hospital or community acquired. To avoid such infections the best way is to ensure cleanliness during hospital stay.


7} H. influenza type b

This virus spreads from one person to another through direct contacts or droplets of respiration. This infection can cause severe pneumonia in neonates. You can avoid this infection to a large extent if you avoid crowded places during and also before pregnancy.

8} Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a virus that affects the liver. Hepatitis may be transmitted through oral contact, through sexual contact or through contact with the blood of an infected person. This is also a dangerous infection for the baby. But you can avoid this to a large extent if you can avoid the contributory factors.

9} Toxoplasmosis

This is transmitted through contact with cat feces. If you come to contact with these agents during pregnancy your baby may get infected. But, you can avoid this to a large extent simply by avoiding cat feces or cleaning them as and when found.

10} Trichomoniasis

Trichomoniasis is a disease that is generally transmitted through oral and sexual contact. If you are infected your baby may get infected too. However, it is apparent that you can easily avoid this infection. Moreover, even if the baby is infected it can be treated with antibiotics.

11} Dengue

Dengue is a mosquito borne infection that can also affect a woman during pregnancy. If the mother is infected the baby may also get infected. However, you can easily avoid dengue by avoiding using nets and wearing overalls.

12} Chikungunya

This is another mosquito borne disease that can affect the baby through the mother. However, the risk of such transmission is generally during labor. Moreover, you can avoid this disease if you stay within the nets and use mosquito repellant products.


13} Zika

Zika virus can be transmitted through mosquitoes as well as through sexual contacts. It has a tremendous impact on the baby as it can cause birth defects. To avoid this you need to avoid multiple sexual partners and mosquitoes.

To protect their babies, mothers need to be concerned about their own health and hygiene. The baby can get an infection or a communicable disease only when it is passed on to it through the placenta or during delivery.