Preventing Breast Cancer – 21 Lifestyle Changes Every Woman Should Be Aware Of


Among the various kinds of cancers which affect women, breast cancer is a prominent one. When detected at the right time, breast cancer can be treated and cured completely. Research has also shown that almost 33% cases of breast cancer are preventable. By making certain kinds of lifestyle changes, it is possible to keep breast cancer at bay.

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Read on to know about the various lifestyle changes that every woman can make for preventing breast cancer:

21 Lifestyle Changes That Every Woman Can Make For Preventing Breast Cancer

1. Proper diet is important

It is recommended to have a diet which is full of vegetables, fruits, fiber and lean protein. Refrain from alcohol, foods rich in simple sugars and saturated fats.

2. Exercising is important

Estrogen metabolism is altered by exercise. With exercising, the balance of good estrogen and bad estrogen is maintained. Greater the ratio of good estrogen, lower are the risks of breast cancer.

3. Consider breast feeding

Breast feeding consistently for the first six months minimize the chances of breast cancer significantly. Breast feeding is therefore not only healthy for the baby’s health, but also for the mother.


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Preventing Breast Cancer

4. Avoid gaining weight

Gaining weight is a major problem, which contributes to the risk of developing breast cancer. Gaining more than 10% of the initial body weight increases the chance of breast cancer in women.

5. Refrain from smoking and consuming excess alcohol

Though there is no clear indication that smoking and alcohol consumption contribute to the development of breast cancer in womenit is better to stay away from the same.

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6. Vitamin supplements are recommended

Vitamins generally help in boosting immunity in the body. Adequate vitamin C supplementation can be of help. Vitamin D supplements are also needed so that adequate bone strength can be maintained and there is healthy bone density.


7. Finding the density of the breasts

Learn if you have dense breasts or not. Risks of breast cancer are high by almost 6% in women who have dense breasts.

8. Knowing if there is a history of cancer in the family

It has been seen that almost 5-10% of breast cancer cases are hereditary. Histories from both paternal and maternal sides have to be kept into consideration.

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9. Use the right skin products

Using chemical and toxin-free products are recommended for using on the skin. The chemical products often lead to overloading of estrogen, which increases risks of breast cancer.

10. Refrain from harsh hair treatments

According to Luke Coutinho author of ‘The Great Indian Diet’, various kinds of harsh chemicals are used for hair treatments and these toxic elements might be a cause for breast cancer on the long run as the chemicals seep into the skin.

11. Reducing toxic overload in the body with detoxification

It is important to detoxify the body and the various organs from time to time so that the toxins are flushed off successfully. Washing off the toxins is a great way of preventing any kind of cancer, including breast cancer.


12. Minimizing constant use of cell phone

Harmful electromagnetic frequencies from various cell phones can have an impact on the immune system. A compromised immune system is vulnerable to many ailments.

13. Choosing the right kind of bra

The right choice of bra is important along with the right fittings. One must ensure during workouts, proper bras are worn so that no lymph nodes are compressed and the toxins are released successfully.

14. Refrain from excess use of deodorants and antiperspirants

These items help in stopping sweating. Excessive use might deactivate lymph nodes and lead to toxin buildup in the system causing cancer.

15. Not compromising with sleep

Compromising with sleep can lead to various kinds of problems including the development of cancer. This happens because the hormonal balance in the body is disturbed by lack of sleep.

16. Taking mineral supplements as needed

Various kinds of minerals are needed for proper functioning of the body. Taking mineral supplements can fight the deficiency and protect the body from various ailments.

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17. Keeping the body hydrated is important

Water is one of the main components needed for proper working of the system. Lack of hydration might have many severe effects, including carcinoma.

18. Balance of micronutrients in the body is important

Along with the main nutrients that the body needs, there is need of micronutrients as well. Ask your doctor as to what foods you must consume to have the right balance of micronutrients.

19. Minimize use of birth control pills 

Young girls and women are highly prone to using birth control pills regularly. These pills have side effects and one among them is developing cancer. Minimize the use of the same.

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20. Reduce the amount of stress and anxiety as much as possible

Stress and anxiety are killers for sure. They can cause the most serious of ailments, including cancer. Look for ways to keep your stress and anxiety levels under control.

21. Focus on immunity of the body

When the immunity of your body is compromised, chances of cancer are high and this is inclusive of breast cancer. Try developing a healthy body with strong immunity.