11 Benefits of Drinking Water from Clay Pot


Drinking water from clay pot is nothing new. Previously, before water purifiers, filters and RO systems came, water was stored in large utensils, buckets or in clay pots. Water stored in clay pots remained cool and extremely soothing. Most importantly, it was considered to be quite healthy as well. Cooling of the water took place due to evaporation of water through the porous texture of the pot.

Mentioned below are 11 amazing benefits of drinking clay water from a clay pot:

11 Benefits of Drinking Water from Clay Pot

1. Helps in improving metabolism

The body’s natural metabolic system is boosted with water stored in clay pot. This is because this water does not come in contact with any kinds of chemical components.

2. Gentle on the throat

It is general tendency to drink cold water from the refrigerator during the summer months. The sudden change in temperature of the water from the refrigerator can cause throat problems. Instead of it, try drinking water from a clay pot. The water is cool and extremely pleasant to drink. It is gentle on the throat and thirst is satiated in the best manner.

Benefits of Drinking water from clay pot

3. Natural way of cooling water

When we want to cool water, we put bottles of water inside the fridge. Try using a clay pot instead and see the difference in the cooling. When stored in clay pots, healing benefits are provided along with cooling the water. In the fridge the water becomes chilled, but in clay pots it is just soothingly cool.


4. Good for health for alkaline nature of clay pot

The alkaline nature of clay pots is not unknown. Required pH balance of water is retained and maintained. If the water has acidic contents, it is balanced by the alkaline nature of the clay pot. Gastric and acidic troubles can be dealt with successfully with water from clay pots.

5. Clay pot has healing properties

You might not know, but clay pots have healing properties. This is because the clay which is used for making the pots abounds in various kinds of minerals and electromagnetic energy. When water is stored in the pot and then drunk, the benefits are transferred to the body.

6. Absence of toxic chemicals

One of the biggest advantages of drinking water from clay pot is that there is no fear of any toxic chemicals in the same. There is no scare of endocrine disruption due to BPA, a potent toxic chemical found in plastic bottles. Chances of contamination are almost absent in this water.

7. Helps in preventing sunstrokes

Sunstrokes during the scorching summer months are quite common. Drinking water from clay pots might help in combating this problem to a great extent. This is because water stored in clay pot becomes rich in nutrients – vitamins and minerals. Levels of body glucose are also maintained with this water.

8. Porous in nature

Porosity of clay pot is not unknown. Evaporation begins the moment water is stored in clay pot. This leads to the cooling of the water within. This porous nature of clay comes with its own set of benefits and advantages. Reap the benefits of the same in the best manner.

9. Eco-friendly option


Choosingenvironment-friendly options in all spheres of life is a great initiative. Most of us now keep and store water in plastic bottles. And we know that plastic does not get decomposed easily. Moreover, it contains harmful toxic chemicals. Millions of tons of plastic waste are created and a very small part is recycled. Clay pots are absolutely natural and organic and environment-friendly options.

10. Great cure for gastric and acidity problems

You might notice that elderly members in your family must be talking of drinking water from clay pots and get benefits. Since the pH level of water is maintained excellently in clay pots, it is possible to combat gastric and acidity related problems successfully.

11. Cheaper than plastic bottles

Clay pots can be used year after year if they are cleaned and maintained properly from time to time. In fact, cleaning them is no big deal as well. When handled in the right manner these pots are quite durable. When compared, they prove to be cheaper than plastic bottles on the long run.

Start keeping water in clay pots from today and enjoy the benefits.