Mango in baby food – Health Benefits


In Continuation of our previous blog on”Health Benefits of Mango in baby food“, here is an infographic on “Mango in baby food – Health Benefits”.

Health Benefits of Mango in baby food

Mango is considered the ‘King of Fruits not just for its exotic taste but also the immense health benefits associated with it. Few benefits of mango in baby food include protection of eyesight, fights microbial infections, easily digestible, improvement in brain development and protection from heatstroke.

When can you introduce Mango?

The Canadian Paediatric Society recommends introducing mangoes which are pureed to babies as old as 6 – 8 months. To know the benefits of mango baby food, look at the infographic below and help us add more points to it:

Mango for babies
Health Benefits of Mango in Baby Food