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21 Health Benefits of Pepper in Your Child’s Diet


Rich minerals and calcium, black pepper can offer plenty of health benefit for your child. Black pepper is a good spice which can be added to your child’s diet. Black pepper boosts up digestion, helps in the cure of cough and cold and also treats any kind of infection within your child’s system. Also at the same time black pepper are good for your child’s overall metabolism. If your child has scaly skin then also black pepper comes handy as it cures any kind of skin problems. Black pepper is good for treating ear infection and toothache in children.

Giving Black Pepper to Children:

Black pepper can be added to your child’s diet in a number of ways. A sprinkle on the salad or a pinch on the roast will be enough for your child. The strong taste of black pepper might make your child bit uncomfortable at the beginning. That is the reason why you should add a pinch and not more.

The perfect recipe for treating common cold and flu is giving your child a bowl of chicken soup or broth by sprinkling some black pepper on it. You can also add black pepper in some curry or mash you prepare for your child. It will help them to have proper digestion and cure any kind of stomach infections.

21 Health Benefits of Black Pepper for Children

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Black pepper is not a super-food but a super-spice. There are a number of ways by which black pepper can heal your child and make him/her healthy again.

Anti-inflammatory Property:

Black pepper has the potential to cure pain and diseases in your child. The anti-inflammatory property of black pepper cures any injury or disease faster. The European Journal of Pain has published studies about how the certain elements found in black pepper help in the cure of injuries and diseases much faster.


Cures Cough and Cold:

Black pepper is known for its ability to fight off cough and cold. It triggers the flow of mucus to help your child have a clean nasal passage. It does not allow the mucous to stay in the system and summon infections. Whenever your child is suffering from common cold, make some chicken soup and sprinkle black pepper on it. It will help in a quick recovery.


Black pepper contains a high level of anti-oxidants known as phenols. This protects your child’s cell membrane from any sort of damage caused by the free radicals. This means your child will be less prone to falling ill if black peppers are given on a regular basis. It will protect your child’s heart and help it remain strong.

Treats Common Flu:

The strong aroma of black pepper aids in clearing of mucus and phlegm from your child’s respiratory tract. It is true that black pepper sometimes causes irritation at the tip of the nose. However, when given in little amount and consumed in precaution, black pepper can actually heal common cold. The marvel spice has the potential to flush out all the congestion and allows your child to enjoy a healthy respiratory tract.

Also if your child is exposed to a lot of pollution, black pepper can come handy. It is a good ingredient to keep your child’s respiratory tract clean and free from any issues.

Boosts Digestion:

The anti-inflammatory property of black pepper along with the minerals present in it helps in proper digestion for your child. Black pepper has the potential to kill any infection causing bacteria. Your child’s stomach and intestine will be free of any kind of bugs. This will help him/her to have a proper bowel movement. Also at the same time it will reduce the chances of gas formation.

Natural Detoxifier: 

Black pepper is rich in antioxidants. They spread out free radicals in your child’s body. It helps them to flush out harmful toxins from their bodies. This will keep your child healthy and help him/her to protect the organs.


That is the reason why black pepper can treat many infections in your child. Apart from common cold and flu, black pepper also can treat many other infections like ear infection, tooth infection and even asthma.

Many children suffer from asthma. Giving them black pepper will be of great help.

Improves Skin Health:

Providing nutritious alternative to improve the skin health is very essential in your child’s early growth stage. Black pepper contain certain amount of tannin acid (some of which remains even after washing/boiling/drying) and it provides enough nutrition to keep your child’s skin healthy. Also if your child is exposed to pollutants, then consuming this spice will help him/her to fight any kind of skin related problems. Black pepper will help your child to enjoy a glowing skin.

Provides the Extra Energy:

During the early growth stage your child requires plenty of extra energy to sustain the development of the body. Black pepper being rich in vitamins and minerals are perfect energy alternative for your child. This kind of energy alternatives, which are easily digestible, are good for your little one because it tends to supplement the shortage of energy which he/she might face particularly if he/she is a fussy eater.

Cures Ear Infection:

Many children suffer from ear infection. This is because of the fact that it is very difficult to completely clean your child’s wee ears. The anti-inflammatory property of black pepper can help your child cure such infections.

Induces Proper Sleep:

Black pepper is a nerve relaxer. So, it helps in controlling the blood pressure and helps your child to enjoy a sound sleep. This is very helpful especially when he/she has to withstand any ailment. This comes handy also if he/she is anxious before any exam or any big event at school. Black pepper makes sure that the nerves get relaxed and your child has a proper slumber before any big day.


Improves Metabolism:

If your child is between 3-5 years old then it is certain that he/she is undergoing a very high rate of metabolism to sustain the constant changes and growth. However, sometimes lack of nutritious food hinders the rate of metabolism. Black pepper being rich in vitamins from the B family helps your child to maintain the desired level of metabolism.

Cures Toothache:

At the time when your child’s milk teeth start to fall, he/she suffers a lot of tooth ache. Black pepper helps in recovering from such pain. The soothing property of black pepper relaxes the tensed nerves. It induces proper relief from any kind of discomfiture.

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Prevents Cancer:

Research conducted by Zheng & Zou (2016) shows that pepper has proper prevention capacity against many kinds of cancers. Peperine found in pepper also prevents rectum and colon cancer. Similar effectiveness is also observed in the case of prostate cancer. So, adding pepper in your child’s diet will equip him/her with kind of prevention.

Helps in the absorption of Nutrients:

Pepper as a spice will help your child to absorb more nutrients from other foods. Nutrients like beta carotene, curcumin and selenium are being absorbed in your child’s body, if he/she is having pepper on a regular basis.

Pepper has proven to be a great retainer of B-vitamins also. Sometimes a child’s tissue is not developed enough to absorb all the nutrients the child intakes. For that reason this kind of catalysts are good for your child’s health.


Improves the Oral health:

Apart from curing toothaches topical usage of black pepper paste can also improve your child’s overall oral health. When your child will undergo puberty, bad breath can be a major issue.

Black pepper paste can prevent any form of oral infection and gum related problems.

Boosts Brain Health:

Black pepper contains certain enzymes which enhances the health of the brain. It boosts your child’s brain activities by energizing the neurons. Your child will have better memory and logical skills if he/she takes black pepper on a regular basis. Black pepper also triggers a feel-good hormone and that is why consumption of black pepper will make your child less prone to depression.

Makes Skin Smoother:

You can crush some black pepper and make a scrub from it. Then rub it gently on your child’s skin to get rid of all the dryness and impurities. Nowadays a child’s skin is exposed to various pollutants. That robs the natural softness of your child’s skin. Topical usage of black pepper can help your child get back the tenderness.

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Fights of Dandruff:

A teaspoon of crushed black pepper can be mixed with curd. Then you can apply it on your child’s scalp. This will help in getting rid of the natural dryness of the scalp and prevent the formation of dandruff.


Cleanse & Protects the Liver:

Black pepper also help clean your child’s liver. It removes the toxic elements from your child’s liver and keeps it healthy. Also if your child is exposed to the risk of fatty liver, then also black pepper are of great use. The anti-oxidants break the complex fats in your child’s iver and help his/her liver to stay healthy.

Improves Respiratory Health:

The vitamin C present in black pepper helps improve your child’s overall respiratory health. Problems like asthma or bronchitis can be cured with the help of black pepper. If your child constantly suffers from runny nose or chronic cough, then black pepper can offer a good solution. Many children suffer from severe shortness of breath. In those cases pepper can be a natural remedy.

A great taste maker:

Last but not the least black pepper is a fantastic taste maker. It literally can improve your child’s appetite and make him/her more healthy food. Many children do not grow the habit of healthy eating till they are very old. Adding pepper will make sure that they will find their food, tasty.


Black pepper does not have any side affects if given in little quantity. You need to make sure that your child does not directly inhale black pepper or taste it. That will cause a lot of irritation and problem. Little children and toddlers, who are being given black pepper, should not be exposed to the spice in its granular form.