How to Get Water Out Of Your Child’s Ear?


How to get water out of your child’s ear? Some of the quick and effective ways to get water out of your child’s ear includes juggling earlobe, creating vacuum, using blow dryer, pouring olive oil, performing Valsalva maneuver, using hydrogen peroxide, etc to name a few.

Though it is common for your children to get water stuck in their ears after going for swimming or taking bath, this can be happen at other situations too. Usually water drains out by itself, but if it fails to do so, your child may have to suffer from inflammation or infection commonly known as swimmer’s ear.

If you have water trapped in the ear you may feel a tingling sensation which may extend from the ear to jawbone. You may also experience hearing problem or be able to hear only a muffled sound.

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How to Get Water Out of Your Child’s Ear?

Fortunately it’s not hard to get water out at home. So if you are wondering how to get water out of your ear, there are easy tricks to do so.

1} Juggling Earlobe

This is the first and foremost method by which you can right away shake the water out of ear. All you need to do is tilting your head downwards towards your shoulder and jiggle your earlobe gently. You can also shake your head sideways while being in this tilted position to get the water out of your ear.


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2} Creating Vacuum

This is another method you can try to get the water out from ear of your child. This method draws the water out by creating vacuum. Tilt your head sideways and seal it tightly with cupped palm. Pushing your hand back and forth in a rapid motion against your ear creates a vacuum, forcing the water to drain out of the ear.

water childs ear

3} Using Blow-dryer to Get Water Out of the Ear 

Though it may sound weird to you to use blow dryer to remove water, but it has been proved workable in evaporating water trapped inside your ear canal. Just make sure to set your hair dryer to its lowest setting holding it at least at a distance of one foot from your head, letting the heat blow into your ear. Keep moving the blow dryer in back and forth direction while tugging your earlobe down.

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4} Trying Alcohol and vinegar

A homemade ear drop combining rubbing alcohol and white vinegar in equal proportion helps ear to get rid of that trapped water. It also acts as an anti-bacterial medication as helps in keeping growth of bacteria at bay and thus prevents infection. Pour a tablespoon of this ear drop into your ear and let it drain out after 30 seconds tilting your head sideways. While the acid breakdown cerumen trapping the water, alcohol helps in taking out the water along with it.


5} Pouring Olive oil

Warm olive oil is also a good option when all you are trying to get that trapper water out of your ear canal. Just put in a few drops of warm oil into your affected ear and lie down on your other side for good 10 minutes. Once you get up, tilt your head downward to allow the water drain out.

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6} Performing Valsalva maneuver

This is the method when tried help in opening blocked Eustachian tubes, pushing water out of the ear. Just close your mouth and press your nostrils close with fingers, taking a deep breath. Blow air out gently from your nose. While doing so if you hear a popping sound, this means your Eustachian tube is now opened. Be careful not to blow too hard as it may cause damage to your ear drum.

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7} Using hydrogen peroxide

Hygrogen peroxide eardrop is a sure way when your purpose is to make your ear clear of earwax, debris or trapped water. Pouring 2-3 drops of it in diluted form helps in getting the job done. Once you pour, wait for 2-3 minutes and then tilt your head sideways to allow water flow out of the ear.

How to Prevent Water from Getting Logged In The Ear?

1} Keep your ear dried

Make sure to use a dry towel and wipe the water off your ear and outside area every time after you get a shower or get into bath tub or go for swimming.


2} Use ear plugs or swim cap

The other way to make sure water will not get trapped inside your ear is to put in ear plugs or wear swim caps before letting your feet into an ocean or a swimming pool.

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3} Don’t use cotton swabs to get earwax out of ear

While you think using cotton swabs is a good option to get your ear rid of ear wax, water or any other dust particle trapped inside, using a q-tip may push wax or water deep inside your ear.

4} Shake your head

After getting out of water shake your head from one side to other helps draining water out of ear

It’s easy to get trapped water out of the ear using these tricks that can be used easily at home and prevent the problem in future following the tips shared here. However, if you fail to get success and the problem seem to persist for several days, it is recommended to visit the doctor, especially if you feel the pain or see any sign of infection.