11 Health Benefits of Moringa for Kids


Rich in vitamins and nutrients moringa offers plenty of health benefits to your child. It is a good antioxidant. It also helps your child get rid of all the toxins. Apart from that morigna can fight inflammation and infection in your child. It is known to boost energy, fights chances of cancer, detoxifies your child’s system, improves immunity, cures minor infections, and improves skin along with many other benefits. Moringa leaves are normally considered to be safe and also edible by kids and so is moringa powder.

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Giving Moringa to your Child

While offering moringa to your little one it is advised that you go for the moringa powder. The reason the dried powder is preferred over the fresh leaves is that the former is proven to be at least 10 times more nutritious than the latter. It is rich in amino acids. It also contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. Along with that, the powder contains various nutrients and a brilliant source of minerals. Such minerals include iron, calcium, all the essential B vitamins and vitamin A, C and E as well.

Since your child is in his/her growth stage their bodies need constant nutrients. The nutrients present in moringa powder helps in the growth of muscle and bone. It also promotes brain development and healthy skin and hair. There are various health benefits which your child can enjoy if they are fed with moringa powder. You can sprinkle the powder in some salad for your child. You can mix it with any other food item your child has. Moringa powder can also be applied directly to your child’s skin.

Health Benefits of Moringa

Moringa offers a wide range of health benefits to your child. Some of the benefits are listed below:

1. Boosts Energy

Packed with vitamins and nutrients moringa will certainly boost your child’s energy level. A growing child requires a lot of energy. Energy is needed to fuel his/her growth. Daily consumption of moringa powder can ensure that for your little one.


2. Improves Immunity

Moringa is known for its potential to improve the immunity of your child. It helps him/her to fight the common bacteria.

3. Promotes Metabolism

During the growth stage the metabolism of your child is at its peak. However, whenever he/she falls ill or faces any sort of physical or emotional complications the metabolism level drops instantly. That is where moringa comes to use. Since moringa is a mineral rich vegetable source, it makes sure that your child’s metabolism remains intact. It also makes sure that he/she gains the necessary weight and height during the growth stage.

4. Develops Cell Structure

Moringa is one of the few vegetable sources which contain amino acid. This protein component in moringa makes it an ideal food source to ensure strong cell development of your child. During the yearly years, the cell development in your child is very high. Keeping that in mind feeding your child with moringa powder can be considered as a very smart move.

Benefits of Moringa

5. Healthy Kidney & Liver

Moringa has a great detoxifying potential. For that reason it has positive impacts your child’s kidney and liver. Considering the amount of junk food your child is normally exposed to, natural detoxifies like moringa is a good choice.

6. Fights Infections

Globally moringa is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This property is even more profound in moringa powder. If your child suffers a lot from cough and cold or any sort of minor infections then feeding him/her moringa powder will definitely help in the long run.


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7. Improves Eyes

If your child is constantly exposed to electronics audio-video mediums then there is a high chance that he/she might suffer from eye related problems, later in their lives. However, the good news is that good and safe vegetable sources like moringa can actually boost your child’s eye sight. A good source of vitamin A, moringa powder can help your child preserve his/her precious eyesight.

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8. Heals Wounds and Cuts

Is your child a budding sports star? But you are always worried about the cuts and wounds he/she receives? Then worry no more as applying moringa powder on cuts and wounds will make it heal faster than normal. Also if your child is freaking out about the cut mark on his/her face then moringa powder will solve that problem. Moringa powder makes sure that that your child’s skin becomes exactly like before devoid of any sort of mark of the wound.

9. Good for Skin

Rich in vitamin A, C and E moringa is a fantastic food source to improve your child’s overall skin health. It will help your child to get rid of all the rashes and the irritations. Apart from feeding your child with moringa you can apply moringa on his/her skin. You can apply moringa on your child’s skin as a face pack. You can also apply it after being mixed with fuller’s earth or even sandalwood paste. This will help your preteen or teenager to enjoy a glowing skin tone.


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10. Treats Mood Swings

Your child undergoes various chemical reactions on a regular basis. This phase of constant growth process can take a toll on his/her emotional health. Feeding moringa will ensure that your child suffers from lesser mood swings. He/she will have fewer tendencies to go into depression.

11. Improves Hair

Moringa contains the exact vitamins and the amino acids which are required for the formation of the keratin protein. This protein is a very critical component ensuring hair growth among children. Also being rich in vitamin A moringa powder aids in the process of hair growth. It also makes sure that your child suffers from less amount of dandruff.

Note: Though Moringa leaves are perfectly safe, consuming large quantities of bark or pulp may be harmful and cause fertility problems.

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Always check whether or not the moringa powder is extracted from organic sources. It is unadvisable to feed your child with moringa powder which does not come from organic sources. Also if you are planning to feed your child with raw moringa then you must know that only the leaf, fruits and seeds are safe for your child. Moringa roots can contain toxic substances. That is why it is better to avoid feeding your child with moringa roots or any of its extracts. In order to ascertain the amount of moringa powder, you can feed your child with, do consult your paediatrician. However, the normal permissible amount is about 6 grams per week.


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