Does My Baby Have Colic? How to Tell?


Babies will cry for sure! You need to distinguish normal cries from an abnormal one. It happens if an infant is inconsolable and crying extends to prolonged periods. If this is more during evening hours, then a visit to a paediatrician is called for. Yes you have guessed it right? Your little one is suffering from colic. Kids in the bracket of 6 % to 13 % suffer from it. Crying extends to 4 hours a day and even the most loving parent will lose their temper. The parent and physician would need to certify no medical reasons pinpoint to colic. Medical causes are pretty rare, but if present needs to be dealt on an immediate basis. To figure out exact causes for the crying of your baby, the following questions needs to be posed to a paediatrician

  • Is the frequency of your child less or more
  • Is there blood in the mucous or stool
  • And is your child under weight

If yes happens to be the answer to any of the above questions, then further round of evaluation may be needed.

Reducing symptoms of colic

No scientific evidence is available whether breastfeed babies have colic (more or less) in comparison to bottle fed babies. Controversy keeps following whether food consumed by baby or mother contributes to colic. There is also negligible evidence that treatment can reduce the symptoms.

baby colic

As a parent you are confused? The remedies or symptoms of colic tend to be different for each baby. Sadly, treatment module would involve a hit and miss procedure. Let us explore some of them

  • If the baby is breastfeed, taper off chocolate, vegetables, cabbage and milk products from the diet chart. Research does point to the fact certain foods contribute to colic. If this is the case, then mothers could add back these foods on to the diet chart and figure out the offending foods.
  • If the baby is formula feed, ask your doctor about switching over to formula based (cow) formula. Though no evidence to encourage change formulas, on an occasional level it does help
  • If breastfeeding is the order of the day resort to a pacifier
  • Seek the opinion of a paediatrician whether over the counter medicines would be a worthwhile option. In some cases side effects tend to emerge.

What is the duration colic is bound to exist?

There is light visible at the end of the tunnel. At around 6 weeks it is at its peak, and improves at a significant level between 2 to 3 months. Nearly 90 % of babies are colic once they touch 4 months. For the remaining percentage (small) it could take a month or so.


This might seem a long time, but in the meantime you would need to comfort your baby and take help from your near or dear ones as well. Managing a colicky baby is a stress prone activity, so do take sufficient breaks in between.

Why babies tend to be colicky?

It has to be rated to be a major mystery for babies. It is more common if it is the first baby and no particular reasons can be pinpointed to the occurrence of it. For sure there has to be more than a single cause. It is assumed that smoking mothers have a higher risk of colic. Yes, risk is eradicated to a large extent if baby is being breastfeed.

Some scientists believe that long bouts of crying for sensitive babies could be a form of physical release. As evening emerges, babies cannot rake in more sights, sensations or sounds and they will become distraught.

Another theory that is floating around, is colic is caused by floating of healthy bacteria in the intestines. With Probiotics, symptoms of colic can reduce and ask your doctor for aprobiotic recommendation.

Is a visit to a doctor necessary if your baby is suffering from colic?

It would not a bad idea to seek the advice of your doctor if the little one is suffering from colic. They would like to detect urinary infections, intestinal problems or potential causes and check out whether the baby follows a normal growth pattern. The best remedial action could be subscribed by them if your little one has colic.

If symptoms like vomiting or fever exist, then get in touch with your doctor immediately.


Grape water works wonders with colic?

Yes grape water (mylicon/simethicone) and over the counter drops will calm down your baby. Though no scientific evidence has proved the point.