21 Halloween Game of Thrones Costumes Ideas for Teens


Best ideas  for Game of thrones costumes for teens for this Halloween are Daeneyrys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Ayra Stark, Cersei Lannister and the Sparrows, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Lyanna Mormont, Varys, Brienne of Tarth, Ramsay Bolton, White Walkers, Child of the Forest, Margaerey Tyrell, Melisandre.

Halloween is a holiday that everyone looks forward to every year. Traditionally observed on October 31st, it gives a chance to kids, teens and adults to be someone else for one night. Be it for trick-or-treating or Halloween theme parties, the opportunity to be someone else, real or fictional, is too tempting to pass off. Every year teenagers dress up on the day as their favourite characters from popular television shows. And if there is one show that gives a whole catalogue of halloween costumes ideas to choose from, it is Game of Thrones. Choose from the following Game of Thrones Halloween costumes to dress up as a character from the iconic series. Here is the list:

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Halloween Costume Ideas: 21 Game of Thrones Costumes for Teens

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Daeneyrys Targaryen

Daeneyrys with her dragons will perhaps be the most popular choice with regard to Game of Thrones costumes this season. Get the long flowing dress with your hair and makeup done right, to resemble your favourite character from the series.



Jon Snow

The version of Jon Snow that you bring to the table will perhaps be a little less clueless than the original character. Get your cloak and sword ready as you dress up for Halloween night!


Ayra Stark or the Girl With No Name

If there is a perfect teen Halloween costume for a girl, it is this one. Make sure you get the muslin tunics and the faux shawls ready to look like the Girl With No Name, this time around.

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Cersei Lannister and the Sparrows

The rich red gown embossed with gold is truly too elegant to be a wardrobe choice for the wild night of Halloween. But your choice of Cercei and all that she represents is sure to make up for it!



Tyrion Lannister

If you are yet to hit your growth spurt, you could always go for the stubby Tyrion Lannister as your Game of Thrones Halloween costume idea. Don on the leather and see where it leads you on the night of mischief.

Jaime Lannister

Halloween this year presents the best occasion to wear the ornate armour of Jaime Lannister and consequently have girls swoon over your rugged, battle-honed good looks.

Lyanna Mormont

The head of House Mormont of Bear Island is an excellent choice for a Game of Thrones costume on any occasion. Empower your teenage self with the spirit of this strong female presence, and sustain this strength after the night is over.

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Jorah Mormont

If you wish to dress like someone a little older, the exiled lord of the House of Mormont may be a good choice for you. If you are the lonely kid in class, choosing Jorah may even help you express your position through your costume.



The character of Varys, a eunuch, may well represent alternative sexuality in our heteronormative society. If that is something that you wish to incorporate into your Halloween experience, the master-manipulator and his loose, flowing robes are the perfect Halloween costume idea for you.


Looking for someone a little less conventional in the GoT world? Get your hooded fur coats and dirty them up, and procure a rudimentary bow and arrow to get the look of Ygritte this fall.

Brienne of Tarth

Self-esteem issues and rejection is something that all teenagers are somewhat acquainted with. For your inspiring Game of Thrones Halloween costume that takes into account these issues, dress up as Brienne of Tarth and show the world that you can beat it.

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Ramsay Bolton

Get your cloaks and chaps ready for this Halloween as you dress up as Ramsay Bolton, the illegitimate child who came to be legitimized and accepted.

Sansa Stark

Sandra Stark’s transformation from a naïve, innocent girl to a hardened individual is one that inspires awe, making it a fitting choice for a possible teen halloween costume this year.


White Walkers

If you wish to go the GoT route while also remaining true to the tradition of Halloween, you are looking for a scary halloween costume from the show that fits the bill. Dressing up as a White Walker is sure to inspire terror in people’s hearts, provided the makeup is done right.

Child of the Forest

Do you like to put in a lot of effort and creativity in your costume for Halloween? If so, dressing up as a Child of the Forest from native Westeros is the perfect option for you, allowing you to portray your creativity to the world through your costume.

Margaerey Tyrell

If you are looking for an easy yet classy look, Margaerey Tyrell is your ideal choice. Dress like a Victorian maiden and get the hair style on point, and touch up with some light makeup to be ready for the evening.

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Khal Drogo

This iconic character portrayed by Jason Momoa is the perfect combination of Game of Thrones and a tribal leader, making it one of the ideal Game of Thrones costume choices for this Halloween.


The iconic Red Priestess who brings Jon Snow and Daeneyrys Targaryen together is one of the more practical choices for Halloween this year. Pick your black and red ensemble carefully and have a dark red shawl handy for a compelling resemblance to the original character.



The role of Daeneyrys’ handmaiden gives you a range of clothes to choose from, giving you the option of selecting which look you would like to go for. Battle-ready or in the role of an advisor, Missandei has a lot to offer as far as Halloween costume ideas are concerned.

Oberyn Martell

Father of the Sand Snakes and donning the golden yellow robes of the House Martell, Oberyn promises to be a great choice for a Halloween party this fall.

George R.R. Martin

The master-craftsman of the TV series and the author of the original Song of Ice and Fire, he is the ultimate choice when one is looking for Game of Thrones Halloween costumes.

As you face the long wait for the release of the next season, celebrate the spirit of Game of Thrones through the costumes you choose for Halloween this season.

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