21 Creative Bday Celebration Ideas During Lockdown for Teens


The lockdown and the social distancing regulations are leaving children bored and cooped up all the time. Parents are desperately seeking ways to keep their children amused without having to leave the house. While it is now a struggle to keep children entertained on a normal day, rubber meets the road for parents when their children are having a birthday and they want to make them feel special. In this article, we will discuss 21 creative birthday celebration ideas during lockdown for teens.

21 Best Bday Celebration Ideas During Lockdown for Teens

  • Have Friends Make Video Calls

You can have friends and family make video calls and celebrate your teen’s birthday. You can also have a live stream when cutting the cake so that their friends can tune in and be part of the celebration. For those who are unable to make calls, you can ask their parents to have them send short clips and voice notes wishing your child a happy birthday.

  • Bake a Cake Together

Cakes are the climax of every kid’s birthday party. Since you have time, you can bake a cake. You can also make the birthday boy or girl feel involved by joining in and helping bake their cake. You can also let them decorate their cake.

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  • Decorate the House

As a family, you can put up decorations and make your dear one’s day feel and look special. You can gather decorations from a previous birthday or those from New Year and Christmas. Also, you can find tips on how to make homemade party decorations as you get creative with DIY’s.

  • Have a Balcony Party

Perfect if you are staying in an apartment with balconies facing or overlooking each other. Once you’ve set a time, you can ask your neighbours to inform their children about the party and have them sing happy birthday to your child from their balconies.

  • A Zoom Virtual Party

Zoom is user-friendly experience, so this platform is one of the best in video chats (with a large number of people). To put it simply, you’ll just need each of your party guests to create their own login (it’s currently offered for free). As the host, you can create a unique link that can be shared with each virtual party goer. You name the time, and voila – let the virtual good times roll.

  • Spice Things Up with Shared Playlists and Activities in Your Zoom Chat

You could also try some techniques to get everyone involved from their living rooms. Tasks, like cooking the same meal together (bake-off style) or creating a shared playlist for you and your pals to drink some bubbles to and sit-down dance to their hearts content, is guaranteed to spice up the atmosphere.

  • Make it Fancy Dressed

Just because you can’t be together in person doesn’t mean you can’t dress up for the occasion. Fancy dress parties can totally go virtual nowadays, and there’s never been a better time to go big or go home, literally.

  • Get Would-Be Guests to Make their Own Videos

This is for those wanting to surprise their loved on their birthday. With ample time now on our hands to create some seriously good content, there are a lot of things to do in isolation, it appears.

  • Get Your Would-Be Guests to Get Creative

If you want to make it even more adventurous, you could set out some fun challenges with your pals as a way to bring some extra fun to the day. Whether it’s playing a classic game of charades, creating a quiz or getting them to pre-film something silly, there are plenty of ways you can personalise and make it a day to remember.

  • Get a Celebrity on Board

Ironically, as we all hole up in our homes to isolate, we’ve never been more connected to the A-list elite. You might have heard of the celebrity streaming platform Cameo, which allows celebs to share personalised video messages with fans and followers. Can you imagine receiving a Happy Birthday from the real life Mandy Moore or Busy Philips? You should, because it could well be a reality in our climate. The company has seen a significant growth in interactions between celebs and fans since countries started going into lockdown, and you could be one of them.

  • Guitarist on Call

You can avail the services of professional guitarists to make birthdays memorable. Availing such service, you can gift a musical WhatsApp video call to celebrate the birthday. The guitarist will play 3 favourite songs of the birthday boy/girl.

  • Personalised Musical Message

Certain gift websites can send personalized messages. You just have to send them photographs and letter notes for this unique gift. They will create a beautiful personalised video message with these elements and a soulful music piece recorded as well.

  • E-Greeting Card

This is the new-age way of wishing Happy Birthday. Save paper, save nature, and use digital greeting cards. Express your love during lockdown with this eco-friendly way of wishing birthdays. These digital greeting cards will carry your selected photographs and your voice message along with the music.

  • Personalised E-Story Books

These are unique storybooks where your teens become their favourite character. Choose your kid’s favourite character and present a personalised E-story book to your kidult.

  • Send a Care Package

With the supermarkets short on supplies, why not support local businesses by buying from independent retailers? Avoid a trip to the supermarket and order something special online to be delivered to their door.

  • Youtube Karaoke

Look up the karaoke version of your teen’s favourite songs on youtube, add them to a playlist and then begin. You can get everyone to dress up in their best superstar outfits and finding a few hairbrushes to use as microphones.

  • Set Up a Photobooth

Set up a makeshift photobooth in front of a plain wall as a backdrop, mess around with the props and start clicking. You can either use a tripod and self-timer or just take it in turns to be the photographer of your teen. You’ll be able to print the photos off to remember the day, or send them out to friends and family so they can see how you’re celebrating.

  • Get Gaming

You might have played a few board games in lockdown already but it’s time to put your practice to good use and have the ultimate day of gaming. This is one of the easiest but most effective birthday ideas. Let the birthday boy or girl choose their favourite games and start up a leaderboard to see which family member comes out on top. Make sure you have plenty of snacks so there are minimal interruptions and you can really focus.

  • Treasure Hunt

Hide clues around the house and get your teen to find where the treasure is hidden. You can get creative, use rhymes, other family members and facts about them to make things exciting. You could even get the birthday boy or girl to complete challenges along the way and really make them earn their treasure.

  • Movie Marathon

Your teen might just want to celebrate their birthday by doing absolutely nothing at all. Turn your living room into a cinema for the day and let them choose the films. Make sure you’ve got plenty of blankets, cinema snacks and food like popcorn to keep them going.

  • Host a Quiz

Lockdown quizzes are a really popular way for people to stay connected and have a bit of fun with their family and friends, so why not host one for your teen’s birthday? Gather all their friends and family on Zoom and get quizzical with a few games. Adding a party theme is also a good idea, why not give out bonus points for the best hats or team name.

Have fun!