11 Heart Wrenching Halloween Costumes for Women


Black widow, wonder woman, Mrs. Incredible, Moana, Harley Quinn, Maleficent, Dora Milaje, Cleopatra, Nurse and Annie Hall are some of the best Halloween costumes for women.

Halloween is a festival celebrated in all cultures, traditionally observed in the western part of the world on October 31st. The day has liturgical origins as the day is supposed to herald in the All Hallows Feast, but the sole purpose of the night is to remember the dead. While in the church, people are supposed to call to mind all the hallowed names of saints and martyrs, it coincides with the celebration of Samhain or the end of the harvest in Gaelic traditions.

In recent years, however, we understand Halloween better through the activities surrounding the festival. From neighborhood trick-or-treat, carving jack-o’-lanterns from pumpkins and attending parties in costume, Halloween has taken on more secular connotations. If you are actively looking for Halloween costumes ideas as an adult, we have a number of options you can explore:

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11 Best Women’s Halloween Costumes Ideas

halloween costumes for women

Black Widow

This is one of the most iconic characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will be a great potential option in Halloween costumes for women. Especially after the success of Avengers: Infinity War and the upcoming sequel, this choice is bound to strike a chord with comic book fans. A form-fitting, all-leather ensemble will help bring out the badass in you while highlighting your figure. The character can also give you a lot to work with, with regard to your hair. Natasha Romanoff has red and blonde hair in the movies, giving you a choice as to which rendition to bring out on the night of the festival.



Wonder Woman

Another iconic comic book character belonging to the DC universe, Wonder Woman may remind you of Gal Gadot. But the costume has been a favourite as the best Halloween costumes for women. The head and armbands embossed with the iconic star and the red and blue get up, with a slightly metallic shine is what you are going for. If you wish to go bold with your choice of character for the night of Halloween, dressing up as Wonder Woman presents the perfect opportunity to do so.

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Mrs. Incredible

Are you a fan of the superhero Spandex but also wish to celebrate your sense of humour on Halloween night? Mrs. Incredible from the Incredible family is definitely one of the most inspiring halloween costumes for women that is suited to your personality. Procure some red spandex with the iconic Incredible logo and witness people go gaga over your costume. If you want bonus points for your Halloween outfit however, get your family to dress up as the rest of the characters in The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2 and walk in at a party with the complete package.




If you have a child, or even a niece or a nephew, it is impossible to escape the love that the recent Disney venture Moana has received. If you wish to the opinion of children into account while considering halloween costumes for women, the strong presence of this character is one that will leave a mark. The costume is practically easy to adapt- tribal designs on a tank top and a complementary skirt ought to achieve the look. Long, wavy hair will complete the look for the night.

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Harley Quinn

Looking for something wild and evil? The character of Harley Quinn from the DC universe offers just the right choice. If you are looking for an adult Halloween costumes that is chaotic and bold, Harley Quinn is the choice for you. Add colourful hair extensions to your pigtails, and add colour to your outfit to be a convincing Harley Quinn. And if you can convince your significant other to be Joker for the evening, there is nothing like it!


As member of the Dora Milaje

The group of women sworn to protect the King of Wakanda with their life is one of the most compelling stories of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Dora Milaje stand for duty and protection, trust and dependability. If you wish to mete out a similar vibe this Halloween, dress up as member of the Dora Milaje. The bald head may be difficult to pull off but not impossible, and it is surely going to be popular among womens halloween costumes this year.


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Are you looking for something a little eviler, a little more classic, but iconic nonetheless? The character of Maleficent may be what you are looking for as options for halloween costumes ideas. The horns and the staff is sure to draw attention. With the black and purple cloak and bold make-up to match, nobody could go wrong in guessing who you have decided to emulate on the day of the hallowed saints. This is one of the best Halloween costumes for women.


Dressing up as an Egyptian Queen for Halloween would be unconventional in its own right, but choosing the specific story of Cleopatra would highlight the subversive nature of the womens halloween costume you have chosen. If you are a fan of English literature, you could also be celebrating Shakespeare’s celebrated play. Start preparing for your Egyptian Queen ensemble today to be prepared with the costume on the day of the festival. This is one of the best Halloween costumes for women.

As a cop

If you are not a fan of anything specific and would prefer a slightly more generic costume, you could always go for the cop. With the uniform and the hat, and a flashlight, baton and gun at the ready, you could add an edge to your costume by going for a sexy halloween costume to celebrate Halloween. Don’t forget the aviators for they add a definitive flavour to your costume for the night.

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As a nurse

In the catalogue of generic costumes, dressing up as a nurse is easy, comfortable and requires less effort on the costume. A form-fitting white tunic, complete with the Red Cross logo can easily be turned into one of the sexy Halloween costumes for the night. This is one of the best Halloween costumes for women.


Annie Hall

If you are looking for something more specific but iconic, Annie Hall from Woody Allen’s movie promises to be a quirky yet comfortable choice.

Dressing up on Halloween night is about letting go of yourself for one night, and becoming someone else. Put some effort and thought into who you would like to be for one night, to enjoy the escape that Halloween can offer to an adult woman living in contemporary society.

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