21 Exciting and Fun-Filled Sleepover Teenage Games


We all know how much fun teen parties are! All the exciting gossips, pictures and especially games form the best memories. Teen parties are a great way to know your friends much better, which is just another way to interact more and get to know them more. So, here we have brought to you 21 fun filled sleepover teenage games. These are as follows:

Teenage Games : 21 Exciting and Fun-Filled Sleepover Games

teenage games

So let’s find out some of the best exciting and fun-filled sleepover games for teens.

Blind make-over game

Collect all the make up stuff you have, the basics like eyeliner, lipstick, blush etc and form a chain. This means that a girl has to blindfold herself and apply makeup to the girl sitting next to her, the following girl then does the same to her neighbour and the chain goes on the same way. In the end, remove the blindfold and get some fun pictures clicked to remember the moment because trust me, you’ll die laughing when you will look at the make over you have done to each other.

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Foil project runway game

This is basically a runway show in which all the outfits of the show will be designed by you girls, using a foil. Use all the creativity that you can and set a theme, for instance evening gowns, beach dress, a wedding dress or anything you like. Apart from the foil, you are also allowed to make use of other stuff like ribbons, flowers etc.


Spin tasty

For this game, you would need a number of paper plates and some delicious food and a bottle. Place all the items on a table in the middle and sit around it forming a circle. Now, spin the bottle and whosoever is the one sitting in front of the mouth face of the bottle has to eat the food as directed by other players.

Truth and dare

This one is my personal favourite of all times. All you have got to do is sit in a circle and spin a bottle. The person at whom the mouth of the bottle faces will be asked to choose either truth and dare. If he/she chooses dare, he will be instructed to do whatever the other person asks him to do and if he/she chooses truth, he will have to answer any questions that will be asked to him/her.

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Funny faces

Get a camera and set a self-timer in it. now, all of you have to do is click funny pictures of yourself one by one and then, pass the camera on to the other members. Once everyone is done clicking the pictures, you can download them all and even upload them on your profile if you want.


Get a bowl full of skittles, i.e. small colourful candies and place it on the table. Now, sit around it forming a circle. The game will begin by one person sucking the skittles using a straw and placing them in a bowl. The person sitting next to him/her will roll a dice and when he/she gets a six, it will be their turn. Whoever gets the maximum number of skittles wins the game.

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Cucumber face race

Form two groups and get some chocolates and cucumber. Place either of these on your forehead and you have to get that into your mouth without using your hands. Every individual will be given three chances and the game will be passed on to the other person if he/she fails to do so.

Talent show

We all love to showcase our talent whether it is singing, dancing or anything weird. As teens, you must be having your own special talent. So, let your friends see that too!

Hairdryer balloon tennis

Get two hairdryers and some colourful balloons. All you are required to do is not to let the balloons touch the floor. I mean that, any two players will have to toss the balloons to one another while using the hair dryers so as to keep the balloons up in the air. Whoever’s balloon touches the floor first, loses the game.

Pig out

For this game, you would require a petroleum jelly and some small cotton bales. Remember, the player has to smear the tip of their nose in the jelly before beginning the game. You may set the timer for three minutes and ask the player to collect the cotton bales using their nose. Whoever collects the maximum number of cotton bales wins the game.

Commercial game

It’s the chance to create a commercial add of your own. Get a bowl comprising of some numbered chits and ask the players to choose a specific number. Whoever gets number one will stand up and the one who has got number two will choose an object from the room and ask the other person to present a commercial on it for thirty seconds.

Song maker game

Make some chits and write a few titles on all of them. Now, place the chits in a bowl and pick up the chits out of the bowl. Then, you have to present a song on the title you have picked up from the bowl one by one.


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This is pretty similar to the commercial game. Get a few items and place them all in a shopping bag. One by one, pick up an item from the bag and present a commercial on the item that was picked up by you. You can also form teams and then play the game.

Naming the tune

In this game, you have to play a few songs and guess the name of each and every song before the artist begins to sing the song. The teen who gets the maximum number of correct guesses wins the game.

Boy meets girl

All the players will write the names of boys and girls separately and pass on the chits. You will then write some special features of them and name of various places on the chits. When everyone is done writing, the chits will be read out loud.

Vroom Vroom

Ask the players to form a circle and put their arms in front of them as of they are holding a steering wheel. The game will begin when a player says ‘vroom’ and makes a hand movement to indicate the movement of steering wheels to the left or right. You can also change the directions of the steering wheel by saying ahhh-rrr vroom. Any player who makes the wrong movement will be eliminated from the game. The teen who stays till the end wins the game.

Sleeping beauty

Now, it’s your turn to act as a sleeping beauty. Remember, you don’t have to give up because it’s all about resistance. Once you get on the bed and act as a sleeping beauty, all the other members of the team will try to make you laugh and try all their measures to make you get up from the bead. Fun, isn’t it?


Would you rather

This one is just so fun! Ever wanted to ask your friend a question but you though she would mind? Well, now you have got the chance. Take your turns one by one and ask your question by providing two options to your friend. The questions can be silly, interesting, weird or anything as per your choice.

Knock it down

Get some plastic cups or glasses and arrange these to form a pyramid. Now, ask the players to knock down the pyramid using a light from a distance. The teen who knocks down the maximum number of glasses wins the game.

Sock wrestling

However, the goal of this game is a little silly that is too remove the socks of the opponent player. Whoever gets it done earlier will win the game.


I bet you will keep on laughing the entire night. So, in order to play this game, you will form a circle. On count of three, you all will look at each other and any two players who find themselves looking at each other will scream out loud and act dead. Fun?

Apart from the listed games, you can also add a few games of your own to the list or add some twists and turns to the given games. The only thing that matters is that your teen and his/her friends should have find and find the games enjoyable.