Best Couples Halloween Costumes


Top Halloween Costumes for Couples

Hurrah! The occasion of Halloween promises to be a great time for couples. It cannot be compared to a romantic holiday, but if you intend on making the event graceful or out of the blue, then dressing up in a Halloween outfit is going to work wonders. On a personal level it is going to be a great experience for both of you together and the people who are watching you.

The time of Halloween brings forth a challenge, where every individual is on a journey to search the best outfit. In case of couples costumes it is normally influenced by popular movies, literature, art or science. In your quest for the choice of the best Halloween costumes both of the couples should be on a common ground in terms of passion and common interest. The costume which you intend to choose needs to be creative and at the same time realistic.

In modern times, adults go on to celebrate Halloween just as kids do. Couples do enjoy dressing up together and the market is flooded with options where you can go on to find something unique without having to design something on your own.

1. Emoji twins

A set of Halloween costumes that can be put together with ease and you are going to wear the pieces again. You will not get the feeling that you have spent something extra on clothes as well. Get in a pair of black body suits coupled with the flats to ensure an extra ordinary look. If you do not own a pair of them then head to the nearest discount store to find a nice pair of boots as per your size.

If you want to leave no stone unturned with this costume, then spot in a few blonde wigs.

Emoji twins


2. Medusa in consortium with Stone victim

You can adopt a strategy of being low keen or ambitious with this set of costume. With Medusa you are going to need a wag of snakes and this would require  you to head towards the nearest dollar store. A little bit of toying with jewellery wire so that the snacks can be incorporated into the clown or a pair of green leggings might work as well.

With the stone victim you are going to need a tinge of grey color or replicate a toe to head outfit of grey. A pair of matching grey sweats could do the trick as well.

Medusa in consortium with Stone victim

3. Johnny and Baby (Dirty dancing)

It is one of the iconic and popular movie couples in the list of all time. Resembling them on the occasion of Halloween would not be a bad idea at all. Johnny requires a black T shirt, slacks shoes (all in black) coupled with a sexy attitude. For baby you are going to need a tank top or a pink body suit with a matching skirt of knee length. Coupled with it there should be low heel pairs in blush or a nude shade.

Johnny and Baby

4. S’ Mores

On a technical front it is a costume of a family and not of a couple. But we could not resist the temptation of including it in our list. This attire is pretty adorable but to be honest it would need all the time at your peril.


If all efforts on your Halloween fails and you find yourself without costume, then pick out some old bed sheets from your cupboard, make some holes in the area of eyes, then put your inner garments on top of that and go on to claim that you are “ Sexy Ghosts”.

5. Mario in combination with Princess peach

Calling all gamer to unite! This outfit provides you with a lot of space in the manner of how you go on to combine them. Just pick up two adult straight costumes and the whole process is over. You can also go on to wear a bright pink colored skirt in combination with a top. You can go on to claim yourself as a clown. Mario on the other hand can put in a pair of jeans, red colored T shirt in combination with a chunky mustache (in the case he does not have one) the choice is endless for sure.

Mario in combination with Princess peach

6. Pope and Nun costume

It is one of the simplest costumes and you can get out of it in an easy manner. If you intend to make the people around you laugh then this is a must try for sure. Trust me it works out to be hilarious and underneath of it you can put on your street clothes. There is no chance of any overheat with this costume as it is made of thin fabric.

To sum it up, the choice of Halloween costumes is a wee bit difficult than the regular ones. The reason for it is that both parties should agree to a common theme. If you and your partner are poles apart then it is pretty difficult to come to a result. Another important point with Halloween costumes is that it requires more attention to details. You would need to have an eye on the size, shoes, accessories along with each and everything that is in between. Normally all costumes are not incorporated with accessories, so both partners would need to make a list that would help a long way in making you a gorgeous Halloween pair!

Pope and Nun costume


So if you are a couple the times is rosy to make a strong statement with a Halloween costume!