Baby Chest Congestion: The Ultimate Guide for New Parents


Babies are delicate beings and are vulnerable to loads of diseases and problems. Their immune system is sensitive and their body highly fragile. When one becomes a new parent and the baby suffers from any problem the parent becomes worried and panicked. A baby might catch many ailments which may be harmful or quite normal. It is common for the parent to get worried and go bonkers for understanding how to deal with the problem. Chest congestion is common among babies. This is because of the fact that the nasal cavity is highly sensitive. All the parents who are worried about the baby no need to stress out more. Here is the Baby chest congestion: the ultimate guide for new parents:

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What is Chest Congestion?
Causes of Chest Congestion
Signs and Symptoms of Chest Congestion
Warning Signs and Symptoms of Chest Congestion
11 Home Remedies for Chest Congestion in Infants
Some Preventive Measures to avoid Baby Chest Congestion

Baby Chest Congestion: Every Parent Should Know


What is Chest Congestion?

Does your baby have a runny nose? Is your baby continuously coughing and sneezing? Don’t worry your baby has chest congestion. Chest congestion is not an ailment to worry about. The lining of the nasal cavity and the respiratory system have membranes that produce such mucous-like juices. When a foreign particle enters the cavity then the membrane starts producing such juices. Chest congestion is nothing but blockage of the airways and the nose. It can also be the result of a common cold or less powerful immune system. In chest congestion, a lot of mucous accumulates inside the respiratory system and nasal area. But, don’t worry! If the baby is showing these circumstances that means that his/her body is starting to react to the ailments leading to making him stronger in the future.

 baby chest congestion

Causes of Chest Congestion

Born Premature

Premature babies are known to be prone to such ailments. There immune system and body are too weak to handle chest congestion. If a baby is born premature chances are there that he/she will have more chances of getting ill and falling prey to chest congestion.


Foreign Particles and Irritants

Foreign particles and irritants like harmful fumes, petrol fumes, smoke, cooking smoke, cigarette smoke and harmful fumes of the vehicle can be really dangerous for the baby. These particles and irritants are full of chemicals and are harmful enough to cause chest congestion to babies and infants, When these foreign particles and irritants enter the delicate membrane of the baby it can lead to chest congestion and the production of a lot of mucous.

Common Cold

In common cold, the inner membrane of the nose, respiratory system, and the nasal cavity are attacked by bacteria and viruses which can cause a lot of harm to the baby and her/his health. Infants are innocent and delicate they don’t know how to release and throw the cough out. Thus, all the mucous and cough accumulates in the chest leading to chest congestion in the end. When the membrane gets affected it starts producing a lot of mucous leading to chest congestion and making the baby uncomfortable. But, if the baby has chest congestion it is a sign that his body is now getting ready to fight problems and ailments making his immune system stronger.

Weak Immune System

A baby is delicate and prone to many diseases. The body of the infant is in a growing and developing stage, it doesn’t have the experience to fight diseases and ailments. Thus, the baby has a weak immune system which is the reason why irritants and harmful particles can harm the baby a lot. The immune system is weak so the baby is prone to such problems.


When the baby suffers from asthma it is understood that the nasal cavity and membrane are swelled and inflamed all the time and thus produce a lot of mucous than in normal bodies. An asthmatic nasal airway is more prone to chest congestion and if the baby suffers from asthma it is common that he/she will also suffer from chest congestion because the baby already has a lot of mucous in him and his/her body is already suffering and that mucous gets stored in the chest leading to chest congestion.


Signs and Symptoms of Chest Congestion


If the baby is coughing a lot than what he/she usually does then it is a worrying sign. This is because the baby is not able to throw the cough out and that leads to the accumulation of a lot of mucous in the chest.


If the baby has not been sleeping usually since a few days and he is acting disturbed there are chances that he/she is suffering from chest congestion.

Less Appetite

If your little one is having food regularly and is not interested to eat, there are chances that he/she is not getting stimulated to the smell of the food. This might be a problem because the baby’s’ olfactory senses and smelling power is infected, maybe due to blockage which is also a sign of chest congestion in babies.



If your baby is having fever it might be because of the common cold as the body starts reacting to the ailments and has side effects there are chances that the baby might be suffering from pneumonia leading to chest congestion. Thus, we can consider fever as a sign of chest congestion if it is because of pneumonia and the common cold.

Irritability and Mood Swings

Irritability and mood swings can be a sign that your baby is having a lot of discomforts. If he/she gets irritated, cries often and is being really fussy you m, just check on him/her for chest congestion and mucus formation. Babies cannot speak thus these signs like crankiness and be really fussy are the ways the newborn infants express their feelings. Thus, one should take these signs and symptoms seriously or at least get a checkup of the baby.

Breathing Problems

If your little one is not able to breathe properly and is having a struggle in breathing it is a sign that he/she is having blockage and this can be a symptom of chest congestion. So, if the infant is having breathing problems make sure you check on him/her for chest congestion. This is because of the fact breathlessness is always associated with nasal cavity blockage and chest congestion.


Warning Signs and Symptoms of Chest Congestion


If your baby is having a lot of breathlessness and this is leading to irritation and loss of sleep, immediately reach out to a doctor as soon as possible.  This can be a warning sign.

Fatigue or Tiredness

If your baby is tired all day and is having less excretion of urine than what he usually does, then it is a worrisome sign. This is because the baby might have chest congestion which is leading to all these problems and warning signs. Thus, rush to the doctor immediately.

11 Home Remedies for Chest Congestion in Infants

A baby is a delicate being. It is strictly advised that you don’t use any artificial method to deal with his/her chest congestion. Home remedies are the best way to treat chest congestion. Here are 11 home remedies for chest congestion in infants:


Massaging the Baby with Mustard Oil

Mustard oil has a lot of warmth and it is known to be very beneficial. If your baby has common cold or chest congestion it is suggested that you massage your baby with mustard oil leading to the smoothening of the mucous so that it gets melted and the congestion is treated.


Breastfeeding is really vital for the baby. Breastfeeding takes care of all the nutritional needs of the baby. It is comparatively better than the artificial and harmful medicines that are available over the counter and have side effects and problems. Breastmilk gives the baby the energy, nutrition, and strength to fight diseases and ailments in the body.

Keep Your Baby Upright and Raise His/Her Head

If the baby has chest congestion it can be treated through a good home remedy which is possible by keeping your baby upright and raising his/her head. If you raise the baby’s head the mucous will move away and will not be able to accumulate itself in one place.

Rubbing and Patting the Baby’s Back

If your baby is having chest congestion you need to be very careful and find it out as early as possible before it gets spread and accumulated more in the whole body. If you are able to find it early then you will be in a better position to treat it with simple home remedies. All you have to do is just put your baby falt on his tummy and pat his back and rub it so that the mucous is removed and gets loosened. This will help the baby to get rid of it without any unnecessary medical procedures.


Turmeric with Warm Water

Turmeric is a really beneficial spice. The curcumin present in turmeric has the capacity to treat many ailments. Turmeric is a medicinal spice and it can act as a medicine for the newborn. Turmeric helps in removing the mucous and the congestion from the baby’s body. It should be given with warm water. It should be ensured that it is given in fewer quantities this is because too much turmeric can lead to vomiting, nausea and other problems in the baby.

Honey and Lemon

Honey and lemon are natural and herbal remedies for chest congestion. The mixture of lemon and honey helps in loosening the mucous and remove it from the nasal cavity and the chest. Lemon and honey are again beneficial medicinal plant products which can give amazing results.

Try Some Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is also a medicinal plant. It can help the human body to deal with a lot of medical ailments. Eucalyptus has amazing benefits for cough and cold problems. Eucalyptus oil has the right fragrance which the baby will like. Inhaling the scent and fragrance of eucalyptus oil can help in loosening the cold and cough which will, in turn, remove the mucous and help in avoiding congestion in the chest.

A Bath with Warm Water

It might sound not so obvious but warm water can do wonders for the baby. If your baby is suffering from nasal and chest congestion you can help him/her get rid of it easily and in a very simple way. Just take some warm water and give your baby a nice and warm bath. This will help him/her in getting some relief from the congestion. This is because warm water loosens the congestion and the mucous becomes loose and is removed in front of the accumulated areas. Thus, this can give the baby a lot of relief.


Garlic and Ajwain Packets

Garlic and ajwain packets can do wonders for the baby’s congestion. Garlic and ajwain are medicinal spices and they are quite beneficial for many diseases and ailments which can lead to the treatment of the ailment. Just put some garlic and ajwain on a pan and roast it until it is a bit warm and hot. Make sure that it doesn’t get very hot as the baby’s body might get burnt. Put this ajwain and garlic mix in a packet and rub it and put it on your baby’s chest. These medicinal homemade pouches will help the congestion in the chest due to mucous go away and ultimately leading to the treatment of the baby. The congestion will loosen and the baby will feel happy, active and alright.


Steam is a very good remedy for congestion. It doesn’t require any medicine and it can be given in-home as well. It doesn’t have any side effects but in turn, has great results. Boil some water and then put it in a bowl, take your baby near the bowl and make sure you handle him/her carefully, as the water is hot. Make sure that the steam of the hot boiled water goes near the baby and inside his nose and near his chest. This hot water steam will help loosen all the accumulated mucous near the baby’s chest and nasal area. This will give the baby a lot of relief and get him/her rid of chest congestion.

Radish Juice and Oil

Radish is again a medicinal plant product. This can be explained because of the fact that it has certain properties that help in treating chest congestion. Radish juice can be given to the baby and he/she will get the right nutrients to fight chest congestion. The properties of radish will help in removing the mucous and chest congestion as well. Radish can be given to the baby in the form of an oil as well. Just apply some radish oil which will help the baby’s chest to loosen and avoid the congestion there. Radish oil has a lot of medicinal properties that help the body to get alright real soon. Thus, giving radish juice and oil to your baby can be beneficial and effective as well.


Some Preventive Measures to avoid Baby Chest Congestion

Use Baby Wipes

Make sure that you always use baby wipes of a renowned and trusted company. This is because they are sanitized and get disposed of easily. Using the wipes can help develop proper hygiene.

Hygiene Should be Given Priority

Babies are prone to infections and diseases if proper hygiene is maintained, like always changing nappies and clearing his/her surroundings can help the baby be less vulnerable to diseases and ailments like chest congestion.

Cover the Mouth

If you or any person in the family is suffering from cold, cough and pneumonia, it is advised that the ill person should cover his/her mouth if he/she is near to the baby. This will reduce the chance of spreading infections.

Give the Baby a Healthy Diet

If the baby has a healthy diet, then he/she will develop a strong immune system and a stronger body. It is advised that you make the baby eat all the healthy and beneficial things like veggies, poultry products so that their body becomes strong and healthy.


Include Turmeric in the Baby’s Diet

Turmeric is an important medicinal herb. It has a lot of nutrients and minerals which can help the body to become stronger and ready to fight diseases. Turmeric makes the immune system strong and keeps the body away from any harmful ailments.

Make Sure You avoid Crowded Places

Crowded places have the chance of being contaminated. Public places are harmful to the baby as there are chances that proper hygiene is not maintained and the baby might catch infections. Crowded places are prone to bacteria, viruses and communicable diseases. Thus, if exposed to a crowded place and public area the baby might get vulnerable to viruses and bacteria which can be highly fatal for his/her health and immune system.

Ensure that Your Baby Sleeps Enough

Sleeping is realty important for the baby because he/she grows during sleep, develops his/her body in a variety of ways. Thus, enough sleep is necessary. Make sure that the pace where the baby sleeps is warm and not very cold or very warm. This will reduce the chances of the baby to catch a cold.

Use Sanitizers

It is important to understand that sometimes you might not be able to access water for cleaning hands. There may be chances that even your hands are not cleaned and sanitized well. This can be scary for the baby as he/she can catch many diseases because of the fact that his immune system is really weak. Thus, it is important that you keep the clothes of the baby, his surroundings and your hands sanitized from time to time. This will help in reducing the chances of the baby to catch a cold or develop chest congestion.



Baby chest congestion is very common. It can be treated very well with home remedies if it’s found out at an early stage. The signs and symptoms of chest congestion are easy to identify. It is advised to look out for the warning signs, which are usually a thing to worry about. Warning signs require immediate medical help. It is not a fatal disease and it is not life-threatening. It can be cured with loads of home remedies and medicinal herbs and spices.