11 Benefits and Uses of Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon essential oil is great for skin care, helps in combating allergy and asthma, great for a sore throat, boosts concentration, great for stomach disorders, boosts immunity, acts as a disinfectant, helps in loosing weight, good for nail and hair care, helps in dealing with stress and also good for teeth.

We all know that lemon essential oil is one of the best discoveries man has made. Today we list 11 important uses and benefits of this essential oil that can help you in ways you never imagined.

The health benefits and uses of lemon are not unknown. One of the best qualities of lemon is that it helps in cleaning toxins from the body, purifies skin and helps in energy rejuvenation. Just like lemon, lemon essential oil also comes with many health benefits.

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Mentioned below are some of the great uses and benefits of lemon essential oil:

11 Benefits and Uses of Lemon Essential Oil

11 Benefits of lemon oil


1. Great for skin care

The detoxifying and astringent nature of lemon essential oil is great for skin care. Lemon essential oil also has antiseptic properties and helps in treatment of various kinds of skin disorders, including pimples, acne and so on. People suffering from excessive oiliness on the skin can get rid with the same with lemon oil. It also helps in getting brighter skin complexion by removing dead skin cells.

2. Helps in combating allergy and asthma

Inhaling lemon essential oil helps in keeping clear nasal passages. Steady breathing and good air flow is guaranteed with lemon oil. For dealing with allergy, make a combination of 3 drops of lavender, peppermint and lemon essential oil and apply the same to neck, behind the ears and bottom of feet.

3.Great for soothing sore throat

Sore throat is a very common problem from which people suffer from time to time. The best way to deal with this problem is by adding few drops of lemon essential oil to hot water. Add honey to the same and mix well. Drink the water for soothing a scratchy and sore throat.

4. Boosts concentration

Alertness and concentration is boosted significantly with use of lemon essential oil. It helps in augmenting clarity of the mind. Try using lemon essential oil in diffusers so that your home or office smells well and helps people with increased concentration and focus levels.

5. Great for stomach disorders

Lemon oil has carminative effects, which means that the essential oil helps in dealing with various kinds of stomach ailmentssuccessfully. Problems like acidity, cramps, stomach upsets, indigestion, etc. can be combated greatly with this ingredient. Acid indigestion and heartburns can be dealt with this essential oil.

6. Boosts immune system of the body

Rich in vitamin C content, lemon essential oil helps in boosting the immune system of the body. White blood cells are stimulated in the body, which help in fighting off diseases. Circulation is also improved with use of lemon essential oil.


7. Is an excellent disinfectant

As lemon essential oil has excellent antifungal and antibacterial properties, it can be used as a great disinfectant. Lemon is not only good for body cleansing and toning, but it is also great for cleaning clothes, metal surfaces and clothes. You can make a great cleaning solution by adding lemon essential oil to citrus vinegar.

8. Helps in losing weight effectively

Lemon juice is a well-known ingredient, which is used for losing weight in the most effective manner. Trying adding few drops of lemon essential oil to your favorite beverage or even water and drink the same. You will feel fuller for a longer period of time and your urge of binge eating will decrease. Chances of overeating will be reduced and lesser calories will be consumed.

9. Excellent for nail and hair care

Lemon essential oil works excellently towards nail and hair care. Many don’t know but lemon essential oil is a great hair refresher. Lemon oil is extensively used for getting healthy, strong and shiny hair. It also helps in eliminating dandruff. Along with hair, lemon oil is great for nail health. It helps in keeping cuticles soft and restores nail health as well.

10. Helps in dealing with stress and fatigue

Lemon essential oil is a great mood up-lifter and helps in keeping the blues at bay. For combating stress and fatigue, add few drops of lemon essential oil in bathwater and see the results. The calming nature of lemon essential oil helps in eliminating stress, anxiety, fatigue and so on.

11. Works as a teeth whitener

Looking for a natural teeth whitener? Take baking soda, lemon essential oil and coconut oil and mix all three together. Rub the same on the teeth for about 2 minutes and then use normal water for rinsing it off. You will see white teeth in no time at all.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your bottle of lemon oil today!