51 Beautiful Asian Baby Names for Your Baby Boy and Girl


If you are looking for cute Asian baby names for your little baby boy or girl, here are 51 best Asian baby names.

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51 Cute Asian Baby Names for Your Baby Boy and Girl

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Asian Names for Boys


This name defies the traditional Asian boy names. We typically choose power, strength, and valiance for boy names. But Akeno means ‘beautiful sunrise’ or ‘dawn’.


It is a Greek origin name that means the ‘immortal one’.


This name is quite a trend. Originating in Korea, it means ‘inspiration’.


This is a classy Cambodian name that means ‘county’ or ‘estate’.


The name has its origins in French, and means ‘woodlands’. Hong Kong and American actor Bruce Lee is the famous namesake.


Carlos is a shorter version of Charles. It means a ‘free man’. The famous namesake is Filipino novelist Carlos Bulosan.

Chan Ming

A name that is appealing and quite meaningful too, Chan means ‘forever bright’. Its famous namesake is Hong Kong footballer Chan Ming Kong.

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Chenglei is a delightful Chinese name meaning ‘great’.


This name has a unique flair to it. It is a Chinese name meaning ‘precious, gold, metal, or bright’.


Chongan is a Chinese name meaning ‘peace’.


You sure want your little champ to turn out to be a little geeky, don’t you? Then, consider bestowing this name on him. Chung means ‘intelligent’.


If you are looking for a simple and delightful name, then choose Dae. It is an Korean name meaning ‘shining, beloved’.


Dalip means ‘king’. The famous namesake is Dalip Singh Saund, the first Asian-American to be elected to the US Congress.


Dara is a Cambodian name meaning ‘stars’.


Sounds quite melodramatic, isn’t it? But the name has a deep meaning – ‘stability and fortune’.


Don is a shorter version of Donald, and means ‘proud chief’. The famous namesake is the major league American baseball player and coach Don Wakamatsu.


Duke means ‘leader’. Surfing and swimming champion Duke Kahanamoku is its famous namesake.


It means ‘the son of Elias’. The famous namesake is astronaut and colonel in the US Air Force, Ellison Onizuka.

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Eric is quite a popular name in theU.S. It means ‘ever-powerful’. The famous namesake is the head coach of NBAs Miami Heat, Erik Spoelstra


Gary is a common name yet sounds special and unique. It means a ‘brave warrior’. The famous namesake is the Nobel prize winner for Economics 1992, Gary Becker.


If you are a lover of the woods, choose Silas meaning ‘wood or forest’.


Steven is the right name if you want to symbolically crown your boy. Steven means ‘crown’. The famous namesake is the 12th US Secretary of Energy Steven Chu.


In japanese it means “peaceful, clear weather” or “spring moon”


In japanese it means “sudden” or “sound of the wind”


In japanese it means “excellent” and ki means “tree”


In japanese it means Hideyoshi was a 16th-century daimyo who unified Japan and attempted to conquer Korea. Hide means “excellent” and yoshi means “good, respectable.”


In japanese it means tolerant, generous, prosperous

Asian Names for Girls

Zhang Min

The popular names in Asia vary from region to region, which gives us a very rich and diverse set of names with so many interesting meanings. Which of these names do you like the best?


The popular kanji characters used for the name Yui are “tie, bind” and “gentleness, lithe.”


Sora is a name most associated with the sky or heavens. It can mean many different things depending on the combination of kanji used. Some of Sora’s more popular meanings are “superior air,” “summery sky,” and “universe.”

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Sarah means “woman minister” or “pleasant” in Arabic. Sarah has been a consistently popular name in Europe and North America. Sarah is the name of the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac. She is known for giving birth to Isaac in old age.


It means “white jasmine” or “village” and na is added as a phonetic character or the character for “vegetables, greens.” Rina can mean different things depending on the combination of kanji characters used.


Adeline is a French-originated name meaning ‘noble or kind’. Its famous namesake is Chinese-American physician and author, Adeline Yen Mah.

Ah Cy

Super short name with a sweet meaning, Ah Cy means ‘lovely’.

Ah Lam

If you are a peace loving person and want your child to imbibe the quality, then ‘Ah Lam’ is the name you should choose. It is a Chinese name which means ‘peace’.


Your little one brings sunshine in your lives. Akemi is an apt name that signifies just that. It means ‘bright beauty’.


Aika is a classy and unique Japanese name meaning ‘love song’.


Asha is a famous South Eastern Asian name. It means ‘hope or desire’. The famous namesake is the Indian singer, Asha Bhonsle.


Amy is a short and sweet name meaning ‘beloved’. Its famous namesake is an American writer, Amy Tan.


Asmita is modern name that has the old world charm. If your daughter is your pride, then consider this name as it means ‘pride’.


Akira is a name that grows on you. It means ‘intelligent or bright’. Its famous namesake is the Nobel Prize winner for Chemistry 2010, Akira Suzuki.


Anna is quite an old and traditional name, but ‘old is gold’. Anna means ‘gracious’. Its famous namesake is Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong.


Providing a safe shelter for your child is like a self-declaration. This name signifies just that, Azumi means, ‘safe residence’. It’s quite stylish too.


Looking for a nature-inspired name? Choose Barkha, which means ‘rain’. The famous namesake is the Indian television journalist, Barkha Dutt.


There could be a reason why your girl arrived into your family. If you want to represent that, choose Bedisa which means ‘fated to be here’.

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‘Bo’ may be used to scare someone n a funny way but this Chinese name means ‘precious’.


Some names sound as fresh as fruits. ‘Cam’ is one of them! This Vietnamese name means ‘sweet citrus’.


Harmony is what we want in our lives. You can start that by giving the name Chowa to your girl, as it means ‘harmony’.


A lovely name with a splendid meaning, Chiharu means ‘one thousand springs’.


Wisdom is what makes us take the right decisions. Chika means ‘wisdom’.


Constance is a Latin name, which means ‘to be knowledgeable or steadfast’. The famous namesake is American journalist, Constance “Connie” Chung.


If you are looking for a jewel-inspired name, consider Coral, which is the hard, exoskeleton of marine animals. The famous namesake is the first Asian American brigadier general in the U.S. Army, Coral Wong Pietsch.


Meditation is a part of Hinduism and Buddhism culture. If you want a name that represents your belief and culture, then consider Dhyana. It means ‘meditation’.


Your girl brings a world of light in your lives, so why not give her name that means light. And, Elaine means just that. Its famous namesake is the current US Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao.

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