201 Unique and Beautiful Girl Names Starting with F


If you are expecting a baby girl and are in a search of girl names starting with F, here are 201 unique and beautiful baby girl names starting with F.

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Top 201 Girl Names Starting with F

FableEnglishThe name means a story.
FaeEnglishA confident woman who believes in herself
FaelaEnglishOne who is beautiful like a daybreak
FaeleEnglishOne who is like dawn
FaelynnEnglishW woman who is like a beautiful fairy
FaerieEnglishShe who is like a little fairy
FaerrleahEnglishShe looks like a fairy
FairamayEnglishA fair maiden
FairleyEnglishOne who is from the yellow meadow
FairlyEnglishOne from the clearing where the ferns grow
FairyEnglishA magical creature
FallynEnglishShe who is in charge
FanceenEnglishOne who is free
FanniEnglishShe who is free
FannieEnglishShe who is free
FannyEnglishA free girl
FarenEnglishA person who loves adventure
FariEnglishA light-haired woman
FarinEnglishAn adventurous person
FarraEnglishA pleasant and lovely girl
FarronEnglishOne who is a servant and handsome
FaruEnglishA woman with light hair
FateEnglishOne of great destiny
FaunEnglishShe who is like a young deer
FaunaEnglishA fawn, a young deer
FawnEnglishYoung Deer; Greek mythological deity of fertility and nature was Fauna
FawnaEnglishShe is a young deer
FawneEnglishLike a young deer
FayEnglishA fairy-like woman
FayaEnglishA woman who is like a fairy
FayannaEnglishA woman of confidence and trust and belief
FayeEnglishA woman of great confidence and trust
FayleeEnglishShe who is like a fairy
FaylinnEnglishTo live in the Fairy Kingdom
FayreEnglishA gorgeous woman, a beauty
FaytEnglishOne with good faith
FaythEnglishA faithful woman
FeatherEnglishOne soft as a feather
FebruaryEnglishA second month of the year
FeiEnglishOne who is like a fairy
FelbertaEnglishA brilliant young woman
FeleciaEnglishA woman with a happy nature
FelelolieEnglishAn old English name for girls
FeliceEnglishA fortunate and happy lady
FeliciaEnglishOne blessed with luck
FelicityEnglishA woman with good luck and fortune
FelienneEnglishA gracious woman of good luck
FelinaEnglishA cat-like woman
FemmotaEnglishOne who speaks and talks well
FenmoreEnglishA very dear love
FennellEnglishOne who lives near the ferns
FerdinandaEnglishA woman on a brave journey
FernEnglishA green, shade-loving plant. A fern.
FernaEnglishA woman who likes shade like a fern
FerneEnglishA woman who loves ferns
FerrynEnglishOne who enjoys adventure
FidelityEnglishTo stay true and faithful
FinepoplaEnglishA self-expressive individual
FiraasEnglishPercipience; Highly insightful
FirmanEnglishFair, White (in English); A mandate or edict (in Arabic); Firm (in Latin)
FirminEnglishAn unyielding and firm person (derived from Latin Firmus meaning firm)
FirouzEnglishA triumphant and lucky person; Also refers to turquoise
FitcheEnglishAn old English reference to Ermine, a dark-furred weasel-like animal
FleetEnglishHabitational name for residents of Fleet, Hampshire; Swift; rapid
FlickEnglishGood fortune and Prosperity
FlorenaEnglishA variation of the word ‘Florence’ which means to flower
FlorenceEnglishOne which means to blossom and bloom
FlorenzEnglishThe word is French for ‘a flower or blossom’
FloriceEnglishThe name represents a blossom or flower
FlorideEnglishSomething flowery and ornate; blossoming
FlorimelEnglishLiterally translates to a ‘honey flower’
FloryfelEnglishThe name means a flower or a bloom
FlowerEnglishAs the name suggests, it represents ‘a bloom, blossom or flower’
FlurekinEnglishDiminutive of Latin name ‘Florence’, it means ‘blossoming or flowering’
FluriEnglishAlteration of the name ‘Florence’ which represents the act of blooming
FlytaEnglishSomething which is fast and rapid; a variant of Fleta; swift
FonEnglishA noble and ready individual; patient
FousafiaEnglishA forgiving and sharp-minded person
FoxEnglishAnimal name
FranciseEnglisha derivative of the English Frances and means free man.
FrecesantEnglishA sociable, friendly and innovative person
FreclaEnglishPossibly derived from ‘Farecla’ which is combined from French words meaning ‘Shining and Bright’
FrediswithaEnglishA peace-loving person who has great nature
FreeEnglishAs the name suggests, it refers to a free and unbound individual
FrenchieEnglishA free woman of French origin; kind and home-loving
FreolaEnglishIt means free; brisk and fair individual
FresaEnglishSpanish term for strawberries; one who is from high class
FrethesantEnglishA poised and affectionate person
FrewareEnglishA simple and poised individual
FriedahEnglishAn intelligent adviser.
FrigythEnglishA spontaneous, happy go, lucky person,
FrithuswithEnglishA trustworthy and witty individual
FronieEnglishIntelligent and workable girl.
FrusannahEnglishA quick, humble and untiring person
FrydaEnglishAn intelligent social worker of fairies.
FrydahEnglishA clever therapist of sprites.
FryswydeEnglishA successful, quick and witty person
FynchEnglishThis refers to a fowl or birdie.
FabianaSpanishA little woman who farms beans
FabiolaSpanishA girl who grows beans
FabrianaSpanishA woman who is crafty
FantasiaSpanishA fantasy
FargoSpanishA person who comes from the fenced pasture
FaustinaSpanishA little lucky woman
FeSpanishA Spanish name meaning trust
FeliceSpanishA fortunate and happy lady
FeliciaSpanishOne blessed with luck
FelicidadSpanishOne who is lucky in life
FelicitasSpanishA happy nad lucky lady
FelipaSpanishWoman who is friends with horses
FelisaSpanishA lucky and successful lady
FeliseSpanishShe is lucky
FelisiaSpanishTo have luck in life
FelitaSpanishShe is blessed with luck
FelixaSpanishA woman who is blessed with good fortune and luck
FelizSpanishShe is fortunate
FeliziaSpanishShe is very lucky
FerdinandeSpanishShe who is on a daring journey
FerminaSpanishA woman’s strength
FernandaSpanishAn adventurous girl traveler
FernanditaSpanishA young and bold voyager
FidellaSpanishA true and faithful woman
FifiSpanishOne who will add. Fifi is short for Josephine
FiliaSpanishFriendship,love (in greek); daughter( Latin)
FilisSpanishGreen verdure, lush greenery
FinaSpanishOne who shall add
FiorenzaSpanishA flower (derived from Latin fiora)
FitzSpanishLiterally meaning “the son of”; Derived from the Latin “filius”
FlandrinaSpanishA Latin Christian name
FlashSpanishThe display of a bright beam of light
FlorenciaSpanishA modification of the word ‘florence’ meaning to undergo blooming
FlorentinaSpanishA version of Florentin; it means ‘blossoming’ or ‘flourishing’
FlorianaSpanishA variation of ‘Florence’ which symbolizes ‘blossoming’
FloridaSpanishEssentially means a bloom or a flower; flowering Easter
FlorindaSpanishA Goddess of Latin name ‘Flora’, it means ‘flowers’
FloritaSpanishan altered version of ‘Flora’, this represents a flower or blossom
FondaSpanishSomething intense and deep-rooted; profound
FortunaSpanishIt means Luck or chance; Name of mythological Roman goddess of Luck
FortunataSpanishFeminine version of ‘Fortunat’, it represents a lucky and blessed person
FranciscaSpanishFrom france
FreiraSpanishRefers to a female sibling; pious sister
FlintOld EnglishA hard stone which produces sparks on rubbing, to make fire; a stream
FoxgloveOld EnglishName of a flower called digitalis; Speculated to mean ‘fairies’ music’
FreadeyweedOld EnglishA name which means peace and harmony
FreawaruOld EnglishMade up of ‘Frea’+’Waru’ meaning the war resolver or bringer of peace
FrisewideOld EnglishOne who is at peace and is strong
FalineLatinA catlike girl
FaniaLatinLatin name meaning free
FantineLatinAn infant
FascienneLatinA woman of dark beauty
FelicianaLatinA fortunate lady
FelixaLatinA woman who is blessed eith good fortune and luck
FidelaLatinFrom the Late Latin name Fidelis meaning “faithful”; Feminine form of Fidel
FiduciaLatinTo have someones confidence and trust
FilicaLatinHappy things, or happy times
FilisiaLatinOne who is happy or the happy times
FiraunLatinA proud person; Historically, a pharoah killed by Allah
FirdosLatinThe celestial afterworld where Gods reside
FiskeLatinOne, who is a fisherman by occupation
FitoreLatinThe act of conquering and gaining triumph
FitzgeraldLatinEssentially means “the male offspring of Gerald”
FitzgibbonLatinSplits down to mean “the son of Gilbert” (Gibb is short for Norman word Gilbert)
FitzgilbertLatinA patronymic which means “the son of Gilbert”
FitzjamesLatinBasically means “The male child of James”
FitzpatrickLatinLiterally meaning “the male offspring of Patrick”; translated from Irish Mac Giolla Phádraig
FitzsimmonsLatinGaelicized version of Mac Shíomóin, it means “the son of Simmon”
FitzwalterLatinUses Anglo-Norman patronym “fitz” to mean “the son of Walter”
FitzwaterLatinA patronymic which means “the son of Water”
FizzaLatinThe silver metal; Also refers special servant of Prophet Mohammad’s grandsons
FizzahLatinSilver; Historically, aso referred to the maid or ‘kaneez’ of the Prophet’s grandsons
FlacaLatinUsually means a slender person (woman)
FlairLatinThe style, tastes and panache of a person
FlanLatinLiterally means descending from the Flannghal, a surname meaning red-haired
FlandersLatinHistorically refered to a member of the Flemmings community, now a part of Belgium
FlannacanLatinRefers to a ruddy or red-headed person; derived from Irish word Flann
FlaviusLatinA person with yellow-coloured tresses
FlechiaLatinThe happy times to remember
FleetwoodLatinA locational surname for people living in Fleetwood, Lancashire
FlemingLatinLiterally means ‘a man from Flanders’, a place in Belgium
FlemmingLatinAn ethnic name to refer to residers of Flanders in Belgium
FletaLatinA swift and nimble-footed person
FletchLatinAn arrow-smith by profession
FlorensLatinIt means ‘to flower’; prosperous being
FlorentinLatinA variant of ‘Florentinus’ which means ‘to blossom’
FlorentineLatinIt means ‘to flower and bloom’; It refers to anything from the Italian city of Florence
FlorenzaLatinFlorenz, it refers to ‘a flower’
FlorettaLatinMade of ‘Flora’; it represents a flower
FloriaLatinA variant of Latin ‘Florence’ which refers to ‘flowering’
FlorianeLatinThe stage of blooming and comes from the Latin word ‘Florence’
FlorinaLatinFeminine version of the name Florin, this also represents a blossom
FlorindaLatinA Goddess of Latin name ‘Flora’, it means ‘flowers’
FlorrieLatinA diminutive of ‘Florence’, it represents the act of blossoming or blooming
FlossieLatinA name essentially means ‘flowering or blossoming’
FloyLatinA alteration of ‘Florence’, the name means ‘to flower or bloom’
FortunaLatinIt means Luck or chance; Name of mythological Roman goddess of Luck
FortunataLatinFeminine version of ‘Fortunat’, it represents a lucky and blessed person
FortuoLatinIt translates to ‘good luck’; Also refers to a baby born on 20th of April
FranLatinSomeone who is French by blood
FrancelLatinA woman who belongs to France
FrancelleLatinA person who is a descendant of France
FrancesLatinA feminine replacement for ‘Franceis’ which refers to a French person or a free person

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