21 Cute Baby Boy Names Based On Cartoon Characters


Chris, Diego, Casper, Marvin, Raphael, Sylvester, Winston, Josie, Charlie, Fred, Finn, Zach, Chase, Louie, Winnie, Felix, Dexter, Ben, Hudson and Bruce best cute baby boy names based on cartoon characters.

Thinking about good and meaningful cute baby boy names for the little one is definitely not an easy task. Parents often land on names which are either too common or the ones that end up sounding awkward instead of unique. But what if we tell you that you no more have to wreck your brains in search of a perfect name for your little one instead you can just switch on their favourite channel and find a great name inspiration.

Cartoons and their world is what fascinate your little ones the most. Apart from proving to be the greatest entertainment of all times, they serve us amazingly with the creative names that they use. So get some name inspiration from your kid’s favourite world and let them be proud of their own name.

So let’s get impressed with some of these cartoon name inspirations.

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21 Cute Baby Boy Names Based On Cartoon Characters

Alvin – Cute Baby Boy Name


Remember the chipmunks. The most impressive amongst those was Alvin that means a nice guy who is quirky and enthusiastic with full interest in music and sports.

How’s that for your little one!

cute baby boy names

Chris (Christopher)

Remember him from Family Guy. Well you might find the character annoying but the name is amazing. It is a Greek name meaning the carrier of the Christ.



This guy is Dora the explorer’s cousin. His name is as amazing as he is, meaning ‘he who replaces’. This 8-year old hero is portraying rescuing animals from all around the world. If these are the amazing services your little one is born to do, than this is the perfect name for him.

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How about stealing the name of our friendly ghost. This name sounds both modern and archaic. It has its own feel and can make an excellent name for your precious. It actually is the name of one of the biblical kings that means ‘Treasures’.

Marvin, cute baby boy name

The evil genius Marvin is definitely an amazingly nerdy yet stylish name. It generally means a sweet guy who is gullible and falls in love easily. With such an attention grabbing name, even your kid just like the cartoon character will surely become the epicenter of all the actions.



This one is surely an exotic name from Ninja Turtles that means ‘God is Healer’. Though this cartoon has rocked your childhood the most, but believes me the name is going to rock your kid’s entire life.

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Add some punk to your baby’s name with this name that means energetic and wild. The sly cat who tries to eat the duckling might make us hate him but the name that it gives out will surely leave us impressed.



If your childhood revolves around the real Ghostbusters like mine than go for this name meaning ‘from the wine’s town. Exotic, isn’t it?


Remember Josie and the pussycats from 70’s? Wonderful right. The name means ‘God is gracious’. This fictional rock band gives out some hysterical moments and the name makes a great match for both the genders alike.

Charlie:cute baby boy name

This Charlie Brown’s character actually has a very appealing name that means innocent and gullible.

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The Flintstone’s family was grateful for having this mature name that means ‘Peaceful ruler’. Fred adds a archaic feel to the name while keeping it very modern and short at the same time.


This short and sweet name from ‘Adventure time with Finn and Jake’ means a person from Finnish descent.


Famous as Gumball, this on trend and handsome name means ‘remembered by God’.



This charismatic leader of pups in adventure bay has a very suitable name meaning ‘to pursue’.


He has always impressed kids and adults alike. This name from duck tales actually means ‘famous warrior’.

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Winniecute baby boy name


Yeah, the pooh. His name means fair and pure. Just like his character in the show. So gift this name to your child to give him a lifetime of confident identity.


Though Felix the cat is one of the oldest cartoon but the name never seems to retire and holds the same charm as then. The name means ‘lucky and successful’.


This pint sized scientist has left everyone with awe. His lab being our second favourite thing because his name is the first. It means ‘from the bearer’s point of view’. It sounds like a very intelligent name and the holder is going to be considered wise and smart by the grace of this name.



This one’s definitely going to be your baby’s favourite. Ben from Ben 10 gets his name due to his virtues as the name means ‘highest order’ or ‘mountain peak’. The young boy Ben won everyone over through his courage and sharp wit. And am sure, your baby would turn out to be same.


This wise founder of Gargolyn clan and leader of Wyvern clan gives us some serious name goals. It means ‘Son of Hugh’.


Remember the vegetarian shark from Finding Nemo. Sounds good right. The meaning is as good and it is ‘thick muscular man’. This friendly shark has stuck by its name and taught us that fishes are our friends and not food.

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Our names stay with us forever and emerge to be a great part of our identity. This is one reason that even the cartoon artists name their character as pr his traits which makes it such a big hit. So, make sure to gift your child a cute baby name that he wouldn’t regret, rather would be proud of telling.

The list of these fun, handsome and cute baby boy names is endless and the final call is yours. So if you are also fond of naming your precious one after some of yours or his favourite characters than make a choice. Make sure to understand your little ones personality first so that when he grows up, his name becomes his true identity. Enjoy leaning some more names and comment if you like this pool of cartoon names and has picked up any.

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