51 Mexican Baby Boy Names for Your Angel


Looking for best baby boy names? To make your search simpler, here are 51 best and unique baby boy names for your angel.

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Top 51 Mexican Baby Boy Names

mexican boy names


Your little buttercup has the perfect moniker in Pablo, which means “small, little.”


This classic name is perfect for your little fighter. It means “famous warrior, renowned in battle.”

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Meaning “ruler of the home, house leader,” Enrique is a strong, classic name.


This popular name means to “transform” or become a “successor.”


This heavenly unisex name is commonly given to males in Spanish-speaking countries and means “messenger of God.”


Here is yet another name that has an immediate charm and appeal to it. A name that originated in Spain, it means one who is beyond all praise. Antonio Banderas is a very popular Spanish actor and director.


A Spanish variation of Alexander, this name is pronounced with a silent ‘J’ as Ale-han-dro. In the Greek culture, it is taken as a combination of two words, alexein (which means to help or defend), and andros (which means man) and hence means one who is a helper or defender of mankind. Alejandro is also the title of a song by Lady Gaga.


The name has its origin in both the Spanish and Portuguese cultures and is a variation of the name Peter and means the one who is as solid and strong as a rock. Pedro Pascal is an American actor of Chilean origin.



Coming from the Hebrew culture, it refers to the phrase ‘God is my strong man.’ As per the Hebrew culture, Gabriel was one of the seven archangels. The name has forever been immortalized by the internationally acclaimed writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, also affectionately known as Gabo in Latin America.


The name Carlos means one who is manly. The name is shared by Carlos Santana, the Mexican and American musician who is a world renowned guitarist and performer.


A name that is popular in Spanish, Hebrew, and American cultures, it means ‘God is with us’. The name is also popular in Italian, French, Greek, and Roman cultures. Manuel Neuer is a German football player.


The name is used widely in the Portuguese and Spanish cultures and means the one who is a powerful or great leader. Ricardo Montalban was a Mexican actor, and Ricardo Kaka is a Brazilian football player.


Daniel comes from Hebrew and means ‘God is my judge.’ The name is also biblical, as Daniel was a Hebrew prophet whose story appears in the Old Testament. Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor who is best known for his portrayal of the character Harry Potter, while Daniel Craig is an English actor, who has, amongst other characters, played the famous James Bond.

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This name is a variation of the name Ferdinand and means the one who is an adventurer. It is of Spanish and Portuguese origin and is popular in the American as well as German cultures. Fernando Torres, a Spanish football player and Fernando Alonso, a Spanish Formula One racing driver are the famous namesakes.


It is another variation of the name Ralph and it stands for wolf counsel. Raul Julia was an actor of Puerto Rican descent, and Raul Meireles is a Portuguese footballer. They are the popular namesakes.


While it may sound like a Mexican name, it is originally an English name, which comes from Eadweard. It means one who is happy and rich, belonging to nobility. Eduardo Vargas is a footballer of Chilean descent.


It is a name of Spanish and Portuguese origin and is a version of the name George. It means the one who works as a farmer. Pope Francis’s real name outside the papacy is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.


Originally from the Latin culture and referring to Roman God of war, one of the notable personalities with the same name was Martin Luther King Jr. who was the leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement and an activist and humanitarian.


It comes from the Spanish culture and means the one who is bright. It is also another form of the name Xavier. Javier Hernandez is a Mexican football player, while Javier Mascherano is a footballer from Argentina.



The Hebrew origin name refers to the phrase ‘God has healed.’ Rafael Nadal Parera is a Spanish tennis player who ranks amongst the top tennis players in the world.


The beautiful name Arturo passes on from the Spanish and Portuguese cultures and is another form of the name Arthur. It means one who is brave. Arturo Vidal is a footballer of Chilean descent, while Arturo Gatti was a boxer of Italian and Canadian origins.


Roberto is a Spanish and Portuguese version of the name Robert and means one who is full of fame. Roberto Cavalli is a world-renowned fashion designer of Italian origin, while Roberto Firmino is a footballer from Brazil.


Coming from the Italian and Spanish cultures, the name is a variation of Gerard. It means one who will rule with the spear.


Marco is originally an Italian name which is also popular in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Dutch languages. The name refers to the Roman God of war and also means one who is brave and fearless and can lead the people to war. Marco Materazzi is an Italian footballer, while Marco van Ginkel is a Dutch football player.


While it originated in Hebrew and African cultures, the name is very popular in Mexico. In the African tradition, it means the one who is born on Thursday. In the Hebrew tradition, it means a father or a grandfather.



This name comes Spanish cultures and means the son of Adam and Eve.


A Spanish name for abundance, this name can be used for both a baby boy and girl.


It is bee in Spanish.


The name comes from Hebrew word Hevel. It means to breathe. In the biblical connotation, the name appears in the form of the second son of Adam and Eve in the Old Testament. Abel is one of the protagonists in the internationally acclaimed novel Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer.


While the name sounds very unique, it was part of the Egyptian mythology where it was considered as the Supreme Being. The term Abracadabra, used worldwide by magicians and illusionists, was derived from Abraxas. Abraxas Malfoy is a character in the Harry Potter series, while it was also the name of an album by the Latin band Santana.


It is another variation of the name Abun, albeit a longer one. It also originated in the Spanish culture and means the one who will have abundance and prosperity in life. If you decide on calling your baby Abundio, you could probably use Abun as a nickname.



The name comes from the Italian culture and is another variation of the name Alfonso. It means the one who is eager to fight or battle.


It stands for guardian in Spanish. Alvaro Morata and Alvaro Negredo, the namesakes, are both Spanish footballers.


It comes from Latin and is another variation of the names Amato and Amator. It means one who loves.


The Spanish name means friendship.


It comes from Latin and stands for a farmer or a ploughman. It is also used as a surname.


It is a Spanish name for a bright raven. The name is commonly used in Spanish, German, and French speaking cultures.



The Spanish origin name is also a variant or shorter variation of the name Barnaby. It means son of the prophet and son of comfort.


The name comes from both the Spanish and Italian origins and means noble. In English and Greek cultures it means royal.


In Spanish, the name Berto means intelligent. It is also thought to be derived from the German word berht, which means bright or famous.


While the name is used as a given or first name, it is also used as a nickname for someone who has white hair and is fair in complexion. The name originated from the Italian culture and is a variation of the name Bianco. It means the one who is white or blond.


This beautiful name originated in Spanish culture and means blessed.


The name is popular in various cultures, such as the Spanish, American, Portuguese, Italian, and German. It is another variation of the name Bernard, and means strong and brave as a bear. Bernardo Silva is a Portuguese football player, while Bernardo Bertolucci is an Italian film director.



It is the Spanish version of the name Blaise, which means stuttering.


Popular in both the Latin as well as Italian cultures, the name means the one who will have a good fate. Yet another variation of the name is Bonifaco.


This cute Mexican boy name that rhymes with button refers to a fifth born child, but is used for any order in the modern day.


The name comes from the Roman culture and was possibly derived from the Latin word caesaries. The name means long hair. Caesar was a Roman general who is known for his role in the collapse of the Roman Republic and the origin of the Roman Empire.


Made an eternally popular name by American fashion designer Calvin Klein, it comes from the French surname Chauvin. It means bald. Calvin Harris is a Scottish musician. Another variation of the name is Calvino.


Coming from the Spanish culture, it means manly. The name is also popular with the French. Carlos Bacca is a Colombian footballer, while Carlos Tevez is an Argentinian footballer.



The name is derived from the Latin word castellum, which meant castle. It is also thought to be a variant of the English name Castle. It means born of nobility.

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