100 Unique Japanese Baby Boy Names and Meanings


Every parent needs a unique name for their child. It at times becomes a rather daunting and challenging process as to which name will be the best for your child. A name as believed by many has a direct impact on the personality and the temperament of the child. It is often the first impression that we leave behind in the minds of people even before them meeting us. Therefore choosing a unique name becomes an avid part of the parenting journey for every parent. To help you in your endeavours of selecting a perfect name for your child, here is a list of some of the cutest Japanese baby boy names for your child with their meanings to help you in the process of parenting.

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Japanese Baby Boy Names: 100 Unique Names

japanese baby boy names

  1. Akemi – The name means the beautiful sunrise
  2. Aki – It means the beauty and brightness of the autumn
  3. Akihiro – It symbolises a bright or shining prince
  4. Akihisa- A child with a strong personality
  5. Akiyami – A child with the strength of the mountain
  6. Amida – The name of Lord Buddha
  7. Arata – Someone with fresh and new ideas
  8. Benjiro – It means peaceful
  9. Botan – A child blessed with a long life
  10. Dai – The most beloved child
  11. Daichi – The great land of salvation
  12. Daiki – A generous giver like the great tree
  13. Danno – It means a gathering
  14. Eiji – The protector of the family, a great leader
  15. Eriko – The child blessed by God
  16. Fudo – The God of wisdom
  17. Fujita – It means the beauty of the open fields
  18. Fumio – A scholarly child with good intellect
  19. Hajime – It means the beginning
  20. Haricho – The son of God
  21. Haru – It symbolises the sun/ sunlight and the spring
  22. Hideo – A splendid man
  23. Hiroshi – A generous personality
  24. Hiroyuki – It means the widespread happiness
  25. Hitoshi – It means to level someone who is a down to earth person
  26. Homura – It means the ferocity of the fire
  27. Hotaka – It means proceeding step by step
  28. Ichirou- It means the first son
  29. Ismau- A warrior child with immense courage
  30. Isas – It means meritorious
  31. Jiro – The second son
  32. Jun – It means permanency and longevity
  33. Joben – It means cleanliness
  34. Jomei – The one who spreads the light of God
  35. Kaede – It means the sweetness of the maple
  36. Kaemon – It means joyful
  37. Kage – The shadow of the family
  38. Kameko – Child of God
  39. Kami – It means the incarnation of God
  40. Kane – A great fighter
  41. Katsu – It symbolises victory
  42. Kaya – A place of peace and resting
  43. Kazuki – The pleasant peace and the harmonious hope
  44. Ken – A child with a strong will
  45. Kohaku – It means amber
  46. Kunio – The countryman
  47. Madoka – It symbolises sincerity and dedication
  48. Mamoru – It means the protector of the family
  49. Manabu – It means to learn
  50. Masa – It symbolises the good and obedient son
  51. Masahiro – A broadminded child
  52. Masaaki – It means the true brightness of God’s Heaven
  53. Masanori – It means a prosperous child
  54. Masao – The correct man
  55. Nao – It means an honest child
  56. Norio – A man of law and order
  57. Nori – A child who adheres the laws and rules of God
  58. Osamu – The great ruler
  59. Raiden – The God of Thunder
  60. Ringo – The beauty of the apple
  61. Ronin – A strong and victorious Samurai
  62. Ryo – An excellent child
  63. Ryota – A child with a strong mental strength
  64. Saburo – The third son
  65. Sadao – The decisive man
  66. Satoshi – Clear thinking
  67. Satoru – The enlightened child
  68. Seiichi – The first born son of the family
  69. Shou – To fly and touch the zenith of the sky
  70. Susumu – The child who is forever progressing
  71. Tadao – A loyal man and friend
  72. Tadashi – It means loyal just like the Tadashi Hamara of the movie Big hero 6
  73. Takahiro – It symbolises widespread nobility
  74. Takao – A respectful and noble child
  75. Takashi – It means a child who is praise worthy
  76. Takayuki – Happiness
  77. Takeo – A young warrior
  78. Takeshi – A warrior and soldier of God
  79. Tamotsu – It means to protects ones loved ones
  80. Terou – The shining man
  81. Tomi – A child equipped with all the riches and wealth of the world
  82. Toshi – A child who is always alert and attentive
  83. Toyo – It means plentiful
  84. Taro – The Great Son of God
  85. Tetsip – A child with a strength like the iron man
  86. Toshihiro – A wise and intellectual child
  87. Takumi – A skilful artist
  88. Teruo – A shining man
  89. Tsueno – A common man
  90. Tsuyoshi – It means strong
  91. Yamiyo – It means the dark
  92. Yasuo – The blessing of peace
  93. Yori – It means dependence
  94. Yogi – The one who practices yoga and a healthy lifestyle
  95. Yoshio – A good and honest man
  96. Yuki – It means happiness
  97. Yutaka – it means a prosperous child
  98. Yasushi – It means honest and peaceful
  99. Yasahrio – Someone who is peaceful and calm even during adversities
  100. Yuudai – The great hero

Thus here was a list of some of the most unique and befitting names for your baby boy. These names have an in depth meaning that will also give a different outlook to your child’s personality as well.

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