101 Cute Unisex Baby Names


The joy of becoming a parent entails in itself great responsibilities and choices. New parents have to make multiple decisions and always think what the best is for their kids. One of the major steps for any parent is to decide the name of their little one. Amidst all the chaos of appointments, shopping and decisions choosing a name for the little angel is a major responsibility. It is easy to buy unisex clothes, prepare baby nurseries but now even unisex names are a major help to the expecting parents. Here is a list of 101 cute unisex names to guide you in your journey as parents.

101 cute unisex baby names

101 Most Popular & Cute Unisex Names

Names Meanings
AlexThe simple yet catchy name means to defend.
AliThe name means sublime.
AlexisThe name means the protector of mankind
AmeyaYour child’s dreams knows no bounds and his name means boundless.
AdrianThe name is in reverence to the tranquillity and calmness of the night
AndyThe name symbolises strength and compassion
AngelIt may seem a girl’s name but the truth in Christianity is that no angel was ever a girl
ArielIt means the lion God endowing the child with ferocity and courage
ArronThe name symbolises enlighten
ArdenSymbolising greatness and a higher stature than anyone else
Ashleythe name means ash-wood
AtreyaThe name means container of glory
AubreyA fierce and tactful ruler
BaileyIt means law enforcer, what we all wish for our child to be is just and lawful
BlairThe name means the one who finds new paths and directions in life
BillyThe name means protector, of loved ones and family
BrookLike the famous poem by Lord Tennyson, the name means a beautiful stream
BriceThe name means swift, in reference to the smooth life we all desire
CarmenThe name means a euphonious song
CelynThe name symbolises holiness and purity to give your child a meditative foundation
CodyIt means a child who is obliging and dutiful towards elders
CharleyIt symbolises independence and freedom
CohenThe name means priest, it essentially is of Jewish origin
CoreyAn English name meaning dweller
DallasIt denotes someone who spends a lot of time amidst nature
DarcyThe name means is a powerful leader just like the Norman conqueror
DakotaThe name symbolises one of the essential bonds in life that is friendship
DrewIt signifies power and authority
DevonThe name means a poet, a child with a deep soul
DylanThe name means the child of the sea god
EdenThe name itself means paradise, a heaven that the presence of children creates in life
EliThe name means might and above all
EmeryIt means brave
ErinAn English name
EvanThe name means gracious
FabianSuitable name for an agricultural father the name means a bean grower
FlynnThe name means ruddy, symbolising a glowing baby
FrancisIt means liberated to be free and self-reliant
GlenThe name means a secluded beautiful valley
GreyBrought to popularity by the famous movie, the name symbolises what the colour does
HarperA western unisex name symbolising the holy harp player
HaydenThe name means a boundless valley
HarleyIt is field abundant in mares
HeroJust like Shakespeare’s male and female characters have been named Hero, so can your children it means a heroic warrior
IndianaA couple fascinated with India can name their kids
IraIt means watchful or vigilant
IsraelIt symbolises one who is a contender with God
JadeIt depicts a precious stone like your child
JamesThe name means emperor, ruler of countries
JesseMeans wealthy and rich of body and soul
JivaThe name denotes existence
JordanIt means to flow down effortlessly
JulesThe name denotes someone youthful and cheery
JusticeIt symbolises someone who always abides by all the rules
KadinIt means companion
KavinThe name means handsome or beautiful
KerryIt means the dark haired child generally a brunette
KellyThe name suggests a warrior
KennedyA strong warrior
KendallIt denotes the valley of river Kent
KimberlyIt means a fortress meadow
KrisA Christian name for the follower of Christ
LeeAn Asian name meaning dweller of woods
LindenIt means the coolness of lime trees
LoganMeans a rocking stone
LumiSomeone who brings light
MackenzieAn English name meaning the Fair one
MaddisonThe mighty battle warrior
MicahThe one who has qualities like God
MorganIt depicts the bright sea
MoriahThe one who is taught by god
NevadaIt means snowy
NicoIt symbolises victorious people
NoelSomeone who is born during Christmas
OakleyRelated to the purity of the oak tree wood
OrionThe children of fire
OdeA rich and prosperous person
OdaniyaWith a silent ‘A’ for a boy, the name means an ornament
Parissymbolises love
ParkerThe gamekeeper
PerryIt means someone dwelling near the pear tree
PeytonSomeone from a small town earning a big name
QuinnA person possessing extreme intelligence, wisdom and reason
RaphaelThe child who the god has healed
ReaganDenotes a little king
ReeseMeans ardour
RileyA luxurious existence
RiverSomeone who is as tranquil as the water
RobinThe name means someone bright and famous
SageA wise, intellectual individual
Samsomeone whose words the god has heard
SkyeA free and liberated soul
SunnyA bright and cheerful person
SydneyRelated to the wide meadows present in Sydney
TaylorDerived from Latin word to cut both Hollywood sensations Taylor swift and Taylor Lautner are a proof to the name’s power
ToniSomeone worth praise
UmberMeans shade
ValA unique name it means a strong personality and chivalry
WynneIt means the fair one
ZionIt portrays the one who is raised up and above all the others
AddisonThe soulful name means children of Adam

Thus these are a few unisex names for your kids, a way to help and hare your duties towards your child.

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