5 Must Know Tips For A Healthy Vagina 


Using tea tree oil, wearing cotton underwear, refraining from using soaps, using apple cider vinegar and maintaining a healthy diet are some of the most effective tips for a healthy vagina.

Personal hygiene and maintenance of self is the prime key for a healthy and happy lifestyle. It becomes extremely essential for one to understand the sensitivity with which we need to handle our intimate parts especially women. Healthy Vagina is a major concern for all females. The increasing cases of vaginal odour, abrasions and bacterial infection raises question of precautions and simple changes that one can make in their lifestyle to avoid vaginal infections.

Vaginas have their own ph. scale and a disturbance in the level of ph. leads to multiple diseases. Water is the best form of sanitation for vaginas they not keep the skin surrounding it fresh but also prevents itching or darkening of the area. Few simple remedies that preserve vaginal sanitation are;

5 Must Know Tips For A Healthy Vagina 

Vagina Clean and Healthy

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a natural stimulating agent. It works as an effective antifungal and antibacterial agent that prevents infection, maintains freshness giving you a healthy vagina. Tea tree oil can be directly applied in tampons or cotton balls and left overnight for best results. It can also be diluted by mixing in bath water.

Tea tree oil has a soft aroma that removes the fishy odour that at times emit from the vaginas. It is a strong medicine to combat against yeast infections. Tea tree therapy with added ingredients assures healthy skin. Some researchers claim that tree tea oil helps fight symptoms within a matter of days.


Cotton underwear

Vaginal infections often make the skin itchy and underwear’s uncomfortable. It seldom leads to vaginal odour, excessive discharge or reddening of the skin. Cotton is one of the softest materials available for women. Cotton undies not only absorb moisture but the tiny pores of the cloth allow the vagina to breathe and air to circulate preventing the growth of bacterial infections. It acts as a ventilator for the vagina.

Latex and polyester underwear’s restricts the body and prevent circulation increasing the chance of yeast infections. Cotton is one of the few materials that can be easily sterilized after use. Refrain yourself from wearing thongs or lacy panties for too long as they may cause irritation to the skin. Doctors often suggest that when at home women should air cotton boxers that not only provide the vagina room to breathe but also maintain the ph. Scale of the skin.

Refrain from using soaps 

The increasing competitive market has brought in a variety of scented soaps, perfumes and creams for vaginal care. The biggest problem that arises with the use of soaps in the intimate area is the risk of increasing the ph value of the skin. Our body maintains a natural ph scale and intrusions in the form of soaps or scented creams disturb the natural balance of the body making the vagina prone to infections and diseases. At times people generally apply soaps in the vagina under the pretext that it kills germs rather it leads to itchiness or darkening of the skin. It may also lead to dryness near the vulva ultimately leading to scrapes and bruising. Water is the only substance that should come in direct contact with the vagina. Any other product should be approved by the doctor before application.

A healthy diet for a healthy vagina

Our daily dietary habits are of great assistance for a healthy body and healthy vagina. A diet laden with fruits and vegetables provide the body with nutrients and minerals that maintain our health. A diet full of liquids is especially recommended by doctors to have a strong vagina. Yogurt and cranberry juice are a must in every woman’s diet since they help in reducing the risk of yeast caused infections and also treat the same. Yogurt contains the bacteria lactobacillus, which helps in fighting the bad bacteria of the vagina and maintains the ph scale. Some food products to include in the diet for a healthy vagina are;

  • Probiotic yogurt is a good option to include in one’s diet.
  • Lemon water helps to restore the ph balance of the body.
  • Garlic fights vaginal discharge and burning itchiness.
  • Green vegetables like kale help boost blood circulation to the vagina. It can be consumed in the form of salad or juice. Cabbage and celery are other good sources of nutrients to the body.
  • Flax seeds combat and maintain hormonal issues fighting dryness and burning. Keeping oneself hydrated is a must during the consumption of flax seeds.
  • Avocado stimulates vaginal health keeping it lubricated. The potassium and good fats present in avocado strengthen the vaginal cells.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an extremely strong antibiotic agent. It is acidic by nature and therefore is used if the ph becomes too basic. It kills all the bacteria’s or viruses present in the vagina reducing the chances of infection. After intercourse it is extremely important for one to be properly cleansed as the presence of other body fluids near the genitals may cause severe infection. In such cases diluted vinegar is a good solution for vaginal problems. It should never be directly poured in the body rather diluted in the bathing water.

A soak in vinegar enriched tub helps the body create a proper balance. It must be noted that judicious consumption and application prevents vaginal disease but it is not mandatory that the remedy may work for all. A visit to the doctor is always advisable in cases of infections, odour or heavy discharge.


These were some of the remedies that help prevent infections from breeding from the very root. One must note that daily care and small hygienic steps not only saves us from pain and discomfort but repetitive infections in the body increases the chances of urinary infections. Vaginal health should be a part of each individual’s daily routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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