Kiddie Pool Risks: 5 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe


Swimming provides one with the greatest relief from the extreme hot weather. Be it pools, ponds, lakes or beaches, all these make summer more like a fun season, not only for kids but everyone. But apart from this, if proper precautions are not undertaken, water can also prove to be dangerous. As per the reports, there are approximately 1000 cases of death caused by drowning, every year. However, not only kids but there are an increasing number of similar cases in adults as well. Thereby, it is vital for everyone to keep a close watch and follow all the safety precautions that they have been told to, in order to stay on the safer side. There are a number of ways to keep your kids safe in water and we will discuss them all below:

5 Pool Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

5 Pool Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe

1.       Constant supervision

Whether your kid is in a bathtub, a swimming pool, a wading pool, a spa, a beach, an ornamental fish pond or a lake, your kid always requires constant supervision. Drowning can happen anywhere and anytime where you least expect it, also at your own house. Therefore, it is important for you to watch your children closely whenever they are in or near any water.

 2.       Floatation devices

It is a good idea to invest in proper fitting life vests and have your kid wear the same whenever he/she is near water. You can check the weight and size recommendations mentioned on the label and ask your kid to try one before getting it, so as to make sure it fits properly. In fact, select a vest with a strap for kids below the age of 5 years, which will keep the child’s head up and face out of the water. There are also other devices like water wings, however they do not provide effective protection against drowning.

 3.       Bathtub

Yes! The bathroom as well can prove to be damgerous for youngsters. Thereby, it is best not to leave a young child alone or unattended in a bathroom. At times, your child may also appear to be well propped, but it is recommended not to take any sort of risk, especially when it is about your little one. also, you should put all the electronic devices like hair dryers and other electrical appliances away, to avoid the risk of electrocution.

 4.       Hot tubs

Deciding to have a hot tub on your property comes with a great responsibility. Of course, it feels great to have one of your own but when it is about kids, it can prove to be a little dangerous. At times, kids can feel excessively overheated in them and can even drown. Many parents consider it best not to let the kids make use of it at all, which is a great option. Perhaps, one of the best safety investments you can make is to have a fence between the water and your house. This will help to prevent any pool related drownings.


 5.       Water temperature

For kids younger than 5, hot water can be a lot dangerous because they have comparatively thinner skin than older kids and adults and thus, they can burn more easily. The risk of scalding can be reduced by turning the water heater thermostat down. Moreover, it is best to always test the water with your wrist or elbow so as to check if it is best suited for your little one.

Of course, swimming can be a lot fun to kids but remember, we always have to take the precautions into consideration and never let any sort of risk reach out to our children. Mentioned above were some of the best safety tips that you can rely on, so as to ensure the safety of your kid. It is also important for you to teach your kids to follow the rules and regulations at the first place. Also, teach your kids to always get out of the water during bad weather, whether at the lake or at the beach.

 Apart from this, never let your kid swim without adult supervision. You should make sure that your kid understands that swimming in a lake or the ocean is a lot different from that in a pool and each one of it has its own hazards. 

In addition to this, keep in mind that pools with covers are not safe, not even after the swim season is over. A lot of kids try to walk on the top of it and instead get trapped underneath the pool cover. You have to make sure that your kid knows all of this and it is your responsibility to make him/her gain such knowledge.