Is Shakeology Safe for Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers?


Well, this is one of the most commonly asked question by the pregnant women. Anything you eat or drink before the conception is extremely important. It is vital for you to carefully decide which food or drink you need to have the most and which ones to eliminate from your diet completely, at least before you conceive, for instance alcohol. If this is your first time that you have tried to conceive, I would recommend you to start with Shakeology. It is necessary both for you and your partner to reap the benefits of it and get your body in the right shape. We will discuss this in detail below:

Shakeology: Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers

Is Shakeology Safe for Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers?

What is shakeology?

This is for all those who need an accurate idea of what this actually is. So, before we move on to other relevant topics, we will first discuss this. Shakeology is a mixture of all essential nutrients, for instance proteins, vitamins, healthy carbohydrates and minerals that is vital for your body. This helps you to carry with your daily routine and will also help you to stay away from all the unhealthy choices you are likely to make, much easily. A lot of pregnant woman consider this as the best option during pregnancy because of its benefits and the food cravings they have to deal with throughout the day.

Ingredients of shakeology

It is vital for you to read out the labels of any product that you are likely to purchase and same is with Shakeology. Listed below are some of the common ingredients found in Shakeology. Read below to find more:

Folic Acid (or Vitamin B9) – prevention of heart attack, cancer and birth defects are some of its benefits.

Biotin (or Vitamin H) – this is also referred to as a fat burner. It helps in improving your metabolism and helps by breaking your fat cells.


Iodine – now, this is beneficial for a number of tissues including your thyroid, brain, breast, stomach and other tissues.

Pantothenic Acid – brings relief to muscle soreness and pain.

Magnesium – this helps to strengthen the immune system, which is a lot essential for moms-to-be. This will keep you away from any infections and diseases at the time of pregnancy and nursing.

Zinc – this also helps to strengthen your immune system and keeps your bones strong.

Shakeology during pregnancy

It is completely safe to drink Shakeology throughout your pregnancy, if you have been drinking it before getting pregnant. In case, you never drank it before getting pregnant, it’s better if you wait until the 2nd trimester. This is because then your body will need to make adjustments to the plentiful of nutrients of superfoods. You can begin with half a scoop twice daily and then move to full scoop once a day when your body accordingly adjusts with it.

Your prenatal vitamin is replaced by Shakeology, thereby Shakeology is a much better option as compared to the chemical produced vitamins available in the stores.


Apart from this, Shakeology solves the problem of constipation that is pretty common during pregnancy.  Shakeology consists of prebiotics, digestive enzymes and probiotics and thus promotes regularity.

Shakeology during nursing

It is safe to drink Shakeology while nursing, if you drank it during pregnancy. There have been a number of reports by women regarding excellent milk supplies while drinking Shakeology.

However, if you are new to it and has never drank it before, it is recommended that you take some time and start with it a little slower. This will give you and your baby sometime to adjust with it. Begin with half a scoop and then switch to a full scoop.


Pregnancy is a crucial period and anything you intend to persuade with, you should always ask for your doctor’s opinion so as to be extremely sure. Of course, there is a need for you to think twice and even thrice before purchasing Shakeology during pregnancy. This is mainly because at first, it is not an organic product. Secondly, this product contains vitamins which if taken in high quantities can lead to additional problems. Moreover, Shakeology also consists of herbs with hormonal effects in the body. So, you need to be extremely cautious about the hormonal changes taking place in your body during your pregnancy and also while breastfeeding. To recapitulate, considering all the benefits of Shakeology, it is important for you to consult your doctor regarding the same. Remember, pregnancy is an important phase and none of us would ever want to put our baby or ourselves at risk in any manner.

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