11 Ways to Improve your Child’s Metabolism


If you are child is a picky eater, then increasing his/her metabolism is difficult. However, at the same time, it is also a necessity. Without proper metabolism you child’s growth can be hindered. It might serious deficiencies in his/her health. A good appetite and a healthy metabolism are important in the early years of your child’s growth and development. There are certain things you can follow in order to improve the level of metabolism.

11 Ways to Improve your Child’s Metabolism

1. Make the Breakfasts Compulsory

Growing the habit of a filling breakfast is crucial for your child’s metabolism. A balanced breakfast tends to improve the metabolism of your child. Make sure that the breakfasts are not too rich or oily. As it might otherwise trigger indigestion. However, the habit of breakfast itself is very beneficial for your child’s overall development.

2. Drinking Water Before Meal time

Water or any sort of healthy fluids trigger digestion and hence improves metabolism in your little one. Even before having breakfast or lunch, make sure your child drinks plenty of water. It helps him/her to keep the tiny body hydrated constantly thereby helping in the process of digesting the food. More digestion necessarily means more appetite and more appetite ensures more growth.

3. Feed your Child every two hours

Frequently feeding your child is always a good idea. This is due to the fact that it boosts the digestive system. The system always remains in action adding nutrition to your child’s body and brain. Offering healthy snacks in the form of fruit or vegetable salads helps keep your child’s stomach full at regular intervals. If being regularly fed, the child will be less irritable and his/her appetite will also grow. However, do not offer unhealthy snacks. They tend to cause indigestion and form gas in your child’s stomach. Sandwiches, muesli or cereals are good alternatives for snacks.

Child’s Metabolism

4. Peanuts are Good for Metabolism

Peanuts are great appetite-boosters for kids. They have brilliant protein building capacity which will not only boost your child’s metabolism but also will help him/her gain healthy weight.


5. Add Yogurt to the diet

Adding yogurt is an excellent idea as it has digestive enzymes. The enzymes often boost your child’s digestive capacity and make sure that your child’s stomach is free from any sort of harmful bacteria. Also yogurts are rich in calcium. This enhances your child’s overall growth.

6. Don’t offer very spicy food

Remember that your child’s taste buds are still growing. So he/she might not enjoy all kind of tastes. Specially strong and spicy foods are not enjoyed by the kids. However, if your keep on making spicy foods then he/she might grow a dislike for food. This will impact metabolism in a negative way.

7. Make sure you child remains active

Active children have better metabolism. Make sure your child does not remain glued to the television or the smart-phones. This will damage their appetite and forms gas in his/her stomach. Active children are often more hungry and their metabolism rate is higher. That is why admitting your child in sporting activities and gym is more advisable.

8. Make sure that your child is not getting warm

Kids tend to eat and digest more when they are not warm or sweating. After an active day make sure to keep your child cool and dry. This improves their appetite. Increased body temperatures often lower the will to eat for your child. A cooler body feels hungrier and for that reason make sure that your child is not sweating or is stressed out with the day’s activities.

9. Avoid Talking About Stressful Issues During meals

Don’t fight during dinner. Or even don’t indulge in stressful arguments whilst all of you are having a meal together. Stressful discussions, arguments and fights often take its toll on your child. But it becomes particularly harmful when he/she is having the meal. It automatically reduces his/her appetite because he/she wants to physically disappear from the scenario. Also your child can become tensed or irritable which will reduce the metabolism. We know that it is always not possible, but try and maintain a soothing environment during the meal.

10. Feed your child with zinc rich foods

Zinc is a great appetizer. Foods like cashew nuts, wheat bran and pumpkin seeds are good zinc source. Try and mix these food items in your child’s regular diet. Also consult your doctor to know more about other zinc supplements.


11. Do Not Miss Dessert

Desserts are as important as the main meal. So fruit-based desserts are good for child’s metabolism. Also your child will try to finish-off with the main meal if you can grow interest in the dessert. Berries, grapes and similar fruits make very good appetizing desserts.

Follow these simple steps to improve your child’s overall metabolism. In this way you can ensure that your child remains hearty and healthy and you do not have to worry about how your child will grow healthy weight.