11 Best Solutions To Keep Your Breasts Sweat Free This Summer


Some solutions to keep your breasts sweat-free include choosing the right bra, using pantyliners, bra liners, and paper towels, going braless, and avoiding dark and tight clothing.

Hot summers make everyone sweat like crazy. Sweaty t-shirts and dresses are not just unsightly but also emit a repulsive odor. Most women experience sweat between and under their breasts, especially those with heavy breasts. Sweaty breasts are very uncomfortable and also smelly. In addition to being exasperating, sweaty breasts or sweaty skin also become a perfect breeding ground for microbes. This can consequently result in bacterial, fungal, and yeast infections that cause itchy rashes. However, we need not go through so much discomfort since we can very much take measures to ensure sweet-free breasts. There are many hacks that you can follow to keep your breasts sweat-free this summer.

Breasts Sweat Free

11 Best Solutions To Keep Your Breasts Sweat Free This Summer

Choose the right bra

Choosing the right bra is crucial to have sweat-free boobs. Sports bras have heavy padding making it difficult for the sweat to dry up. Similarly, cotton bras are also not a good option. This is because cotton although a breathable fabric is bad at wicking the sweat. Sweat gets trapped in the fabric making it difficult to dry. Go for materials like nylon and good quality polyester that are excellent at wicking moisture.


Pantyliners are a cheaper and easily available option that can be placed beneath your bras to absorb sweat. Place a couple of panty liners above and underneath your boobs to prevent sweat from staining your favorite dress.


Paper towels are a wonderful hack to tackle sweaty breasts. Moreover, they are cheap too. Dry your breasts completely before wearing your bra. Line your bra-cup with a few paper towels and wear them and you are good to go. Paper towels are wonderful at absorbing sweat which would eventually keep your dress from staining.


Cool bra-liners

Cool bra-liners are made up of absorbent materials that help to absorb boob sweat, thus preventing infections and skin rashes. Bra-liners are easy to wear too. You have to just tuck them under your bra and you are done. The bra-liner will wick away all the sweat making you feel cool and comfortable.

Go braless

You need not wear a bra all the time especially if you are home, hence go braless. However, you need not follow this tip when you are going out to run errands or going to the office. But when at home you can definitely try to go bra-free and let the skin breathe and relax and also have sweat-free breasts. Truly, it is very relaxing and comforting.

Avoid tight clothing

It is important to avoid tight clothing to have sweat-free breasts. Tight clothes hamper the skin from breathing freely. The sweat gets trapped in the fabric and prevents it from drying. This makes us feel very stuffy, suffocating, and uncomfortable. Hence opt for free-flowing airy clothes during summers that are breathable.

Wear dark clothes

Wearing dark clothes is very much helpful to hide the sweat stains that could be very much visible in light-colored clothes. Additionally, wear loose-fitting, freely flowing clothes that allow free flow of air to maintain sweat-free breasts. Loose clothing helps to dry up the sweat easily hence preventing infections and itchy rashes.

Use baby powders

Using baby powder is a great hack because baby powders not only keep your baby’s skin dry but they can work on you as well. Baby powders help to prevent chafing (rubbing of skin against each other). Dabbing some baby powder underneath your breasts can help to keep them sweat-free and dry. This prevents infections and rashes from developing on your skin.

Spraying antiperspirants

Spraying antiperspirants beneath your breasts are highly effective to prevent excessive sweating. Antiperspirants are not only meant for underarms but can be sprayed anywhere to lessen sweating. Antiperspirants block the pores in the outer layer of the skin preventing excessive sweating. Thus, spray some antiperspirants to obtain sweat-free breasts. But make sure you use aluminum-free, paraben-free antiperspirants.


Use alcohol-based wipes or baby wipes

Alcohol-based wipes or baby wipes close the pores on the skin on a temporary basis to prevent over perspiration. You can head to the washroom every once in a while to wipe off the sweat. However, they are not as effective as antiperspirants to stop sweating. It is just a temporary solution for sweat-free breasts.

Use argan oil

Argan essential oil is considered to be a magic oil that not just tackles skin infection but also helps to prevent odors due to sweaty breasts. Argan oil has anti-microbial properties and prevents skin irritation and keeps your breasts sweat-free. Dabbing a few drops of argan oil also prevent rashes due to sweating.


Sweaty boobs are pretty annoying to anyone. They make us feel suffocated and irritated. But they can be easily managed by following little tricks. Although there is nothing serious about it but it has a little aesthetic aspect to it. Moreover, it is important to keep your skin dry to negate any infections or rashes.


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