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11 Signs You are Pregnant with a Boy Child


Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating periods of a woman’s life. The experience of carrying a baby inside one’s body and giving birth to a completely new human being is absolutely unparallel. The expectant mother’s body undergoes tremendous changes and more often than not, these changes are permanent in nature. Childbirth, again, is an unforgettable and life-changing experience, one that completely changes a woman for better or for worse.

It is to be noted that other than the expectant mother, her partner or the father of the child also undergoes a journey of their own. More often than not, these two paths merge to give way for a mutual journey towards parenthood. In this context, it is important to know that most parents are often curious about the biological sex of the baby. They often try to find ways in which they can get to know the sex of the baby beforehand. In this article, we will discuss 11 signs which can indicate that you are about to welcome a baby boy in your life. The list is given below-

Pregnant with a Boy Child: 11 Signs You are Pregnant with a Boy Child

11 Signs You are Pregnant with a Boy Child

Unnatural acne

Your hormones are going to be off the charts when you’re pregnant. There’s no doubt about it. But what will also be happening is that you’ll start to break out all over your face. Yup, the dreaded acne that you had when you were a teenager will be back in full force. This is especially true for women that have a beautiful complexion and no acne. When you’re having a boy, for whatever reason, they will make you have acne that will bring you back to your teenage years.

Fast growing hair

Some women’s hair barely grows during pregnancy, and other women will have hair that grows really fast. It’s an interesting time in a woman’s life, and a lot of strange things will happen. When you’re having a boy, it seems like your hair will start to grow non-stop. So, if you notice your hair is outshining its former self, you may be expecting a baby boy.

Cold body parts

Cold hands and feet are normal for some people and abnormal for others. When you don’t normally have cold hands and feet, and then you suddenly do, this might be a sign of a baby boy coming into the world.


Sleeping positions

Your sleeping positions will change a lot when you’re pregnant. Fluids in the body, aches and pains will cause you to try out a lot of different positions. Sleeping may also become more difficult as the pregnancy progresses. And comfort is going to be a key factor that you need to consider. The one neat thing is that the way you sleep can be an indicator of the child’s gender. Women that suddenly sleep on their left side are often having a boy.

Dark urine

Your urine color will tell you a lot about the state of your body. A woman will need to drink ample amounts of water to stay hydrated during pregnancy, this is a fact. You’ll see many women swell up, too, because they retain so much water when they’re pregnant. But water also needs to come out in the form of urine. When you go to the bathroom, check to see what color your urine is before flushing the toilet. Women will often note that the urine is excessively dark in color. Urine that is darker in color is a clear indicator that you’re having a baby boy.

Linea nigra

The linea nigra is a great way to tell the sex of a baby, and it’s that dark line that runs down the belly of some women when they’re pregnant. Some people even call this the pregnancy line, and while it’s always there when a woman is pregnant, it’s not always visible. Lines that go to your rib cage often mean that it is a boy.

Unequal breasts

When a woman gets pregnant, the body will undergo a multitude of changes. One of the main changes is in the breast area. The breasts will grow, and they’ll also fill with breast milk. What happens that is quite interesting is that the right breast seems to grow larger than the left breast when it’s going to be a boy.

How the woman is carrying

The way a woman carries is also very important in predicting if it will be a boy or girl. This is an interesting way to predict a baby’s sex, but it’s also eerily accurate. What is believed is that a woman will carry low with a boy or have a belly that looks like a basketball. It is strange, but true in most cases.

Heart rate

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat is an incredible experience, a miracle, really. Pay attention to beats per minute, though, if you want to determine if you are having a baby boy or a baby girl from early on in your pregnancy. This is one thing that people love to hear about because there seems to really be some evidence that a lower heart rate is associated with little boys.


No morning sickness

If you hear the stories of morning sickness and think, huh, that never happened to me, first of all, lucky you! And secondly, that may just mean you are having a boy. If you have been spared being sick during pregnancy, do not be surprised if you are having a little boy!

Dry skin issues

Are you hands unusually drier than normal? Have you been slathering on the hand lotion to treat this uncomfortable feeling? This is another indicator that there is boy growing in that belly. Your body goes through changes, and lots of them, during pregnancy. If you previously never had bad dry hands before, that may be a hint that your body is trying to give you, in other words, get ready to welcome your baby boy.

While these symptoms are more or less there, they are not concrete proof of your baby’s sex. It is best to get an ultrasound done, in case you really want to know your baby’s sex.